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CALERO Aleksandr Yurevich

( test cosmonaut cosmonaut corps GKB RKK Energia 73rd cosmonaut of the USSR / Russia. 265 First cosmonaut of the world.)

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Biography CALERO Aleksandr Yurevich
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Test cosmonaut cosmonaut corps GKB RSC Energia 73rd cosmonaut of the USSR / Russia. 265 First cosmonaut world.

Alexander Kaleri was born 13 May 1956 in g. Jurmala Latvian SSR, USSR. Russian.

Also in Jurmala, in 1973. He finished fifth of the urban secondary school and in the same year he became a student of Moscow Physical-Technical Institute (z. Dolgoprudnyi, Moscow region) - June 30, 1979. Alexander finished his specialty in Flight Dynamics and Control aircraft and was assigned to head Design Bureau NPO Energia (now the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia) as Engineer. At the same time he enrolled in graduate school correspondence MIPT, where he graduated in 1983

. As a programmer skilled, he participated in the study load in the experiment "Astra-2" OS "Salyut-7 ', . as well as one of the modifications of the Soyuz T and the module OS "Mir", . created based on this same ship then he was involved in the launch vehicle "Energy" for which investigated the behavior of the first step (Block "A") during the period of separation before parachuting,

Not having worked at the company and three years, Alexander filed an application for membership in the group of cosmonauts He was allowed to undergo a medical examination. In June 1982, Mr.. he received the endorsement of the expert committee of the Medical-IBMP, and in December the same year decision of the Chief Medical Commission was admitted to the special training. Along with him went MMC Sergey Emelyanov, Alexander and Alexander Poleshchuk KHAUSTOV.

But medicine was not enough to pass. It took another year and a half before Kaleri enlisted in the cosmonaut GKB NPO Energia for the position of the candidate in the test-cosmonauts. This happened only 13 April 1984, Mr..

From November 1985 to October 1986. Kaleri was cosmonaut training in the CTC and the decision of the Interdepartmental Commission he was qualified as a test cosmonaut. February 11, 1987 he was appointed to the position in the cosmonaut detachment.

In April 1987. Alexander Kaleri began preparations for the flight to the Mir space station program EO-W, still as a flight engineer for the third (backup) crew, along with Vladimir Lyakhov. In May, the state of health was suspended flight engineer of EE NW Sergey Emelyanov, and Kaleri was transferred to a crew with Alexander Volkov and Alexander Shchukin 21 December 1987 he was a backup flight engineer for Soyuz TM-4, MH Manarov

. From January to 22 March 1988 Kaleri trained as a flight engineer of the first crew on the program 4-th main mission to Mir and the Soviet-French program with the AA
. Volkov, but was suspended from training for health. His place in the crew took SK Krikalev.

On the recovery and rehabilitation over a year. At this time Kaleri worked in KB.

In October 1989 the decision of MMC, he was again admitted to training.

April 30, 1990, Mr.. Interdepartmental Commission included it in the backup crew, and he is from May to November preparing for a flight to the Mir space station program eighth of the Expedition and again with Volkov.

From January to April 1991, Alexander Kaleri already trained as a flight engineer on the Soviet-British program and 9 th main mission to Mir, along with A-A.Volkovym and T. Mace (UK).

May 18, 1991, Mr.. Kaleri was a backup flight engineer for spacecraft SoyuzTM-12 "SK Krikalev.

From May to July 1991. Kaleri trained already in the main crew of the Soviet-Austrian program and the program EO-10 together in AA Volkov and F. Fibekom (Austria). But Alexander was unlucky again.

July 10, 1991, Mr.. due to changes in the flight program and the association of Austrian and Kazakh programs, he was replaced in the crew Kazakh T. Aubakirov.

It was the fifth training Alexander Kaleri with Alexander Volkov, but in space together, they never flew. But the work of an astronaut is mostly not from outer space missions and of the preparations for them. Therefore Kaleri nothing to do but to get back to training.

In October 1991 he began training the first crew on the Russo-Germanic program and the program 11 th main mission to Mir "with A.S. Viktorenko and K.-D.Flade (FRG). Alliance with Alexander Viktorenko proved more successful. In space, they all started the same.

1-st space flight Alexander Kaleri performed from March 17 to August 10, 1992. on Soyuz TM-14 and Mir 'as a flight engineer for the 11 th of the Expedition, together with AS Viktorenko. He has also worked on the Russo-Germanic program with K-D.Flade and the Russo-French program with AY Solovyev, SV Avdeev and M. Tonini (France). He performed the way in EVA duration 2 o'clock 03 min. Duration: 145 days 14 hrs 10 min 32 sec. Callsign: "Vityaz-2"

After posited leave Alexander Kaleri returned to work in the KB, waiting for a new appointment to the preparation. But in 1993. during the annual medical examination by doctors reappeared to claim his health, and it was not included in the training.

1994 was lucky for Kaleri. This year, the doctors were again defeated, and in March he became deputy chief of the department (the cosmonaut corps) GKB RSC Energia, . and in April he was again placed in the flight program flight engineer on EC-22 (then planned for May 1996) and the first crew EO-24,

In the period between flights fellow detachment Alexander had a special trust. He was a confidant of several crews of astronauts at the conclusion of contracts for singing and defending their interests before the administration.

In October 1995, Mr.. A. Kaleri began preparations for the second crew to the flight program E0-22/NASA-3 / Kaccuopeya together with Valery Korzun, Jerry Linenger (NASA USA) and Leopold Eyharts (CNES France).

The fate of Alexander compensated for the removal of two training and he went to his second space flight a year ahead of schedule.

Alexander Kaleri has the honorary title "Hero of Russia". He was awarded the medal "Gold Star of Hero of Russia. Alexander Kaleri was the first who was awarded the honorary title of "Astronaut Russia". However, based on the fact that Russia recognized the legitimate successor of the USSR, we can not, as is done in some publications consider him the first astronaut Russia. The first cosmonaut of the USSR and Russia was and remains the Yuri Gagarin. A. Kaleri has qualified as a test cosmonaut 3rd Class. In November 1991, Mr.. he was qualified as "Best Specialist".

While preparing to fly AA Kaleri mastered piloting aircraft L-39 and flew over 22 hours.

He has a military rank "Lieutenant stock".

Kaleri enjoys jumping on the trampoline (and has for the sport 2-nd level), as well as jogging, reading, growing flowers.

Alexander Kaleri married to Svetlana Leonidovna, nee Bow. In 1996 his son Oleg.

Father Alexander. Yuri was an electrician street lighting in Jurmala, died in 1993. Mother Antonina Petrovna, a former epidemiologist Jurmala SES, now retired and lives in Sebastopol. At Alexander is also the brother Eugene and sister Natalia.

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CALERO Aleksandr Yurevich, photo, biography
CALERO Aleksandr Yurevich, photo, biography CALERO Aleksandr Yurevich  test cosmonaut cosmonaut corps GKB RKK Energia 73rd cosmonaut of the USSR / Russia. 265 First cosmonaut of the world., photo, biography
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