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KLEYMENOV Ivan Terent'evich

( Hero of Socialist Labor (Decree of the President of the USSR of 21.07.1991) posthumously, Military Engineer of rank 1)

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Biography KLEYMENOV Ivan Terent'evich
photo KLEYMENOV Ivan Terent'evich
KLEYMENOV IVAN Terentievich - 11.04. (30.03.) 1899-10.01.1938 - Hero of Socialist Labor (Decree of the President of the USSR of 21.07.1991) posthumously, Military Engineer of rank 1 (1935). Born in the village of Staraya Surava Usmanskij County Tambov province in the family of landless peasants. I.T. Kleimenov graduated from the rural parish school. At the request of a teacher and village priest 02/12/1913 he entered the fourth grade Morshansk gymnasium and excellent behavior, . studied at 09.04. (22.03.) 1918 and completed a full course vosmiklassny, . at what has passed all the exams (except Slovestnosti and German - on a well) to excellent,
. The sixth grade school I.T. Kleimenov began to earn a living by giving lessons to the backward students of wealthy parents. At this time he became a member of the literary and political circles, who wanted the apartment of the Bolsheviks Levitsky. In this group I.T. Kleimenov was the basis of political education.

After graduating from high school in 1918. I.T. Kleimenov joined the Red Guard. In the same year he went to Moscow. Autumn 1918. He entered Lefortovski artillery courses. In the same year the entire course voluntarily went to the front. A few days before his departure, he married the daughter of Margaret Levitsky Konstantinovna, migrated with his family in Moscow in autumn 1918.

I.T. Kleimenov served in the 3rd Army, Eastern Front, where in 1919. joined the CPSU (b). In 1920, Mr.. I.T. Kleimenov was seconded to study in Moscow at the Academy to supply the Red Army. He graduated from the accelerated course and was sent to the South-Western Front, where he served as commissioner for 14 Army Supply.

After the Civil War, I.T. Kleimenov was sent to a listener party schools in the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) in Moscow. Together with several companions, he seconded to command the Red Army to crush the rebellion Antonovsky in the Tambov province, where he was wounded. I.T. Kleimenov returns to Moscow.

21.01.1921 them were written application for admission to the Mathematics Department of Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the 1 st Moscow State University. He took the first course, and he managed to pass a test: "Introduction to Analysis", "Descriptive Geometry". "Exercises in descriptive geometry". Simultaneously with his studies he worked in the Foreign Trade, went on a business trip to Finland.

In 1923, Mr.. by order M.V. Frunze, several students, including I.T. Kleimenov were transferred to various military schools. I.T. Kleimenova enrolled to study at the Military Engineering Academy. N.E. Zhukovsky. After graduating from the academy in 1928, received a diploma of mechanical engineer. After graduation, he worked for about a year in one of the Air Force Research Institute in Moscow, and then sent one from the Office of the People's Commissariat of Defense to work in Germany. In early 1929. guidance offered I.T. Kleimenova move his family to Berlin. Kleimenov worked as a senior engineer in the engineering department of the Soviet trade delegation in Germany, and then deputy chief of the same department. In the cases of the department he had to travel to other cities in Germany and across Europe.

In May 1932, after returning to Moscow, the head of the Red Army Ordnance Department, NA Yefimov suggested I.T. Kleimenova take the post of Chief gasdynamic Laboratory (GDL), so that from this laboratory by the Institute. I.T. Kleimenov consented. In 1931. MN. Tukhachevskiy began to develop the idea of establishing the institute for missile technology. In this work, with 1932. actively learn to take I.T. Kleimenov. September 21, 1933, Mr.. MN. Tukhachevskiy signed an order establishing the system of the Red Army's Jet Research Institute on the basis of GDL and MosGIRD. Order MN. Tukhachevskogo chief of the institute was appointed I.T. Kleimenov.

The initiative of I.T. Kleimenova for research institute was involved K.E. Tsiolkovsky, he was elected on the proposal I.T. Kleimenova honorary member of the Scientific Council of the Institute. With K.E. Tsiolkovsky I.T. Kleimenov kept an active correspondence. In February 1934. I.T. Kleimenov visited K.E. Tsiolkovsky in Kaluga, at the same Tsiolkovsky presented Ivan Terentyevich 23 of its books, published in Kaluga in 1927-1932 he.

In March 1937, Mr.. Order by ICPC I.T. Kleimenov, his deputy G.E. Langemak, a number of leading engineers and the best workers of the Institute for outstanding achievements in the development of new types of weapons the Red Army were awarded big cash prizes, and in summer 1937. I.T. Kleimenov and G.E. Langemak were presented medals to be awarded.

In late summer 1937. because not a healthy situation prevailing in the institute and the persecution of leadership (in the person I.T. Kleimenova) from A.G. Kostikova and his supporters (GO, Dushkin, etc.), I.T. Kleimenov arranged to move in TsAGI as deputy head of department rotor. From the Research Institute No 3 (RNII) he resigned, but the move did not have time to TsAGI, tk. November 2, 1937, Mr.. he and the chief engineer of the Research Institute No 3 ICPC G.E. Langemak were illegally arrested

. On materials of the investigation file No R2020 (13630) Central Archive of the FSB can be seen, . that the decision on measures of restraint and arraignment, . issued a month after his arrest (December 3) and not even signed by the prosecutor, . not obyasninem reasons for arrest,
. Because the. at the time of the taking into custody any documents did not jeopardize. And the reason for his arrest on the basis of material evidence of the case impossible to understand.

15 and 16 December there were two last interrogation, according to which it was built all charges. People named in the questioning and events mentioned in it does not relate to each other were. Moreover, most of these I.T. Kleimenova people were invented.

December 31, 1937, Mr.. investigator Lukhovitskii indicted, in which he was accused of crimes stipulated in Articles 58-6, 58-7, 17-58-8, 58-11 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR. Guilty during the investigation pleaded fully.

January 10, 1938, Mr.. held a closed hearing of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR, where he was charged the same charges as before. At trial, he refused all testimony given before. He read out the testimony Rubinchik (14 November) and Langemak (15 December) - on which the investigation and was based. However, his refusal to testify did not affect the further course of the court. Presiding Officer announced that the hearing is closed and the court retired to consider.

The result was his verdict ... to capital punishment and confiscation of all personal property belonging to him.

Late in the evening of 10 January 1938. sentence resulted in the execution of. His remains were buried in the tomb of the first "unclaimed" ashes, cemetery, . located near the Don crematorium, . under the No 219 (the burial site found by the commission to perpetuate the memory of victims of political repression under the government of Mr.,
. Moscow to vlave with M.B. Mindlin).

June 11, 1955, Mr.. No 4n07119/55 as defined by the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court ruling of the Military Collegium of 10 January 1938. was reversed and the case for lack of evidence dismissed. I.T. Kleimenov was fully rehabilitated.

It is named after a crater on the side of the Moon

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KLEYMENOV Ivan Terent'evich, photo, biography
KLEYMENOV Ivan Terent'evich, photo, biography KLEYMENOV Ivan Terent'evich  Hero of Socialist Labor (Decree of the President of the USSR of 21.07.1991) posthumously, Military Engineer of rank 1, photo, biography
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