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Kovtunenko Vyacheslav

( Hero of Socialist Labor, chlenkorrespondent Russia and the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor)

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Biography Kovtunenko Vyacheslav
'Space', 'Venus', 'Vega', 'Phobos' - these names are all related to space, associated with the NPO. S. A. Lavochkin, the general designer who in recent years was Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Kovtunenko. Hero of Socialist Labor, chlenkorrespondent Russia and the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, he was born August 31, 1921. G. Engels, Saratov region. In August 1941. with the student went to the front bench. He fought on the Western Front, and after a serious wound received in October 1941, was discharged. In 1942, Mr.. entered the Leningrad State University in Mechanics and Mathematics.

Labor way Vyacheslav Mikhailovich began in 1946, in the suburban city of Kaliningrad, in NII-88. Main activity - ballistics, strength, aerodynamics of ballistic missiles, some time - to design processes with. P. Queen.

In 1953, Mr.. one of those C. P. The Queen was handed over to the serial plant g. Dnepropetrovsk, which became the basis for the OKB-586 (later KB, then NGOs 'Southern'). Sent back and a team of specialists, in its composition-in. M. Kovtunenko. Following the appointment of the Chief Designer of KB 'South' M. K. Yangelya there is intensifying its work on the ballistic missiles of its own design. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich was one of the main initiators of these works.

From 1953 to 1977. He worked his way from the head of the sector to Deputy Chief and Chief Designer of KB 'South', in 1971-1977 he. chairing one of its most important divisions of the design bureau to develop a rocket-space complexes and systems of military, scientific and economic purposes. For his achievements in this field Kovtunenko awarded two Orders of Lenin (in 1959. and in 1961) and the medal "Gold Star 'Hero of Socialist Labor (1961).

In 1953, Mr.. V. M. Kovtunenko thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences in 1960. he was awarded the academic degree of doctor of technical sciences, in the same year he won the Lenin Prize, and in 1962, was approved in the title of professor.

In parallel with the work of NGOs in the 'South' Vyacheslav taught at the Dnepropetrovsk State University and was chair of DSU. During his teaching career, he prepared a large group of graduate students.

Active participants in the development of programs 'Space' and 'Intercosmos', in. M. Kovtunenko was the organizer of a space-rocket systems for their implementation. For this he was marked by joint awards Academy of Sciences USSR and Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union and Hungary.

In 1972. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich was elected a corresponding member of USSR Academy of Sciences. Under the guidance. M. Kovtunenko in 1975. was successfully implemented joint Soviet-Indian project launched Indian remote sensing satellite of the Earth 'Aryabhata'. In 1977. Vyacheslav headed EDO Scientific-Production Association. S. A. Lavochkin. The main directions of practical and scientific activities Kovtunenko in this period were associated with the decision of physical and technical challenges of creating robotic spacecraft to study near-Earth and interplanetary space, . Remote sensing and contact the planets and small solar system bodies, . astrophysical research from space, . as well as the development of space systems design methodology,

Becoming chief designer, the first deputy general director of the company, in. M. Kovtunenko actively involved in the work but the formation of long-term program of the Academy of Sciences study the objects far and near space with robotic spacecraft.

A significant part of the program was given to the continuation of studies of the planet Venus with the use of new methods dietantsionnogo and contact sensing of the atmosphere and surface. To implement this part of the program under the guidance and direct participation Kovtunenko projects were developed in space missions to the planet Venus, to pursue the following objectives:

. - 'Venera-11', 'Venus-12' and 'Venera-13', 'Venus-14'-dropping landers on the surface of the planet (first obtained color images of panoramas from the landing site);
. - 'Venera-15', 'Venus-16' - remote study of the planet (the first conducted radar mapping of the Venusian surface);
. - 'Vega-1', . 'Vega 2' (the international project 'Vega')-a study in one of the expedition of two celestial bodies, . Venus and Halley's comet (with landing on the surface of Venus for the first time in the world balloon launch probe to study global atmospheric circulation of the planet and investigate the comet nucleus when flying near him through whom),
For successful implementation of the project 'Vega' in. M. Kovtunenko was awarded the Order of Lenin.

In 1986. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich was elected a corresponding member of the USSR and the fact is he was appointed General Designer of NPO. S. A. Lavochknna. The program of the Academy of Sciences called for the resumption of studies of the planet Mars. An expedition to Mars and its moon Phobos, the first interplanetary robotic spacecraft new generation of 'Phobos-1' and 'Phobos-2' (the international project 'Phobos'), created in NPO. S. A. Lavochkin. In the international project "Mars-96 ', Vyacheslav Mikhailovich was directly involved.

In close collaboration with scientists astrofizikamn, under the guidance. M. Kovtunenko, NPO. S. A. Lavochkin successfully coped with the role of the parent company in a new national kosmonavtnki the field of unmanned astrofiznchesknh extra-atmospheric observatory. More than six years in space, the first of them - Space Observatory 'Astron', close to the time-horizon second-'Granat '. Work is underway to create a series of new generation, space-based observatories 'Spectrum'. The development of spacecraft series 'forecast' for the exploration of near space and the mechanism of solar-terrestrial relations.

Virtually all space projects with scientific issledovateolsky nature and implemented in the period of activity in. M. Kovtunenko as chief, and then the general designer, implemented in the framework of international cooperation. In recognition of his contributions, including in this direction was the election Vyacheslav Mikhailovich in 1987. active member of the International Academy of Astronautics.

Experience in development of space systems in support of the Ministry of Defense 'accumulated heading the. M Kovtunenko team OKB Lavochkin. S. A. Lavochkin, . used for the development of satellite communication systems 'Mirror', . 'Slip', . 'Nord', . innovative informatsnoinyh space systems, . particularly, . , high-monitoring systems using large space telescopes, . facilitate the solution of problems of special importance to the state, . as well as dual-use system,

Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Kovtunenko not become 10 July 1995, Mr.. Aware of the nature of his illness, he, nevertheless, until the last days of his life was full of creative energy, active and fruitful work for the future of space in the name of and for the benefit of his Fatherland.

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Kovtunenko Vyacheslav, photo, biography
Kovtunenko Vyacheslav, photo, biography Kovtunenko Vyacheslav  Hero of Socialist Labor, chlenkorrespondent Russia and the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, photo, biography
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