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Reshetnev Mikhail Fedorovich

( Scientist in the field of space)

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Biography Reshetnev Mikhail Fedorovich
Nowadays it is impossible to imagine life without the services of space communication systems and television, navigation and rescue. Their creation closely linked with the activities of the collective of the Scientific and Production Association of Applied Mechanics (NPOPM), . until recently headed by a member of Russia Academy of Sciences, . one of the leading scholars and organizers in the field of space engineering, Mikhail Fedorovich Reshetnev,

Reshetnev born November 10, 1924, Mr.. village Barmashovo Odessa region. In 1940. After graduating from high school, Mr.. Dnepropetrovsk entered the Moscow Aviation Institute, where he studied until 1942, Mr.. From 1942 to 1945. served in the Soviet Army in the position of aircraft mechanic.

In 1950, Mr.. graduated with honors and received the MAI in the direction of OKB-1, where he began his career under the direction of P. P. Queen.

The main area of activity of the young specialist at this time - the creation of rocket R-11M with moving starting from its design to testing and commissioning.

Jobs at OKB-1 has had a profound influence in shaping the identity M. F. Reshetnev as a future scientist, designer and organizer of the work in the field of rocket and space technology. It appeared his outstanding abilities, such as determination, organization, principles, pursuit of knowledge and the high demands on themselves and others. These traits contributed nomination M. F. Reshetnev of the leading specialists of OKB-1, and when it had strategically informed decision on establishment of branches in different parts of the country head and chief designer of the branch in the city of Krasnoyarsk-26 (now Zheleznogorsk) C. P. Korolev recommended M. F. Reshetnev.

Since 1959, Mr.. M. F. Reshetnev with his characteristic energy and perseverance involved in the development of space science and industry in the Siberian region, . directing a branch of OKB-1, . then became an independent OKB-10, . later reorganized into the Scientific-Production Association of Applied Mechanics,

. In the process of becoming subjects of enterprise Mikhail Fedorovich did not trail behind the old dogmas of technical, . and along with the use of proven technical solutions, . ably going to risk, . support progressive proposal if not numerous like-minded team,

In 1964, Mr.. was launched launcher 11K65 with the first artificial satellite development NPOPM. In protsessesozdaniya these products affected brilliant skill M. F. Reshetnev find subcontractors, associates, assisting in solving complex technical problems.

Well-known designer of missiles M. K. Yangel, handed OKB-10 a number of promising to become the second teacher M. F. Reshetnev, who has spearheaded the development 11K65M, essentially a new launch vehicle, called the press 'Intercosmos'. In the process of creating these products for the chief designer was the final word, but then it does not rely on long experience and, often, the engineering and technical daring forecast.

During these years the vision M. F. Reshetnev EDO helped define the main activity-area of applied space - creation of information-satellite systems (for connection, . Navigation, . Geodesy, . TV), . further development which today has great prospects,

. Rockets for the OKB-10 gone, . though he was still fluoride-ammonia booster pack, . brought to the test by cold prolivok (for its equipment has been developed sverhgermetichnaya Automatic with unusual components), . was still nose fairing, . which serves as a carrier rocket Proton 'and today,

By the mid-seventies under the guidance of M. F. Reshetnev created a number of operating systems for communications and broadcasting through satellites 'Lightning', working on highly orbit in the new range of wavelengths and with high specifications. The base became a satellite 'Molniya-1', passed in the OKB-10. P. Queen for further development

. To implement new ideas, the chief designer for the first time in the country to create and launch a spacecraft into geostationary orbit communications-needed innovative solutions satellite structures, . funds and schemes of his removal, . management system and a number of other systems: to perform a complex scientific and technical research, . re-equipped with production and experimental base,
. In 1976. the first domestic geostationary communications satellite 'Rainbow' was launched into orbit and began work.

In the late 70-ies under the direction of M. F. Reshetnev conceptual development of space navigation found their implementation in a series of low-orbit navigation satellites. On this basis was established complex mnogosputnikovaya global navigation system that provides the formation of a continuous navigational fields with high precision positioning of consumers.

The significance of the work carried out under the scientific and technical guidance and direct involvement of M. F. Reshetnev, their depth and solidity were marked by his election in 1984. active member of the USSR.

In the future, a whole series of space-based information and coordinate metric systems used in the interest of national economy and national defense

. The satellites 'Molniya-1'-'Molniya-3', . 'Rainbow', . 'Horizon', . 'Ray', . 'Screen', . 'Hals', . 'Express', . 'Messenger' ensures a stable connection and television work: is pyatizonovoe televescha tion, . raised the proportion of satellite communication channels, . resolved a number of problems of information management in the interest of national defense,
. Satellites 'Geo-IK' help to investigate the form, . size of the Earth, . its gravitational field, ,

Thus, 27 information and coordinate metric systems based on spacecraft, built under the scientific and technical direction of M. F. Reshetnev, commissioned and operated safely, providing important tasks in the interest of national economy and national defense.

Currently operating successfully on the orbits of Earth satellites reshettyuvskie constitute 60% of all operating in Russia. It failed to reach any other company nor the space in our country or abroad.

M. F. Reshetnev managed to rally, . organize and direct the staff to address NPOPM printsialno new issues of designing and contributed greatly to the further development of the mechanics of motion of a rigid body with attached elastic elements on the center of mass, . the theory of automatic control, . determine the angular position of the apparatus and acting on it in flight disturbing moments, . ,

. Created under the leadership Reshetneva magnitogravitatsionnaya automatic orientation system with virtually unlimited service life provides the flight of many spacecraft, manufactured by enterprises of the country

Widely known work M. F. Reshetnev Integrated Exploration of cosmic 4'aktorov where to find the methods and means of protection for the spacecraft of their impact.

Great theoretical and practical contributions made by M. F. Reshetnev in the mechanics of composite materials, . kinematics transformable structures, . device development executive Automation, . allowed to create a precise design, . successfully operate in extreme conditions of outer space to 10 and more years,

Generalized results of various academic and research work conducted under the direction of M. F. Reshetnev, can be regarded as a new direction in the field of special machine-building, establishing communications, navigation and surveying systems.

During the development of space systems under the direction of M. F. Reshetnev scientists NPOPM awarded Lenin prizes, four, eight State Prize and the Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR

. A lot of work and effort put Mikhail Fedorovich to determine the strategy of combining in new and difficult period of transition of the country's economy and changing priorities in society, . with expanding the scope of work on systems of national economic purpose, and in the field of international cooperation to enter the world satellite market,

Winning the international competition with the leading space powers allowed NPOPM, joining the company ALCATEL ESPACE (France), obtained from an international organization EUTELSAT order to create a modern communications satellite

. Formed under the guidance of the material and technical basis of new technology in Siberia with a unique modern research laboratory and simulate complex systems and structures, . with one of the largest in Siberia Computing Center, . solve all problems on the creation of modern spacecraft and appreciated foreign professionals,

Within the walls of the Siberian Scientific-Technical School M. F. Reshetnev brought up a number of talented scientists and engineers in space technology, known in our country and abroad.

General Designer M. F. Reshetnev coordinated purposeful activity of many academic institutions, . industrial research institutes, . KB, . industrial enterprises and universities in Russia, . interaction that provides the solution of complex scientific and technical problems of rocket and space technology,

As the organizer and president of the Siberian Branch of Russia Academy of Engineering, he took an active part in solving technical problems of the Siberian region.

M. F. Reshetnev was one of the founders of the Siberian Aerospace Academy, providing engineering expertise regions of Siberia, where he headed the department 'Spacecraft'.

Mikhail Fedorovich was people's deputy of the Supreme Soviet, took an active part in public life of the country, territory, city, honorary citizen of which he was.

M. F. Reshetnev - professor, doctor of technical sciences, member of the International Academy of Engineering. For high labor achievements he was awarded the Order of the main Russia 'For Service to the Fatherland' III degree, three Orders of Lenin, the Order of Red Banner of Labor and 'Honor' medals. Reshetnev awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor, awarded the Lenin Prize, awarded Gold Medal. S. P. Queen API USSR (annexed to it a cash prize, he listed in the Fund for Peace).

January 26, 1966, Mr.. M. F. Reshetnev not become

. Eternal memory of Mikhail Fedorovich will he created one of the leading companies in space-group of students - the successors of the case who had seized the baton, communication satellites, television broadcasting, navigation and geodesy, working for the people.

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Reshetnev Mikhail Fedorovich, photo, biography
Reshetnev Mikhail Fedorovich, photo, biography Reshetnev Mikhail Fedorovich  Scientist in the field of space, photo, biography
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