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KORZUN Valery Grigorievich

( test cosmonaut cosmonaut corps CTC Air Force Air Force Col. RF)

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Biography KORZUN Valery Grigorievich
Test cosmonaut cosmonaut corps CTC Air Force Air Force Col. RF. He became an astronaut 84.

Valery G. Korzun was born March 5, 1953 (the day of the death of Stalin) in the town of Krasny Sulin, Rostov Region. Russian.

In 1970. Krasnosulinskuyu graduated from high school? 2 and in the same year he became a cadet Kaczynski Higher Military Aviation School named after AF Myasnikov. There, he flew 172 hours and mastered the piloting of aircraft L-29, MiG-21Ui MiG-21PF. In 1974. Korzun graduated from college with the rank of "lieutenant" and was sent to the Baltic States, where he served as a pilot 899 th Fighter Wing 1 st Guards Fighter Air Division 15 Air Army. A year later he became a senior pilot and he was qualified as a Military Pilot 3rd Class, and in September 1975. he became "a military pilot in class 2".

In October 1976 Valery Korzun was transferred to the Moscow Military District, where he continued to serve in the 234-th Guards Fighter Wing 9 th Air Division. Here he mastered the MiG-21PFM and MiG-21bis. In May 1977 he was awarded the title of "lieutenant", and in July 1978 qualification "Military Pilot Class 1". A year later, in July 1979, he became a captain, and in July 1982, Major. By this time, Korzun mastered all the modifications of the MiG-21 and had attacked more than 960 hours.

In November 1981. Korzun was appointed commander level, and in November 1983 - squadron commander. He participated in the development of new technology, as well as in showing single and group aerobatics in the group "Rhombus".

In 1984. Valery Korzun, as one of the best pilots part, was sent to the Red Banner Air Force Academy named after Yury Gagarin in Monino, Moscow region.

Studying at the Academy, Korzun lot of flying (flying has reached 1300 hours) and in July 1985. received the title "Colonel". In 1987 he graduated from the Faculty of the Academy team.

Valery Korzun was a student of the Academy, when he was asked to qualify in the group of cosmonauts. And he, the aviation commander, culminating the Academy with great career prospects, he decided to retrain in the calculation of luck astronauts, where he became the very tail of the queue for space flight. For Valery was no secret that the cosmonaut detachment CTC smallest percentage in space, but he was not embarrassed.

Valery managed to pass all the medical barriers. July 23, 1987, Mr.. Order of Minister of Defense of the USSR Valery Korzun was enrolled as a candidate for test-cosmonauts 6-th of the cosmonaut corps CTC Air.

From December 1987 to June 1989 he took a course of general space training and finished it with "excellent" and qualified as a test cosmonaut ". He was a senior group of candidates.

Already in the squad he has mastered piloting aircraft L-39.

After OKP Korzun was prepared to fly to Mir in a group of astronauts as crew commander. From 20 May to 10 July 1991 Korzun was trained as a commander of the first visiting crew, with the participation of Kazakh cosmonaut, along with Alexander Alexandrov and Toktar Aubakirov Preparation crew was terminated in connection with the inclusion of Kazakh cosmonauts in the Soviet-Austrian crews,

In October 1991. Korzun began training as commander of the reserve crew, along with Alexander Laveykin program E0-11. But the incredible happened: during the next medical examination revealed that Valerie body length in the sitting position slightly higher than the permissible. And if the short-term space flight was not terrible, then after a long flight, when the length of the spine is increased by several centimeters, in lodgement he had not incurred. Zoom lodgement did not allow the technical capacity of the ship, at least that was the official version. Probably did not want to MH "Star" and NPO Energia little to break a head. The destiny of man is not the role played.

In March 1992, Valeria was removed from the crew and "pushed" to the short visiting, and such in the coming years was not planned. However, reassuring one. The development of reusable spacecraft Buran required to have a single-use Soyuz TM, used as a crew return vehicle. Equipped with androgynous docking unit, such a ship piloted by one astronaut could dock with a ship in distress "Buranov" and his crew return to Earth.

In October 1992, Valery Korzun began training as the commander of the rescue and in March 1994 it has successfully completed. But the ability and no need. Program "Buran" by the time closed.

Along with the preparation Korzun lot of flying (flying amounted to more than 1500 hours), as well as performed more than 240 parachute jumps, including 66 in a special program.

February 5, 1993, when it became clear that the rescue ship will not fly, Valery Korzun was appointed commander of the 3rd group of the cosmonaut corps. But in this group were not astronauts, and carriers with a crew of station "Mir". Thus, Korzun became chief kapkomom CTC, remaining active astronaut.

In early 1994, when cooperation with the United States has been further developed, it would include the crew of the shuttle - where growth has no such meaning, but in the U.S. went Vladimir Titov, and Korzun, continued to lead a group of operators.

From March 1994 to June 1995 Korzun newly trained in a group. At the same time in January 1995 he was deputy head of the flight of the Mir for crew training - team leader, the crew.

In 1995. letdtronulsya CTC, "Star" and "Energy" finally came to a conclusion about the need for making Korzun individual lodgement.

June 1, 1995, Mr.. decision of board of RCA, under the chairmanship of Y. Kopteva Valery Korzun was appointed commander of the second crew on the program EO-22 with Alexander Kaleri and commander of the main crew EO-24.

June 5, 1995, Mr.. Valery Korzun began to prepare. In October of that year, began training in the crew, along with Alexander Kaleri, Leopold Eyharts (CNES, France) and Jerry Linenger program E0-22/NASA-3 / "Cassiopeia".

July 26, 1996 decision of the ERM Valery Korzun was recommended as a backup crew commander of Soyuz TM-24 '. August 9, 1996 in connection with the illness commander of the main crew G. Manakov began training as the commander of the main crew with A. Kahler and K.Andre-Deshays. Approved in the post college RSA on August 12 and GMVK at Baikonur on August 15.

Space flight on Soyuz TM-24 and Mir became the first Valery Korzun. Call - Fregat.

Air Force Colonel Valery Korzun is qualified "Military Pilot Class 1" (flying hours in 1473) and "Instructor parachute training" (377 jumps).

Korzun was awarded six medals.

Valery Korzun is married to Elena Ivanovna, nee Nazin, has a son, Nikita (b. 1979).

His parents, Gregory A. and Mary Arsent'evna retirement. Brother Andrew G. Korzun (b. 1956) works in a branch of the Kirov Factory.

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KORZUN Valery Grigorievich, photo, biography
KORZUN Valery Grigorievich, photo, biography KORZUN Valery Grigorievich  test cosmonaut cosmonaut corps CTC Air Force Air Force Col. RF, photo, biography
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