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Lazutkin Alexander

( test cosmonaut cosmonaut corps RKK Energia Experience space flight had)

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Biography Lazutkin Alexander
photo Lazutkin Alexander
Test cosmonaut cosmonaut corps RSC Energia Experience space flight had. He became an astronaut 86 domestic and 353 astronaut world.

Alexander Lazutkin born on 30 October 1957. Moscow. Russian.

Alexander went to the first grade of secondary school? 347 Pervomaisky district of Moscow in 1965. As a third-grade class he was fascinated by sport and since 1967 in parallel with the study took up gymnastics in junior sports school. His achievements in sport was so great that in 1971. he went to study at a boarding school? 9 sports profile. Kakodnogo of the best students and athletes Alexander sent on a tour to France. Despite advances in sport Alexander at the end of the boarding school in 1975. entered the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) in the Faculty of aircraft. In 1978, as a student, Alexander Lazutkin engaged in aviation and sports flying club MAI, as well as parachuting and parachute-around. Soon he received a 1 st grade in parachute jumping.

MAI Alexander Lazutkin graduated in 1981, received a mechanical engineer on the "Mechanical equipment of aircraft".

And again, as one of the best students he was invited to stay at the Department of N2607 in the MAI, where he worked until 1984.

14 November 1984 he moved to work as an engineer in the Department Head 292 KB NPO Energia, which began organizing crews. Lazutkin participated in the development of training programs for operators (astronauts) on the stands and dynamic program extravehicular activity. Simultaneously with the work of Alexander Lazutkin to deepen their knowledge of English at the State Central distance learning course, which he graduated in 1985. And in 1987. he successfully completed a course of English at the Institute of Continuous Education and Professional.

January 1, 1989, he became an engineer 2-nd category. He had to develop training programs and training of operators (astronauts) on production 21 COP.

It just turned three years of his work in NPOE Alexander Lazutkin written application for a cosmonaut. This was followed by screening and examinations for the firm, medical examinations. Only September 14, 1989 Main Medical Commission endorsed. But only two and a half years, Alexandra dream come true. March 3, 1992, Mr.. State Interdepartmental Commission recommended to enroll in Alexander Lazutkin cosmonaut.

May 13, 1992, Mr.. he enlisted in the cosmonaut GKB NPO Energia (291 Division), still on the position of candidate test-cosmonauts.

Since October 1992. February 1994. Lazutkin held cosmonaut training in CTC. 2 5marta 1994 decision of the ERM, he was awarded the qualification test cosmonaut ".

Lack of flight engineers was felt at that time very. Therefore, 1 April 1994, Mr.. commission chaired by Yu Kopteva appointed Alexander Lazutkin flight engineer on the program EO-21.

April 18, 1995 to January 31, 1996 Alexander Lazutkin passes directly to flight training under this program, together with V. Tsibliev. In June 1995, Mr.. they were joined by an experienced NASA astronaut John Blaha (USA).

February 21, 1996, Mr.. he was a backup flight engineer for Soyuz TM-23 "Y. Usachev.

After a month's vacation - again a direct preparation for flight

On March 25, 1996 to January 1997 he was preparing to fly on the EC-23 as a flight engineer is now the first crew and of course once again with V. Tsibliev. The third crew member cosmonaut researcher R. Ewald (DARA, Germany) connected to the preparation in April 1996. In addition, the flight program at rbitalnom complex, as well as the program of emergency return to Earth, they had to prepare an astronaut with NASA Dzh.Linendzherom (August 1996).

Flight Program EO-23 was for Alexander Lazutkin first.

Work on the space program is not swallowed whole by Alexander. Thanks vysokoorganizovannosti he had the time and hobbies: sports and astronomy. But the main hobby of Alexander many years remains a man, his possibilities and reserves.

Alexander Lazutkin married to Lyudmila Vladimirovna. She Engineer biochemist In their two daughters - Natasha (1984) shouting and Eugene (born 1989).

Father Lazutkina - Ivan Pavlovich, born in 1919, for many years worked at the factory elektromasterom "Hammer and Sickle. Now retired. Mother - Zinaida E. died in 1981

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Lazutkin Alexander, photo, biography
Lazutkin Alexander, photo, biography Lazutkin Alexander  test cosmonaut cosmonaut corps RKK Energia Experience space flight had, photo, biography
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