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Yazdovskiy Valeri

( Cosmonaut of the USSR)

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Biography Yazdovskiy Valeri
Yazdovskiy Valeri - cosmonaut. Citizen of the USSR. Born on July 8, 1930. G. Enakieve, Gonetskaya area Shahtoupravlenie "Young kommunar".

In 1948 graduated from high school No 2 g. Pushkino Moscow Oblast. In 1949 enrolled in 1954 graduated, and a full course of MAI specialty "aircraft", the decision of the State Examination Commission on 25.02.1954 was qualified as an engineer mechanic in aircraft construction.

Since 1954 he worked in the OKB-1 in the project section 19 (early. Department I.I. Utkin) involved telemetry until 1957 as an engineer. In 1957 transferred to Sector V "(man), the newly created Division 9 (head of mK. Tikhonravov) Space. In the same year was appointed a senior engineer. Since 1958 i.o. Chief of. Participated in the development of "East", "Sunrise", "Soyuz". From 1959 to 1961, beginning. Groups. At the end of 1963 papers were prepared for a group of astronauts in the OKB-1. Preparations are S.P. VV Korolev ordered. Molodtsova, Kn. Feoktistov and VA. Yazdovskiy. Since 1964 they have addressed this issue is already on record. Winter 1964 were collected about 120 applications. In approximately to Kn 01/05/1964. Feoktistov brought a list of 13 persons, among whom he was to undergo medical examination in TsNIAGe Air Force. After spending a month (instead of two) were released. A couple of days back and was invited at a meeting of the interdepartmental commission announced the results: take the commission and passed fit for training at the cosmonaut detachment 4 people - Kn. Feoktistov, VN. Volkova, VN. Kubasov, VA. Yazdovskiy.

In 1964, VA. Yazdovskiy named candidate for a flight on spacecraft "Voskhod", together with Kn. Feoktistov. S.P. Korolev promised VA. Yazdovskiy that the next flight into space it. A few days S.P. Korolev agreed with Tupolev and VA. Yazdovskiy replaced by VN. Benderov.

Continuing to work in a department of 9, was in charge of all the spacecraft systems and engaged in contacts with subcontractors. Participated in the development of the "Union" and "L-3". Engaged to help with heavy interplanetary spacecraft. In 1967-1968 he worked over the head of department 19 (telemetry), held parallel to the medical commission and wanted to go to the Front S.N. Anokhin, prepare a draft document on the establishment of a group of astronauts. One time with him on the situation of working VI. Sevastyanov and VE. Bugrov, and head of the firm was A.S. Eliseev. But VA. Yazdovskiy is its principal sponsor. In 1968 the Regulations on the test cosmonaut OKB-1 was approved by Decree of the CC and postverzhdeno order to TSKBEM.

In 1968, an informal group of astronauts in the department S.N. Anokhin and it transferred all that passed a medical examination (gm. Grechko, OG. Makarov, NN. Rukavishnikov, VI. Kid GA. Dolgopolov, VP. Nikitsky, VE. Burgov). The organization of the detachment in 1968, it got all of the above, plus VI. Sevastyanov and A.S. Eliseev. 10.1969 during the flight "Unions - 6, -7, -8, participated in the flight control. Prizlizitelno in 11.1969 with VG. Lazarev VA. Yazdovskiy began preparations for the flight of Soyuz-9 "as a Flight Engineer Reserve crew. On examination it without asking, put good marks. After the flight of the Soyuz-9 "VA. Yazdovskiy reduced to one crew from VA. Vorobiev. They immediately found a common language. They were preparing to simulate docking system "Contact-kang" in the 615 machine ( "Union"). For this isolated 17 and 18 serial numbers. 1 st passive, active 2-nd. They were the main crew of the ship passive. Training was discontinued in 1972 in connection with the closing program. In 1972 he was part of a group of military and civilian astronauts to train at the station "Salyut-3". At the end of 1972 preparations began for VA. Yazdovskiy to the theme of flight of the Soyuz-13 ". Crews were formed only in 1973 and several months he did that himself. Worked with engineers and designers. In early 1973 drew on his own initiative to prepare for the same program L.V. Vorobyov. The spring of 1973 the crew L.V. Vorob'ev VA. Yazdovskiy identified the main. Upon completion of training in early. 12.1973 primary and backup crews flew to Baikonur. The crew already had the callsign "Atlant". However, before the start of the State Commission decided to replace the main crew duplicate (PI. Klimuk and VV. Lebedev), does not explain this change. Substitutes flew into space 18-26.12.1973. It was later discovered that the crew L.V. Vorobyov not fly because of the "izlizhney principled commander and flight engineer straightness".

In 1974 at the suggestion A.S. Eliseeva was organized by the group to prepare to fly to the station (they were engaged in 1975-1977). Within this group was, and VA. Yazdovskiy. In 1978-1979 was prepared in a group on a draft of the spacecraft Soyuz T. In 1981, deeply involved in drafting the Regulations on astronaut. VA. Yazdovskiy consisted of a group preparing to fly until 1982, when he retired and also was issued a translation in Division 19 at the Senior, later a leading engineer. In section 19, he worked until 1992. This year, he retired on disability.

Had the first digit on the run and the second level shooting. He made 31 parachute jump.

AWARDS: Medal "For Valiant Labor in commemoration of 100 anniversary of the birth of VI. Lenin "(on behalf of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, . issued 03/04/1970); medal "For valorous work" (ID No E 767737, . issued 17/02/1958), Medal "For Labor Valor"; medal "Veteran of Labor" (on behalf of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, . decision of the executive committee of the Moscow Oblast Council of People's Deputies of 23/04/1990, . awarded 23/04/1990); medal Yu.A.,
. FC Gagarin of the USSR; medal "XXX years of flight Yu.A.. Gagarin 12.04.1961-12.04.1991 "FC USSR medal" 90 years from the date of birth S.P. Queen 1907-1997 "FC (awarded 1997); medal" 50 years of RSC Energia ". S.P. The Queen "(issued on 23.08.1996).

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Yazdovskiy Valeri, photo, biography
Yazdovskiy Valeri, photo, biography Yazdovskiy Valeri  Cosmonaut of the USSR, photo, biography
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