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Belousov, Vladimir Ivanovich

( Ph.D. in Geology and Mineralogy)

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Biography Belousov, Vladimir Ivanovich
photo Belousov, Vladimir Ivanovich
Belousov, Vladimir Ivanovich, candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences, senior researcher, was born July 13, 1936 in the Urals village Byngi 3 km from Nevnskogo plant based industrialists Demidovs. Childhood and adolescence spent in the village Ayatskom 37 kilometers from Nevyansk, where he worked for his father (Ivan Petrovich), the MTS. In 1950, after seven years of school in Ayatke moved to g. Top Tour, located 12 kilometers from Mount Grace. Perhaps under the influence of childhood experiences, . held among miners, . gold mining, . and places rich in minerals (pyrites could distinguish from the copper-pyrite-chalcopyrite), . enrolled in the Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Mining and Geological Department in the College, . which he graduated with honors in 1954,
. All practices held in the Urals to the well-known iron ore deposits (r. High g. Grace, Lebyazhka, etc.), pyrite deposits (3rd Intrenatsionala about Mr.. Nizhny Tagil, Krasnouralsk field near r. Grace).

Another found not fully spent hydrothermal deposits of manganese and saw such minerals as gaussmanit, bornite, and other hydrothermal genesis. In 1953, more quarried pink marble Urals, which lies directly under the manganese deposits. On the high mountain lovers gathered malachite kidneys, which could adorn the famous museums. And in general mineralogy of the Urals deposits fascinated and enchanted, which prompted the continuation of studies. Then, in many media promoted the new building of Moscow State University on Lenin Hills ( "The majestic fortress of science") and on the advice of genes Glubokovsky party of war and a good older friend, it was decided to apply for a "maybe". Extremely lucky. The documents came to the good man Tatiana Stepanovna Baljakin - executive secretary of the reception committee and then came the notice of admission to students. A stay at MSU - this is the most brilliant page in the life. Magnificent and generous teachers. Kind and attentive friends and comrades - the students of different courses, . living conditions, . Library, . which an hour you can get any order the book, . and generally high morale prevailed at that time among the students of MSU, . - All now seems like a fairy tale.,

. Already 3m course became acquainted with the Laboratory of Volcanology of the USSR Academy of Sciences, founded by Zavaritskii
. In 1959 it was proposed to work on Pauzhetskaya geothermal field in Kamchatka, where it was proposed to build the first power plant in the Soviet Union on the underground pair. Since then, the whole creative life was spent in finding solutions to problems of heat transfer in the crust. Almost all the work (over 60) are devoted to hydrotherms, their migration in the earth's crust, the origin of various hydrothermal and hydrothermal systems. A small number of papers published in a long period of work at the Institute of Volcanology was associated with fifteen years of work in administration at the post of deputy director for Expedition. In recent years, much attention is paid to the relationship of magmatism and hydrothermal activity, which is implemented in the magmatic-hydrothermal convection systems, areas of recent volcanic. In addition, we study the processes of ore concentration in the hydrothermal process, the adsorption properties of the hydrothermal systems and has been developing the theoretical foundations of the elimination of industrial waste, including radioactive waste.

. Works:

. Monograph - Geology of geothermal fields in the areas of modern volcanism 1978

. Silica in high-temperature hydrothermal systems, areas of modern volcanism

. Adsorption properties of hydrothermal systems and the prospects of their use for the preservation of radionuclides and other industrial waste

. Pechengskij depth and other hydrothermal systems: a new look at the isolation of nuclear materials from the biosphere

. The role of gases in the heat and mass transfer in magmatic hydrothermal cell - magmatic convective systems

. North Paramushir Hydrothermal - magmatic convective system: geological structure, the conceptual model, geothermal resources

. North Paramushir hydrothermal-magmatic system: characteristics of deep geological cross-section and a model of modern mineral-mineralization in its depths

. Hypothesis of the origin and mechanism of functioning of the crustal heat source in the magmatic-hydrothermal convective systems

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  • Margarita for Belousov, Vladimir Ivanovich
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    Belousov, Vladimir Ivanovich, photo, biography
    Belousov, Vladimir Ivanovich, photo, biography Belousov, Vladimir Ivanovich  Ph.D. in Geology and Mineralogy, photo, biography
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