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Goncharov Mikhail Adrianovich

( Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences)

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Biography Goncharov Mikhail Adrianovich
photo Goncharov Mikhail Adrianovich
Goncharov Mikhail Adrianovich born 18 September 1933. G. Moscow. He graduated from the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University (1956). Qualifications: Geologist.

Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1965), Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1986). Head of the Laboratory of Geotectonics and Tectonophysics. VV Belousov Department of Dynamic Geology Geological Faculty (1991).

Member of the Moscow Society of Naturalists (1963), a member of the International Association of structural and tectonic geology (1994), a member of the European Geophysical Society (1996). Member of the Bureau of the section "Experimental tectonics and structural geology, tectonic Interagency Committee RAH (1984). Chairman of the specialized council K.053.05.02 on general and regional geology and geotectonics at Moscow State University (1992), . member of specialized councils D.053.05.25 on general and regional geology and geotectonics at Moscow State University (1988), . K.002.08.02 in geophysics at the Joint Institute of Earth Physics RAH (1987).,

. Research interests: addressing the mechanism of pattern formation in the Earth's crust
. Research in this direction was conducted in three stages: the first (1959-1965), . elucidation of the morphology, . mechanism of formation and genesis of cleavage, . as one of the most important indicators of the mechanism of folding, the second (1965-1971), . quantitative description and mathematical model of a modern folded structure (1965-1971), third (1968-1988), . development termoflyuidnoy advective concept geosynclinal folding in an integrated approach to this phenomenon, involving data from other sections of geology (marine geophysics, . Petroleum Geology, . Hydrogeology, . lithology, . petrology), . and continuum mechanics,
. In recent years, developing a scientific concept of the rank-organization geodynamic and structural systems. Main scientific achievements: establishing the role of cleavage of the phenomenon, . vnutrisloynuyu accompanying deformation of rocks of different composition in folding and begins a little before folding in the excess irrigation geosynclinal sedimentary deposits, creating a matrix of mathematical model of the folded structure, the definition of the asymmetry of the folds, . independent of their vergentsii (before these concepts were identified) and arises because of the widespread nonparallelism axis of maximum compression and lamination,
. Author of the new concept termoflyuidnoy advective geosynclinal folding. When its construction was first applied an integrated approach to this phenomenon in its close association with other elements of geosynclinal regime - sedimentation and regional metamorphism, . allowing for complex data Marine Geophysics, . Petroleum Geology, . Hydrogeology, . lithology and petrology predict the characteristics and parameters of folding and compare them with independent data of structural geology, . Tectonophysics and Geotectonics,
. The close match of predicted and actual properties of the folding proved not only the viability of the concept, but the fruitfulness of the hypothetico-deductive method of theoretical geology, applied in the construction of the concept. By developing a new concept of tectonic movements and deformations - rank organization geodynamic and consequential structural systems. Topic of Ph.D. thesis: "Some problems in connection with the cleavage of fold (example Zilairskogo Synclinorium Southern Urals)". Subject doctoral dissertation: "The inversion density in the crust and folding.

Read lectures "Physical basis of structural geology", "Study of the structural parageneses.

He has published over 80 scientific publications, t.ch. 6 monographs "Sketches of structural geology difficult dislocated strata" (al. VV Belousov, et al, 1970), "Essays on structural geology slozhnodislotsirovannyh sequences" (al. VV Belousov, et al, 1977), "The inversion density in the crust and folding" (1979), "The mechanism of geosynclinal folding" (1988), "Methods of modeling in structural geology (co-author. VV Belousov, A. Wiechert et al, 1988), "Folding of the Greater Caucasus" (al. W. H. Sholpo and EA Rogozhin, 1993), the manual "Fields of tectonic deformations and stresses.

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Goncharov Mikhail Adrianovich, photo, biography
Goncharov Mikhail Adrianovich, photo, biography Goncharov Mikhail Adrianovich  Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, photo, biography
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