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Volobuyev Mikhail Ivanovich

( Ph.D. in Geology and Mineralogy)

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Biography Volobuyev Mikhail Ivanovich
Volobuyev Mikhail Ivanovich - the candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences, senior researcher of the Dept.. Dynamic Geology of the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University. M. V. University. Born January 1, 1927 in the village Schegolek, Belovo region, Kursk region into a peasant family. In 1947 he graduated with honors Starooskol'skii Geological Prospecting College and was assigned to work in Dalstroi Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR (now the Magadan region). Worked in Penzhina expedition geologist and chief of the geological parties. He was engaged in geological mapping of white spots on the peninsula Taigonos and at the junction of the Mid-Kamchatka and Karyakskogo ranges, under the leadership of engineer-captain VA Titova. In 1951 he entered the Faculty of Geology, Moscow State University, after which in 1956 was on a postgraduate student at the Department of Dynamic Geology. Thesis prepared under the guidance of Professor. GP Gorshkov, on the theme: "Geochronology and Geology of granitoids of the Yenisei Ridge," which he defended in 1967. Since 1959, Mr.. by 1985. worked at the faculty (in different years), chief geologist, and chief scientific leader of the Yenisei Expedition that conducted the study on the vast territory of Eastern and Western Siberia, the Altai-Sayan region, Western Baikal and Taimyr. Since 1968. enrolled as a Senior Researcher Dept.. Dynamic geology. In the academic title of senior research staff member was approved July 17, 1970 in geology. He is the author of 150 scientific works. Most of them devoted geochronology, isotopic studies of ore deposits, tectonics and stratigraphy of Precambrian of Siberia. In the last decade much attention isotope geodynamics of the World Ocean, studies of the continental lithosphere and mantle doarheyskomu phase of the geological history of Earth. For 40 years, systematically conducted practical classes on "General Geology, . led a large group of students (echelon) in geological training practices in the Crimea, . read the course "Introduction to geochronology on FPK at the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University, . and is currently reading for students of 5 th year "isotope geodynamics",
. This course is fully developed by itself and in the curriculum for the first time. By 2 candidates and is currently a supervisor of a graduate student.

The main scientific works: in the monographs "Geochronology of the Precambrian of the Siberian platform and its folded frame." Publishing. Nauka, Leningrad, 1968. 333 pp., "Geochronology of the USSR. V.1. Precambrian ".348 pp., 1973, in the pamphlet" Radioactive clock of the Earth and the Moon ". Publishing. Knowledge, 1990, 48 pp., But mainly in journal articles.

. Honorary Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of 29 January 1980, a sign of "socialist competition winner in 1975, the Medal" Veteran of Labor "in 1984, the medal" In memory of the 850 - anniversary of Moscow "on February 26, 1997
. In 1988 the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia was awarded the title of "Honorary scout bowels"

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Volobuyev Mikhail Ivanovich, photo, biography
Volobuyev Mikhail Ivanovich, photo, biography Volobuyev Mikhail Ivanovich  Ph.D. in Geology and Mineralogy, photo, biography
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