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Koronovskii Nikolai

( Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1964), Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1980). Professor)

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Biography Koronovskii Nikolai
photo Koronovskii Nikolai
Born July 4, 1933, Mr.. G. Leningrad. He graduated from the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University with honors (1956).

Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1964), Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1980). Professor (1986). Head of the Department of Dynamic Geology Geological Faculty (1986).

. Chairman of the Expert Council WAC Earth Sciences, member of the Presidium UMO universities in Russia for higher geological education, chairman of the section UMO universities in Russia in geology
. Member of the Bureau of tectonic Committee of Russia. Member of the Academic Council of Moscow State University. Member 2 specialized councils at MSU. Member of the editorial boards of journals Geotectonics, Bulletin of Moscow University. Geology Series.

Winner Prize. AD Archangel (RAS, 1996). He was awarded the title of Honored Worker of Science (1993).

Research interests: regional geology and geological survey, orogenic volcanism and its relationship with tectonics and geodynamics. PhD dissertation is devoted to the Pliocene-Quaternary volcanism of the Greater Caucasus. Extending these studies to other regions of the Caucasus, . and Carpathians, . doctorate Cenozoic volcanism of the Alpine belt of Eurasia, . which gave a detailed description of all aspects of orogenic volcanism from Gibraltar to Afghanistan, . with particular attention paid to the acid volcanism and the problem of ignimbrites,
. Involved in regional geology, neotectonics, structural geology, seismotectonics, collisional magmatism. The main scientific results obtained by the orogenic volcanism of the Alpine belt of Eurasia, and in particular the Caucasus and the Carpathians, which was first revealed the detailed stratigraphy of the volcanic sequences and their tectonic position, communication with geodynamics. Found, . what exactly north-south compression of the Caucasus, . by moving to the north ledge of the Arabian plate, . resulted in the presence of longitudinally oriented zones of tension and prisdvigovyh sites sprain, . with whom and associated calc-alkaline volcanism, . first isolated in the special - kollitsionny type,
. A similar pattern is set for the entire Alpine belt, with the exception of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Cycladic island arc in the Aegean Sea. Significant accomplishment was the solution to the problem of acid ignimbrites in many parts of the Alpine belt, in t.ch. Identification of the spread of these species, establishing their genesis. Much attention was paid to studying the development and establishment of a modern structure foredeep, in t.ch. Terek-Caspian, which was first installed rootless nature of the anticlinal folds and the mechanism of their formation in the context of regional development of the Caucasus. Devotes much attention to neotectonics, seismotectonics, the problem of modeling the blind thrust faults and zones of failure in sequences of varying competence, as well as the use of remote sensing methods for solving problems of neotectonics. Under his leadership in 1991. was drawn neotectonic map of European USSR and the flanking areas on a scale 1:2500000.

Since 1956. conducts educational activities, participating in the conduct of workshops and lectures on the courses Structural geology and geological mapping, Historical Geology, Geology of the USSR, General Geology, Tectonics and magmatism. Also involved in the conduct of the Crimean geological practice for students. Has lectured at universities in Greece, Holland, Norway, Mexico, Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, Hungary and others, oil companies, Israel and the U.S.. By program on geology for schools, published a book for schoolchildren geology - it's interesting, with his participation and under his editorship appears that geology Children's Encyclopedia.

Produced 13 PhDs.

Published about 250 scientific papers. Editor, author of Guide to the Crimean geological practice, the author of several training geological maps, curricula and programs, methodological developments. Author of several chapters, scientific editor in various encyclopedias, in t.ch. in Mountain encyclopedias, articles in the journal Nature, the almanac land and people, etc.
Major works:

- Orogenic volcanism and tectonics of the Alpine belt of Eurasia (co-author. EE Milanovskii, 1973),
- Short Course Regional Geology of the USSR (1978),
- Fundamentals of Geology (co-author. AF Yakushev, 1991).

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Koronovskii Nikolai, photo, biography
Koronovskii Nikolai, photo, biography Koronovskii Nikolai  Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1964), Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1980). Professor, photo, biography
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