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Biography TIMOFEYEV Pyotr
November 14, 1918. G. Vyazma Smolensk region. He graduated in Geology and Soil Sciences, Moscow State University (1943).

Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1950), Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1968). Professor (1971). Founder (1983), i.o. Head of Department (1983-1989), Professor, Department of Lithology and Marine Geology Department of Geology. Director of the Institute of Geological Sciences (1986-1989). Head of the Laboratory of sedimentary geological formations GIH AH the USSR (1960).

Corresponding member of RAH (1976). Member of the Scientific Council of the oceans, Moscow State University (1987), a member of the section lithology (sedimentology) of the National Committee of Geologists (1987), a member of the International Association of Sedimentology (1976). Member of the Interdepartmental Lithological Committee AH the USSR (1975). Chairman of advisory board WAC Earth Sciences (1985). A member of specialized councils for lithology, . geochemistry and geology of the oceans and seas at GIH RAH (1975), . on lithology, . Geology, . prospecting and exploration of solid fuels, . Geology, . prospecting and exploration for oil and gas fields at MSU (1985),
. Vice-President of the International Committee for Coal Petrology (1972-1980), member of advisory committees DZHOIDES sedimentary petrology and physical properties of rocks and Paleoobstanovki (1975-1982). Head (1976-1980), member (1978-1985) International Project YUHESKO Global correlation of coal-bearing formations. Member of the editorial boards of journals Lithology and Mineral Resources (1968), Bulletin of Moscow University. Series of Geology (1985-1992), the International Journal of Coal.

Winner of USSR State Prize (1972). He was awarded with the October Revolution (1978), Labor Red Banner (1975), Friendship of Peoples (1988). Awarded the Prize of the Presidium of the USSR AH (1954).

Research interests: Fundamental Problems of lithology and coal geology, the development of genetic trends in geology. The method of detailed integrated lithofacies study of sedimentary formations. Set the direction and defining the role of facial protection in the processes of mineral and the formation of breeds, . as well as the significant role of organic matter in the formation of rocks of coal and oil deposits, . as accelerators of these processes, . that is essential to scientific predictions the parent coal and oil and gas in various facies and structural zones of the earth's crust,
. Developed the theory of the genesis of coal and dispersed organic matter, the role of the latter in the sedimentary process. Established the variable extent of the influence of lithological, . real and facies factors on the type of peat accumulation in Earth's history (the coastal-marine, . valley-river, . deltaic, . lake), . that is of great practical importance in planning the search and exploration for coal,
. I decided a number of specific problems lithology and coal geology of ascertaining the laws governing the formation and placement of solid fuels in different regions of the country. He opened and explained to us the genetic types of coals with paleogeographic and paleotectonic situation sedimentation and peat accumulation, which allowed (Joint. with LI Bogolyubova) develop a genetic classification of humic coals. Created and developed a model framework of the theory of evolution, sedimentation basins and formation of breeds. Field work and research conducted in the Baltic States, Byelorussia, Moldavia, Crimea, the Donets Basin, the Caucasus, the western slope of the Middle Urals, Central Asia, Western and Eastern Siberia, Tuva, Yakutia, as well as in Germany, Britain, France, Spain, USA and Mongolia. Topic of Ph.D. thesis: Conditions of sedimentation of coal-bearing formations A26 and C27 the bottom of the south-western margin of the Donbas. Subject doctoral dissertation: Jura coal formation of southern Siberia.

. He lectures courses on facies analysis and palaeogeography, formation analysis of sedimentary formations.

. By 6 Doctors of Sciences.

. He has published over 300 scientific papers.
. Major works:

. - The structure and conditions of accumulation of the major coal-bearing formations and coal seams of the Middle Carboniferous of the Donets Basin (1959),
. - Jura coal formation of the Tuva Mesozoic trough (1964),
. - Some features of geotectonic regime of the coal-bearing formations of Education (1971),
. - Problems of lithology of the oceans
. Mineralogy and geochemistry of the Pacific (1985).

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TIMOFEYEV Pyotr, photo, biography
TIMOFEYEV Pyotr, photo, biography TIMOFEYEV Pyotr  Activity, photo, biography
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