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Frolov Vladimir T.

( Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1956), Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1982). Professor of the Department of Lithology and Marine Geology, Geological Faculty (198)

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Biography Frolov Vladimir T.
Born March 16, 1923. in d. Suhotinka Efremovsky district of the Tula region. Member of the Great Patriotic War. He graduated from the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University with honors (1949).

Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1956), Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1982). Professor of the Department of Lithology and Marine Geology, Geological Faculty (1983).

Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences (1992). Member of the Moscow Society of Naturalists (1958). Member Committee petrographic Sciences (1975). Member of the All-Union Lithological Committee (1984). Member, Commission on classification and nomenclature of rocks (1975), sedimentary rocks (1996) with the CIM, on the history and methodology of science at RAH (1982), on the stratigraphy of the geological department at RAH (1984). Member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Geology (1991). A member of specialized councils for petroleum geology, geochemistry and lithology (1983), on the general geology and regional geology and tectonics (1985) at MSU. Member of the editorial board of the Bulletin of Moscow Society of Naturalists.

Awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, medals for the defense of Moscow, for the victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945., Honorary Badge of the USSR Ministry of Geology of Excellence in prospecting for mineral resources (1982) and others. Awarded the title of Honorary Professor of Moscow State University (1995), Professor Emeritus Changunskogo University (China, 1995).

. Research interests: Lithology, . Regional Geology, . Stratigraphy, . palaeogeography, . Marine Geology, . formatsiologiya; mobile belts of the Earth (Ural, . Kuril and Commander Islands and other island arcs of the East Asia and the Pacific, . Alps, . Pacific Coast USA), . ocean floor (the Atlantic and Pacific oceans), . Platform (Russian, . Siberian, . Australia) and metaplatformy (Scythian, . Turan, . West-Siberian, etc.); carbonaceous, . oil and gas, . phosphorite, . PYRITE, . bauxite, . of iron and other formations,
. Main results:

. - Develop a framework for scientific direction - the theory of genetic types of marine sediments (classification, . principles, . methods and procedures for genetic analysis), application of genetic analysis to the deposits from the Archaean to the Holocene, . geostructural to different regions and formations on the continents and oceans, . the search for coal deposits, . oil, . gas, . phosphorite, . Bauxite, . iron ore, . flasks and other silitsitov, . pyritic and polymetallic ores;,

. - Development of the foundations of modern formation analysis, . based on their understanding of the genetic, . as regional parageneses genetic types of deposits, . creation of their taxonomy and target classification, . principles and methods of allocating formational units and the development of procedures for formation analysis, . proven in the Caucasus, . Urals, . Far East Russia, . in the oceans;,

. - Development of principles and the creation of modern classifications of sedimentary rocks, both morphological (petrographic) and genetic and facies
. On the basis of these classifications is written and published three-volume monograph Lithology (1992-1995);

- Improving the teaching of the volcanic-sedimentary lithogenesis in t.ch. developed modern material and genetic classification of tuffs, . effusive-sedimentary and hydrothermal, . revealed their diagnostic features, . on the basis of which set the genesis of ancient volcanic rocks, . identified and described volcano-sedimentary formations of the Urals, . Kuriles, . Commander and other regions, . set their typomorphic ore and other minerals;,

. - Held uglenakopleniya palaeogeographic reconstruction in the Jurassic of Dagestan, phosphorite in the Cretaceous and Paleogene of North Africa, flisheobrazovaniya in the Crimea, the Caucasus, the Urals, the Kuril Islands, Commander and others;

. - Materials on the evolution of lithogenesis of the Earth and the regularities of sediment formation of breeds and placement resources;

. - Develop a methodological framework lithology and geology (cyclicity and irreversibility, . Inheritance and neoplasm development principles and methods geoistoricheskih studies, correlation of morphological and genetic approaches, the theory of classification, . systemic approach; ratio of the facts, . generalizations and interpretations, predictions, etc.);,

. - Development of the doctrine of the submarine weathering.

. Topic of Ph.D. thesis: Jurassic deposits Dagestan
. Subject doctoral thesis: Genetic typing of marine sediments.

He reads lectures Lithology and paleogeography Methods, Evolution of lithogenesis. Lectured main problems lithology, genetic analysis, formation analysis of the QIF. Conducts laboratory courses and seminars on lithology, directs the production practice of students. Lectured at universities and institutes of Lvov, Tallinn, Makhachkala, Saratov, Perm, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, as well as in Bulgaria (Plovdiv, Sofia), Australia, Germany, Hungary, the United States and Israel.

. By 20 candidates and 1 PhD.

. Has published 200 scientific papers, t.ch
. 5 monographs, 4 textbooks and teaching aids, 4 teaching leadership in a team of authors. Managing Editor 7 translated editions.
. Major works:

. - The Jurassic coal-bearing sediments of Dagestan (1963),
. - Genetic typing of marine sediments (1984),
. - Experience and technique of integrated stratigrapho-lithological and paleogeographic studies (1985),
. - Origin of volcanic series of island arcs (co-author, 1985),
. - Flix and flishoidnye complexes in different zones of the earth's crust (co-author, 1994).

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Frolov Vladimir T., photo, biography
Frolov Vladimir T., photo, biography Frolov Vladimir T.  Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1956), Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1982). Professor of the Department of Lithology and Marine Geology, Geological Faculty (198, photo, biography
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