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KHAIN Victor Yefimovich

( Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1940), Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1947).)

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Biography KHAIN Victor Yefimovich
Born February 26, 1914, Mr.. G. Baku. Graduated from the Geological Department of Mining Department of the Azerbaijan Petroleum Institute (1935).

Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1940), Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1947). Professor of Azerbaijan Industrial Institute (1949-1954), head of the department of the Institute of Geology of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences (1945-1954), head of the department of the Museum of Geosciences, Moscow State University (1954-1962). Senior Fellow, Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry. Vernadsky (1957-1972). Senior Research Fellow (1972-1987), Senior Researcher (1987) Geological Institute, USSR Academy of Sciences. Chief researcher of the Institute of lithosphere RAH. Professor of Dynamic Geology, Geological Faculty (1961).

Member of USSR Academy of Sciences (1987, corresponding member since 1966). Honorary Member of the European Academy, . Honorary Member RAEH, . member of the New York Academy of Sciences, . honorary member of the French, . London and the Bulgarian Geological Society, . Member of the American Geophysical Union and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, . Corresponding Member of the International Committee for the History of Geological Sciences,
. Honorary Doctor of the University of Paris. P. and M. Curie. Secretary-General of the Sub-Commission on the tectonic map of Peace (1972-1987). Chairman of the tectonic Section of the Scientific Council of the USSR Academy of Geology and oil and gas development, Deputy. Chairman of the International Division of tectonic maps of geology, geophysics, geochemistry and Mining Sciences USSR, member of the Bureau of the Soviet Committee for the International Geological Correlation Program, Deputy. Chairman of the Interagency Tectonic Committee of the USSR, . member of the National Committee of Geologists of the USSR, . Member of the geological section of the USSR Ministry of Geology of HTS, . member of the HMS USSR Ministry of Higher Education for Higher Education geological, . member of the deep drilling, . member of the Bureau of the geological section MOIP,
. Member of the Academic Councils of Moscow State University, Faculty of Geology Department of Geology and Geological Department. A member of specialized councils for defense of doctoral and master's theses at Moscow State University, Geological Institute and the Institute of History of Science and Technology RAH. Editor in Chief of the International Tectonic Map of the World, deputy. Chief Editor of the vice-maps of the Russian platform and geosynclinal setting, the vice-maps of the USSR, member of the editorial boards of the journals Nature, Bulletin of Moscow University. Series of Geology, Geotectonics, Proceedings of the universities. Geology and Exploration, Geotectonics and Metallogeny (KHR). Series Editor refereed journal Geology, a member of the Editorial Board of The World Publishing House, editor of the editorial consultant of Geology and Mining of the Soviet Encyclopedia Publishing. Supervisor laboratory space research methods crust Geological Faculty of MSU.

Winner of USSR State Prize (1987), the State Prize of Russia (1995). Awarded the Labor Red Banner (1974), Friendship of Peoples (1984). Awarded Gold Medal. AP Karpinsky USSR Academy of Sciences, Gold Medal. P. Furmare Royal Belgian Academy of Sciences, medals п¬я-п¦п¦п+п+п¦п+п+п¦ Germanskogo Geological Society, Prestwich medal of the French Geological Society. Winner of prizes MOIP (three times). He was awarded the title of Honorary Professor of Moscow State University (1995).

. Research interests: problems of general geology, . Comparative Planetology, . deep geology, . evolution tectonosphere, . theory of formations, . total geotectonics, . issues of regional and Petroleum Geology, . Precambrian Geology, . neotectonics, . Structural geomorphology, . paleogeography, . history of geological knowledge, . geological education, etc.,
. Research on the Caucasus, . Carpathians, . Yenisei Ridge and in other regions of the USSR, . familiarized with the structure of the folded regions of Europe overseas, . Asia, . North and South America, . Africa and Australia, . explored the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, . Mediterranean Sea,
. Proposed a classification of tectonic movements and the main structural elements of the earth's crust, and clarified the general laws of geosynclinal process, investigated the problem of the main stages of evolution of the earth's crust. Developed basic questions of theoretical geotectonics - the doctrine of geosynclines, platforms, orogenic, deep faults, lithological formations (proposed classification on tektonoklimaticheskoy basis), the origin of folding. Research in these areas are reflected in the monographs geotectonic framework petroleum exploration, General Geotectonics, etc.. First systematic tectonic structure of continents and oceans, as reflected in the five-volume monograph Regional Geotectonics. A large place is occupied by the study, conducted jointly with AB Ronov, to analyze the spread lithological formations on a global scale, covering the periods of Riphean and Phanerozoic. The development of these works led to the creation of the vice-world maps. Spends a lot of work to establish international tectonic maps of Europe and World. Focusing on issues of Petroleum Geology. One of the founders of the oil and gas basins. Investigate the global pattern of oil and gas. Spoke in support of the new hypothesis, the tectonics of lithospheric plates, and developed its application to the Caucasus. In the field of history and methodology of science has considered a number of issues, the results published in the book A Short History of Geology (co-author. VV Tikhomirov, . 1956), . Some philosophical questions of modern geology (1958), . Dynamic interaction, . exogenous and endogenous processes as a basis for the development of the earth's crust (1961), . The evolution of ideas about the classification of movements of the crust (1964), . On the geological form of matter in motion (1966), . History geotectonics (1967), . Actualism and tectonics (1977), . History of international tectonic maps (1982), . The main periods of geological science (1986), . Basic Problems of Geology (1994),
. He studied the scientific work and legacy AV Peive (1979), W. H. Robinson (1967), Rukhin (1962), G. Stille (1964) and others. Topic of Ph.D. thesis: The facies of the Jurassic and Cretaceous and the geotectonic history of South-Eastern Caucasus in the Mesozoic. Subject doctoral dissertation: geotectonic development of South-East Caucasus.

Reads lectures Geotectonics, Regional Geotectonics, major problems of geology, history and methodology of Geological Sciences. The Polytechnic Institute, Mr.. Conakry (Guinea) lectured on the historical geology and geotectonics (1964-1965).

Published about 700 scientific papers.

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KHAIN Victor Yefimovich, photo, biography
KHAIN Victor Yefimovich, photo, biography KHAIN Victor Yefimovich  Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1940), Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1947)., photo, biography
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