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Ionenko Ivan

( Historian)

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Biography Ionenko Ivan
Ivan Mikhailovich Ionenko - Honored Worker of Science of Tajikistan came from Smolensk. Historic education he received at the Leningrad Pedagogical Institute. A. I. Herzen. In 1939, Mr.. was sent to work in the Kazan Pedagogical Institute. Extremely conscientious attitude to work, an enormous capacity for work and kindness to others allowed him to quickly join the team, where he soon became dean of the Faculty of History.
. From the early days of World War I
. M. Ionenko at the front. At home, left a wife and young son. In the 18 th division of Kazan and the platoon he commanded in the battles of Yelnia gets concussion and injury. Further treatment at a hospital in Penza.

In Kazan and. M. Ionenko receives appointment in the emerging 334-th Infantry Division, which is composed of 4-Second Shock Army participated in the Moscow battle. Soon the lieutenant and. M. Ionenko in connection with the establishment at headquarters of the armies and fronts departments to study and learning of war are transferred first to the Operations Division Headquarters 4-th shock, and then - headquarters of the 2 nd Baltic and Leningrad Fronts. In the Baltics, and he ended the war. All this is extremely interesting, Ivan Mikhailovich told in his memoirs.

In September 1945,. I. M. Ionenko was demobilized from the ranks of the Soviet Army. On the battlefield soldier returned to Kazan, a city that has become his mother. Here he waited impatiently family, dear and close friends, colleagues and students. He continues to work the Dean of the Faculty of History of Kazan Pedagogical Institute, and later headed the Department of History of Kazan Higher Party School.

In 1960, Mr.. I. M. Ionenko goes to the university, where for many years headed the Department of History of the USSR and the specialized council for the protection of theses. Kazan University, a beloved work of Ivan Mikhailovich gave nearly 30 years of life.

In the postwar years and. M. Ionenko combines academic activity with great social and political work. It was during this period, the historian replenish and accumulate knowledge, gain experience in scientific work. They were prepared and read the reports on the discussions and conferences in Kazan and Moscow. The publication includes dozens of articles in national newspapers and magazines. Works and. M. Ionenko postwar years were mostly popular science and journalistic character.

In 50-ies. in his works in new ways were raised and addressed issues of the peasant movement in the Volga.

A new dimension - the impact of completions on revolutionizing the soldiers of the army - and was first identified and. M. Ionenko. In the above monographs were first shown in revolutionary action in the largest garrisons of the district.

In recent years, and. M. Ionenko studied the Great Patriotic War. In addition to the book of memories 'We live and to remember', it was published in collaboration with In. A. Popov monograph 'Kazan University during World War II' (Kazan, 1985). Two of these books, as well as a number of scientific journals with scientific articles handed to the author of these lines with dedicatory inscriptions. The book 'We live and remember' Ivan Mikhailovich gave the students and teachers of secondary school? 6 g. Penza, in the building which war was base hospital where was treated and. M. Ionenko. This book is kept in the school museum of military and labor glory.

However, the problems highlighted by his scientific activities and interests are not limited. They were very diverse and included virtually the entire spectrum of national history mnoobraznogo. At the same time for Ivan Mikhailovich always been characterized by enthusiasm for business, the desire to identify and explain the nature of a phenomenon, event, often without regard for political expediency. These qualities, he actively inculcated and his disciples.

Contribution and. M. Ionenko in the development history of the Volga and Ural regions significant. He wrote several monographs, and hundreds of articles and reviews. He was the scientific editor of some 15 books and 10 collections of articles. Much work was done to them in Archeology: he acted as scientific leader and editor of several collections of documents on the history of the October Revolution and the Great Patriotic War. For many years, and. M. Ionenko was a member of the editorial board of interuniversity scientific collections of Saratov and Samara University.

Under his leadership, prepared and zaschischeno7 doctoral and 50 master's theses. He always helped his students to write monographs. More than 20 times the official historian speaking at meetings of the reviewer specialized councils in Moscow, Kazan, Kuibyshev, Saratov. Annually and. M. Ionenko participated in conferences and symposia in Moscow, Leningrad, cities along the Volga and the Urals and other regions of the country. As an aid to young university he read courses in the Mari and Chuvash State University and was chairman of the State Examination Commission in Kaliningrad University.
. A tireless worker, in addition to a large scientific, pedagogical and organizational activities, Ivan Mikhailovich continuously performed considerable public responsibilities
. For several years he was a member of the expert committee on the history of the Soviet Union Coordinating Council at Saratov State University. For many years, was a member of the editorial board of 'Communist Tartary', . conducted a broad outreach activities - led by the Section of Soviet history urban theoretical seminar of teachers of social sciences, . served on the Board of the national department of public cultural and historical monuments, . scientific councils of the State Historical Museum and State Archives.,

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  • Vadik for Ionenko Ivan
  • Very pleased to see his grandfather (his cousin) in the list of celebrities around the world. Although, unfortunately, I personally did not know him. If anyone has more information about Ionenko IM, very great, please share. Thanks beforehand!
  • The site administrator. for Ionenko Ivan
  • Vadik Thank you for visiting our site. The fact that I myself am studying the history department at KSU, and about Ivan Mikhailovich, I heard a lot from teachers and from Sergei Ivanovich, t. to. I am the site administrator and study on the history department, I believe that such historians should be present in my project, you are sure your relatives told about it, if you are interested, then let you sleep.
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