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Ermolaev, Igor Petrovich

( Historian)

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Biography Ermolaev, Igor Petrovich
photo Ermolaev, Igor Petrovich
Ermolaev, Igor Petrovich Professor, Honored of Sciences. Born in 1932 in the city of Kazan in the family of employees, Russian, now a member of any party (a member of the CPSU from 1957 to 1991, the party did not come out and party card is not rented). He has a son, has a granddaughter.

He graduated with honors from the historical-philological faculty of Kazan State University in 1955. Was qualified as "historian". Under the guidance of Professor V. Pisarev finished graduate school at the department of history of the USSR, Kazan University, prepared in February 1966. the board of the Kuibyshev State Pedagogical Institute, defended his thesis on the topic: "The problem of the colonization of the Middle Volga and Urals in the Russian historiography (the second half of XIX - beginning of XX century.)" (approved by the SCC in the degree of Candidate of Historical Sciences in October 1966),
. In June 1983, Mr.. In the specialized councils D.063.7502 at the Moscow State Historical-Archival Institute defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic: "Public Administration, Middle Volga region in the second half of XVI - XVII vv." (approved by the SCC in the degree of Doctor of Historical Sciences in December 1983),
. Since 1956 is teaching work in higher education: first, lecturers from the department history of the USSR, . assistant in the department of historical and legal and public Sciences at Kazan University, . assistant, . then senior lecturer at the department of scientific communism, Kazan Aviation Institute (1964-1966 gg.),
. Since 1966. works at the Department of History of the USSR (later - Dept. of National History), Kazan University. He started as assistant to professor. He holds the rank of assistant professor (1969) and professor (1986). In 1973-1980 he. was Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, in 1989-1999 he. headed the department of national history to the twentieth century.

His research interests are concentrated in the area of Russian historiography, and issues of socio-economic and political history of Russia's feudal. IP Ermolaev published a significant number of scientific articles and several monographs (total volumes of more than 300 printed pages). Is working to identify and collect a little-known documentary material on the history of the Kazan region in the XVI-XVII centuries. with a view to its publication.

The most significant publications:

Professor Nikolai Firsov. Sketch of the life and work "(1976, co -. with AL Litvin)
. Kazan edge in the second half of XVI - XVII centuries.: Chronological list of documents "(1980),
. "Middle Volga in the second half of the XVI-XVII centuries.: Management Kazan edge" (1982),
. Documents on the history of the Kazan region of the archives of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (second half of XVI - XVII in the middle.) "(1990), a number of articles in the encyclopedia" History of Russia:
. History of Russia from ancient times to 1917 "(published by" The Great Encyclopedia of Russia ", Moscow, 1996),
. "The past Russia in the faces (IX-XVIII cc.): Biographical Dictionary" (1999)

In 1978. participated in the publication previously introduced into scientific circulation precious source on the history of socio-economic development of the Middle Volga region in the early XVII century. - Book scribes Kazan County 1602/03g.

Professor Ermolaev continued intensive research. In the manuscripts are (prepared for publication or are being finalized), the following works:

"Documentary material on the history of the Kazan region: a chronological list (mid XVI - the beginning of XVIII century.). Tech. 1: 1551-1584 gg. "(12 PL, The. labor)

"Historical and geographical names in ancient history (short guide)" (ca. 10 PL)

Terminology Russia's history "(ok. 17 PL)
. "Chronicle of the basic facts, dates and events of Russia's history IX-XVIII Centuries." (ok.21 PL).
. He is the author of the textbook "Historical Chronology" (1978, 1980), received the neck of the USSR Ministry of Higher Education and is now used by several universities in Russia
. In 1999. completed work on a new, significantly revised and expanded edition of "Historical Chronology"; manuscript sdena in Kazan University.
. IP Ermolaev is the author of the general courses on Russian historiography and history of Russia in the period before the XIX century
. By a series of specialized courses:
. "Historical Chronology"
. "The history of public institutions in Russia (before the XIX century.)"
. Origins and formation of Russia's totalitarian "
. "The ideology of ancient chronicles,
. "Methods of historical research"

He has developed and implemented in the learning process a number of auxiliary historical disciplines: historical chronology, Russian paleography, metrology.

He is constantly working with graduate students and soiskatelyamm. Under his supervision were prepared and defended 11 candidate theses. His students - candidates of sciences work in research institutions and higher educational establishments of Kazan, Cheboksary, Surgut and Arkhangelsk.

IP Ermolaev actively engaged in social work. In 60-ies in a number of years elected a member of the party and trade union offices of History and Philology, a member of the trade union committee of the University in 1967-1970. was secretary of the party bureau Faculty. From 1971 to 1973. volunteer served as Deputy Dean of History and Philology and the Chairman of the methodical commission of the Faculty, from 1973 to 1980. - Chairman of the methodical council of the University, from 1980 to 1989. - Chairman of the methodical commission Faculty
. For many years a member of the Scientific Council of the historical fakultetata Kazan State University and put together a museum of the Republic of Tatarstan, . Deputy Chairman of the Dissertation Council for the Protection of doctoral and master's theses on specialties "Native history and historiography, . Chronology, . methods of historical research ",
. In 1973, 1975 and 1977. elected deputy of the Council of People's Deputies (since 1977. - People's Council) Vahitovskiy district of Kazan.

Has received awards from: Jubilee Medal "For Valiant Labor. To celebrate the 100 anniversary of the birth of Lenin "(1970), marks" Winner of Socialist Competition "(1975 and 1978.) Medal" Veteran of Labor "(1988). Repeatedly awarded with Diplomas, including the 1974, 1977 and 1979. - Diplomas of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR. He has honorary titles: "Honored Worker of Science of the Republic of Tatarstan" (1994) and "Honored Worker of Higher School of Russia" (2000). In 1995. to address the International Biographic Center (Cambridge) is included in the 17 th edition of the book "Men of Achievement". In 1996. elected a corresponding member of the International Slavic Academy of Sciences, Education, Arts and Culture, is the vice-president of the Kazan Branch of the. In 2000 included the International Biographic Center in Cambridge in 2000 the number of outstanding intellectuals of XX-th century.

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Ermolaev, Igor Petrovich, photo, biography
Ermolaev, Igor Petrovich, photo, biography Ermolaev, Igor Petrovich  Historian, photo, biography
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