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Gucci has created his image of beauty, grace and elegance.

Guccio Gucci (1881-1953) - son of a Florentine craftsman, an Italian by birth, is the founder of the world fashion house.

Gucci For some time he lived in Paris, then in London, where he worked as head waiter at Savoy. In 1920, at the age of 39 he returns to Italy. With the capital just 30000 pounds, he opened his first shop, the shop that sold mostly saddlery. This is the store on Via della Vigna Nuova is the beginning of the empire Gucci. Perhaps, in the history of fashion one can hardly find another such example, when a simple saddler, is the founder of the world's fashion house.

. New Gucci gained notoriety after he has developed several luxury leather accessories for the jockeys, who later became his regular customers
. Over time, Gucci products are becoming more sophisticated, answering even the most sophisticated tastes of consumers. Grateful audience immediately responded to the innovation, the circle of adherents novice designer immediately expanded.

. After WWII, the trading house Gucci, was called Guccio Gucci srl, and in 1982 was renamed in Guccio Gucci spA
. At the same time, a brand name for products of Gucci - a monogram of two interlocking letter 'G'.

Gucci reared four sons - Aldo, Ugo, Vasco and Rodolfo. They continued their father's work and opened new shops in Florence, Rome and Milan. Thus one-man business became a family business.

In 1953 he opened the first Gucci store in New York, in Manhattan. This shop has become one of the first reporting the Italian fashion in the United States.

In the same year, the company founder dies.

Creating a classic style Gucci correlated with the years 1940-1960. The most successful model turned handbag with bamboo handle, forever known in history of fashion thanks to Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy. Were also popular moccasins with branded Gucci, fashion accessories: buckles, ties, scarf of flowered silk, created specifically for Grace Kelly. The unique design and high quality materials used in tailoring became a sort of exclusive character of this brand.

New Gucci stores were opened in London, Paris, Tokyo, United States. 1960 can be safely called a year of fashion house Gucci, where the indicator, indicating the position of this trade mark in society, was very high. But with success came controversy and strife, which later lead to the disintegration of the family business. This crowed newspapers and magazines around the world. In 1989, the Board of the company passes to his son Rodolfo, Maurizio, and in 1993, Maurizio Gucci departs from business and sell its 50% stake in the company Investcorp, which is already at that time owned 50% of the remaining shares. Thus, the Gucci family is completely loses his business, and the firm passed into the possession of the company Investcorp.

New creative director Dawn Mello Fashion House believes that the style must be updated. At this time, there is Tom Ford, while obscure young man with a legendary name. Original story houses of fashion designer required with extraordinary past. Such was Tom Ford. He was born in Austin, Texas, but most of his childhood spent in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As a teenager, Tom Ford moved to New York, where he was enrolled in one of the most prestigious New York universities. Tom Ford was interested in art, he studied architecture, tried himself as a designer, he studied the art of creating an interior design school at Parson's School in Los Angeles. In autumn 1998, Ford introduced its first collection of fashion in Los Angeles, money, the proceeds after the show had been transferred to the Fund for AIDS. Hollywood loved him, admired him and the press.

. Starting in the House of Gucci to work on a collection of women's clothing is Ford design manager a few months later, in 1994, with the departure of creative director Dawn Mello, he takes her post
. Tom Ford is responsible for all the new lines from c clothing, shoes and perfume, finishing with an advertising company and interior design for stores. The secret of it lies in the fact that he is trying to revive forgotten classics Gucci. On the podium again appear bag with bamboo handles and moccasins, but now made of silk and velvet embossed. The main attention is paid designer shoes, considering it the most important part of the wardrobe. To revive the dynamic style houses, the young designer decides to change the color of popular moccasins, for many years remained unchanged. In addition to traditional black and brown, it offers a red, green, yellow and even pink! Then change the form. First favorite shoes of John F. Kennedy transformed into lacquered clogs, then it is added to the thin needle-shaped heel. The image, which creates a Ford, is best suited spoiled Hollywood stars and whimsical. In a uniform color scheme suits (blue and beige), velvet trousers, a tight, slinky silk skirts and coats of mohair, return the public in the 70-ies. And at the same time, the clothes do not look outdated, but rather a modern view of the past. The skillful blending of simplicity and luxury, with erotic overtones, had been a hallmark of all creatures Ford [and]. As a result, in 1996, Ford received the title of best designer, the best designer men's and women's clothing (1996), Best designer women's clothing (1999) and many more awards. The main principle of collections of fashion lies in the fact that his clothes could easily put a man and woman.

In his interview with People Ford said: "In the fashion world everything is so impermanent. Quickly get tired of what seemed an excellent three-four months ago '. Therefore, the main motto of the fashion: 'For the present and the novelty!'.

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    GUCCIO GUCCI, photo, biography
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