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Alex Kolmykov

( Photographer)

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Biography Alex Kolmykov
Alex Kolmykov was born in 1961 in Moscow. This whole life is engaged in photography. In 1981 he graduated with honors from the Moscow Polytechnic of. Mossovet. Within two years he worked as art photographer on a film studio "Mosfilm", then in the Central Museum of the Revolution of the USSR and the All-Union center of traditional culture. Since 1991 works as a freelance writer. Participated in the establishment of the Union of Photographers of Russia. In 1986-1991 years worked with the magazine "Decorative Arts of the USSR", published in conjunction with and. Uvarova number "Silver Age". During this period he worked with the theater of Peter Schumann's "Bread and Puppet" during their tour in Russia. In 1990-1991, participated in the creation of the journal Puppet Theater "Cook-Art". Since 1989 takes part in the creation of synthetic theater productions M. Khusid and S. Sobolev in Chelyabinsk and St Petersburg. Currently developing a series of programs on traditional culture and social ethnography, working in theater and commercials.

. Latest photo series Alexei Kolmykova associated with the art research in the field of technical capabilities Polaroid camera
. Experiments with the transfer of texture and shape of objects, . reminiscent of pop-art experiments, . transformation of images in translating them into uncharacteristic depicted object scale, . effects of imposing picture of non-traditional basis, . arising from the idea of children's "transferable images", . - Just some tricks, . determining the style of the author.,

. In the artistic life of Moscow Alexei Kolmykova name was to attract attention in the late 80's and early 90-ies
. This time when the post-Soviet space photographs was designated a "new wave" associated with the development of the newest trends in photography. Among the young photographers of his generation, Alex distinguished artistic temperament and attitude to life. In terms of his creative interests fall into the most diverse phenomena. He has collaborated with magazines and theaters, paints in oils, restoring icons, repairing cameras, with the ax, the ax in the same building for his family home, preparing dishes inspired by old recipes ... But the key in his life - Photography.

In the author's collection of about six thousand photos. Seems, . that the reason for the shooting could be any time, . any point of the vital flow of, . "with the insane strength and joy," carries the artist through the streets of cities, . the abandoned villages, . the lanes of old parks or at the bizarre landscape of your own desk,
. Favorite genres - still life, an act, landscape. But the commitment to certain artistic techniques washes clear boundaries between them. With close-ups and shooting at point-blank zooming. The eccentric angles and kadrirovka suggest that the photographer freely floating in the air, and the body and objects overcome the force of gravity. It sold a universal way of seeing. Language of the artist demonstrates the interest in different directions photography. In his style fused elegance A. Mucha, conciseness E. Weston, existential experiences ц+. Sudeka.

Collection of continuous experiments "- a series that has brought Alexei Kolmykovu first recognition - freely combines Studies naked female body, naked body of objects and unusual still-lifes, landscapes. All photos were taken antique camera on the old glass negatives (incidentally, the author's peers). The made contact prints of small-windows open in the vast expanse of black and white fields. Random fact: crack cracked negative or oblezshaya emulsion at the edges - are included in the fabric art, broaden the semantic field of these very simple, at first glance, the work. The world around us is revealed in archaic wholeness and completeness, does not recognize the distinction between animate and inanimate, natural and man-made, large and small, beautiful and ugly ... A photographer in the world - the magician, able to make a living man in the stone sculptures, and breathe life into stone. From ordinary bulbs to build the dome of the temple, and a pile of broken glass to extract a sheaf of magic light.

In the craft of the photographer is something of the eternal quest of the alchemist. The world around is full of wonderful mysteries and transformations. But need a special eye and unparalleled composition of substances that are found. Appliances pure photography is often too simple and crude. Hence the love of technical experiments. This can be complicated methods of printing or dyeing of negatives found in an abandoned directory or composed in a burst of inspiration. Complex toning prints. Shooting homemade camera ... Exposure length in a light day ... But the artist is not very interested in mechanical form, and intuitive way to choose the "final implementation and realization of" images, which "break through the eyes of our reality".

A few years ago, Polaroid snapshot camera evoked silent delight not only fans but also among professionals. Today, many have already happy owners of a hundred amusing toys. But among the Russian photographers first and the only one who became seriously explore the artistic possibilities of technology Polaroid, was Alex Kolmykov.

By the 1993-1995 year include experiments with IMAGE TRANSFER and the formation of colored cycles "Book of shells, sheets sheets", "Nude". They are united by a common motif: the gradual decay, dissolution of form - whether it's beautiful, lyrical nude, perfect shape of a shell or unprotected green leaf. However, the motion can be read in the opposite direction: how to restore the image of nothingness, a manifestation of the invisible. Work on the brink of photos and graphics, offering the viewer a kind of visual intrigue. Photographic equipment is actually used as an element of the language artwork.

The modern artist is rarely so direct a relation of his state of mind with the nature of work and the choice of. One can only guess why the joyful experiences with color gave way to fairly rigorous monochrome still lifes. It seems that attention is fully captured the old plugs, flattened tin cans and nails curves. By itself, the transfer of the banal unaesthetic in the field of arts - the plot repeatedly worked avant-garde art, from pop-art and up to date. Kolmykov does not photograph that "suddenly" got into the field of view. From the "random garbage" created a kind of installation, which is then transferred to film, using lighting effects. Prosaicism items completely refuted by the imposing size (100 x 130 cm) and a noble graphic quality prints. Strict harmonious composition, immersing objects in a purely abstract space and limit aesthetic quality textures are joyful pathos of the opening of an unprecedented. View the artist changes the essence of the object, causing birth to new objects. And the warmth and humor with which reprezentirovany "new heroes", turn dented cans and plugs into a creature with characters, and even the relationship. I think they are looking at the viewer with curiosity and some challenge ... In the love of things intertwine efficiency artisan and contemplation of the philosopher. Apparently, this allows you to convert a rusty nail and sleeve in the subject for meditation. Impulsiveness nature and thirst for life-like impressions attract imaginative stories and projects.

But whomever and whatever was fascinated by Alexey Kolmykov: an ethnographic expedition or submarines - one genre he has always delivered. Shooting nudity, probably, given most of the time, effort and inspiration.

The female body seems to be part of beauty created over the world. His clear and harmonious forms of plastic associated with the sculpture rather than live kind. But the tender, envelop the light gives them the warmth and eroticism. Parallel with the classic series are built by the sombre strenuous studies. The camera captures the awkward angles, rigid plastic and unattractive poses, but draws the viewer in their expression and rhythm. Between these two poles is developing all the drama of countless nude.
Variations great many, but not all are equal ... Interesting photos, wittily play up the style of Art Nouveau, internally close the artist. The plot is built around a mirror - the symbol of a fine line between two worlds. Living people and a reflection of reality through the looking glass and enter into coquettish game, leaving the viewer complete freedom to lay down a flat silhouette and fleeting reflection of whole image.

In a series of "Error in re" repetition is perceived synonymous with its ambiguity, and elusiveness. Figure like straining to get out of the network Entangling her reflections. It is decorative and plotless photos are filled with dramatic for the modern man searching for his theme of "I".

Prolonged work in the theater brought in shooting nudity certain scenic motifs. Many series are constructed as plastic improvisation with the subject. In the hands of the model may be a scarf, or may spring some kind of mechanism, but most - Theatrical Mask. Feels artist, playing with a mask or hiding behind it, of models feels more free and relaxed. And it provides an opportunity for some time to catch for the foreign-image mask the true face ...

Contemporary artistic practice makes quite hard to follow a chosen theme or concept Admission. Once groping coup, the artist becomes a "slave of honor". He is forced to maintain its "code", so that the audience, choking the flow of visual impressions, just to recognize and distinguish it from other. A. Kolmykov not fettered in his creative quest. His continuous experiments carried away the ambiguity, diversity and courage. Consistently combining their home - a high class aestheticism. Even in the most risky of formal search of the author remains faithful to traditional values of art. He was alien to the destructive gestures and aggressiveness relevant to a postmodern era. In the West, the scope of existence of such art - elite fashion magazines and expensive galleries. Contemporary Russia's art market is not particularly well disposed to the artists of the plan. But the situation is gradually changing. And perhaps, after some time the lot of them will not only the exhibition, recognition of the delight of connoisseurs and friends.

Personal exhibitions:

1983 Informal solo exhibition, Moscow;
1989 Exhibition of traditional toys and photos Kolmykova "Soul of clay", an exhibition hall at street. Remizov, Moscow;
. 1992 Personal exhibition, Norilsk, Russia;
. 1993 Exhibition of theatrical photography, International Festival Cook-Art ", Tsarskoe Selo, St. Petersburg; Gallery ADC, Moscow;
. 1995 "The New Photographic Gallery, Gallery of Spider & Mouse, Moscow; Wine, Lietzow, Austria;
. 1996 V.TS
. "Moscow gallery at the Kuznetsk Bridge

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Alex Kolmykov, photo, biography
Alex Kolmykov, photo, biography Alex Kolmykov  Photographer, photo, biography
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