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Luk'yanova Galina

( Photographer)

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Biography Luk'yanova Galina
: To me, photography - a way of existence, it is necessary to maintain my sense of balance.

We live in the real world, but the reality is, as we see it. The world depicted in my photographs, for me is real. Of course, I know that he is different, but still, in some moments, he can look like this. So, what I want to see him.

His photographs I try to prove (perhaps in the first place itself), that a world in which I would like to live - there is, it is just as real as the chaos that we see around us. Perhaps that is why I admit to myself just the photograph, which bears the features of the document, ie. printed from one negative and without any technique-distorting nature. Complexity is my printing is to convey as much as possible really what I keep in front of his inner eye.

. I think that talking about myself, I have to say about those without whom, perhaps, I would simply not take place as a photographer
. This is, first and foremost, my husband, Michael Golosovsky. He - the collector of photographs in our collection are original works by Russian Photographers beginning of the twentieth century, and they, I believe, largely determined my tastes and inclinations. My direct teacher was known photographer Alexander Khlebnikov (1897 - 1979).

And - this is to say I am especially pleased - had a great influence on me, Edward Weston (Edward Weston). I first became acquainted with his work at the Moscow exhibition of photographs in the United States (1976), and to this day do not get tired to admire.
. Here, perhaps, that's all.

. Galina Lukyanov

. Born in Novosibirsk, Western Siberia, July 25, 1943
. In 1961
. graduated from the Optical and Mechanical College specialty technician-constructor
. In 1969 he came to photoclub Krasnogorsk, Krasnogorsk, Moscow region, and a year later - in photoclub "Innovator", Moscow passion for photography led to the decision to change career
. From 1970 to 1994 i.i
. - Work with children. Depending on the place of work (CMH, Pioneers), the studio changed the name ( "Krasnogorsk", "Zenit", "Primus"), although the pupils were all the same.
. In 1970 came to study in the 2-year fotolektory at the Union of Soviet Journalists
. In 1972 she married Michael Golosovsky
. In 1980 she graduated from the Institute of journalistic skills (at the Union of Journalists of the USSR)
. In 1981 he moved with her husband in the village
. Novo-Nikolskoye, Moscow Region
In 1984-1987 led heading "Language of Photography" in "Fotoyunior" magazine "Soviet Photo". Was a special correspondent for this section.
. In 1989 he led Field School Galina Lukianova "(about the children's photographic work) in the journal" Soviet Photo "(? 1-12)
. Since 1975, engaged in creative work at home, in the village of Vyshgorod and the village of Novo-Nikolskoye, Moscow Region

. Participation in exhibitions and competitions - since 1969
. - Participated in exhibitions of Soviet photography in Italy, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands.

. Solo Exhibitions

. - 1984, Dubna, Moscow Region
. - 1986, Podolsk, Moscow Region (catalog)
. - 1989, Kohtla-Jarve, Estonia
. - 1990, As part of the festival "Regards Sovietiques", Aix - Provence, France (catalog)
. - 1992, Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region
. - 1998, "Vyshegorodskaya land," National History Museum, Mr.
. Vereya, Moscow Region
. - 1999, Museum Volokolamsky Kremlin, Volokolamsk, Moscow region
. - 2001, "On the ground," State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSIZO Ministry of Culture of Russia, Moscow

. Participation in group exhibitions and competitions (selected)

. - Interpressphoto - 1977, 1985, Moscow (catalog)
. - "For socialist photography" - 1977, Berlin, Germany (catalog)
. - "Fotografe sieviete" - 1977, Riga, Latvia (catalog)
. - World Press Photo - 1979, Amsterdam, Netherlands (catalog)
. - 5 photos of the Moscow region - 1980, Fryazino Moscow Region (catalog)
. - Lens and Life "- 1984, Moscow
. - Exhibition on the 60 th anniversary of the magazine "Soviet Photo" - 1987, Moscow
. - Landscape - 88 "- 1988, Uzhgorod (catalog)
. - An exhibition devoted to 150 anniversary of the photo - 1989, Large Manege, Moscow
. - "Art of Contemporary Photography
. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus "- 1994, CHA, Moscow (catalog)
- "Russia Today" - 1995, Moscow

Publications. Books

-SA. Morozov, "Creative Photography" - Moscow, 1988
-In. Mihalkovich IN. Stigneev Poetics photos - Moscow, "Art", 1989
- "World of Photography" - Moscow, Planeta, 1989
> Photo Calendar-author of 150 anniversary Photos - Moscow, Planeta, 1989
-NN. Tretyakov, "Composition in painting and film shots" - Moscow, 1987
- "Photography in the USSR" - Helsinki, "Valokuva, 1989 (Finland)
A. Baskakov etc.. "Fototvorchestvo Russia - Moscow, Planeta, 1990

. Journals

. бT "Soviet Photo", from 1972 (? 12) and 1990 - Canada Total number of publications in the journal - 40, 5 skins
. бT Revue "Photo", "1, 1988 - Prague, Czechoslovakia
. бT "Photo", No. 2, 1985 - Bulgaria
. бT "Photo"? 4,7, 1986 - Poland
. 2 covers
. бT "Photograph"? 12, 1985 - East Germany
. бT Journal Valokuva "- Helsinki, 1989 (Finland)

. Professional awards

. бT 3 gold medals VDNH (1985,1987,1989) for fototsikly "Solntsevorot", "Deserted Village", "House"
. бT VDNH Silver Medal (1988) for work with children's photo studio
. бT Grand Prix "Landscape - 88", Uzhgorod, 1988
. бT 5 prize in the competition "for the socialist photography, Berlin, 1977
. бT Diploma photo contest to commemorate AV
. Khlebnikov photoclub "Innovator", Moscow
бT First prize photocompetitions magazine "Soviet Photo" (1978, 1989)
бT Grand Prix "Russia Today", Moscow, 1995
бT Prizes, including the first place, many intra competitions.

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Luk'yanova Galina, photo, biography
Luk'yanova Galina, photo, biography Luk'yanova Galina  Photographer, photo, biography
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