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FISTULAS Paulo Nicholas

( Photographer)

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Biography FISTULAS Paulo Nicholas
He is often asked about the origin of unusual names. Foreigners seem to be in the family was not. Father Ivan Svishtov, traded in Moscow, linen, had its own store on Tverskaya. Mother Ekaterina Kudryavtseva, from Smolensk peasants. Whence, then, "Paula"?

At the end of 1908 capital photographer Nick Svishtov, already famous and fashionable, buys a new studio. It was located at the corner of Petrovsky and Kuznetsk bridge (against the current TsUM) and belonged to the earlier NS. Krotkova, editor of the Journal of Photography. Studio was called "Paola" (draft of Russia foreign entrepreneur to sonorous names unknown). From that time began to call Nikolai Ivanovich is Svischovym, then Paola. When the time came to get a new passport, the official, despite the protest of the owner, wrote in the form a double surname.

Once a foreign sign just did not play with a Russian photographer, a bad joke. When in 1914 war broke out, crowds of patriotic Muscovites went to smash the shop Germans. Under the hot hand turned up and "Paula". Prior to execution, fortunately, did not reach: the neighbors managed to persuade rioters that Svishtov - just not Germanic spy.

... Old Russian photographer was born in 1874 in Moscow, where he lived for 90 years. His work - panorama of genres, styles and techniques of photographic art of the early century. Svishtov-Paola a master now almost forgotten technique of printing gum arabic bromoyl, giving the effect of brush strokes on canvas. Was fond of blurry pictures taken on the lens "monocle". First invented printing of images on porcelain and glass of milk, that was a big commercial success.

The Best Years of Art - 1910-1920-e. Triumph of Russian and foreign photo exhibitions, a gold medal in Paris in 1924 for the famous "Blonde". Landscapes, still lifes, genre scenes ... Most vividly Svishtov-Paola distinguished himself as a portraitist. Do not even familiar with the history of photography known photograph Sergei Esenina with a pipe and a cane (1919). Textbook became "Gypsy," "Old Man", "The model", portraits of great contemporaries - N. Zhukovsky, S. Ya Lemeshev, I. Koelovskogo. VL Kachalova.

More than 200 works performed for four exhibitions "The Art of Movement", held from 1925 to 1928. Among the organizers were choreographic laboratory of the State Academy of Artistic Sciences, Russia's Photographic Society, the editors of the journal Proceedings of the Physical Education, Institute of Labor. Association ritmistov. Before photographers task was to graphically compare all types of art movements: dancing, physical training and employment ". The works were judged on sections - ballet, circus, plastic and emotional sketches, dances of different nations, clowning, movement of wind, water, labor processes, jumping, exercise with a bicycle, boxing and others.

. However, according to some critics and art historians of those years, easel picture increasingly lagged behind the rapid development of photography, which is becoming a new path
. Unable to avoid accusations of "moving away from the main themes of our times" and Svischovu Paulo. And this despite the fact, . that the aging master of all the forces trying to keep pace with the times - exposes a series of genre and even the production of images ( "Plowman", . "Smithy", . "Grandma's Tales"), . preparing a group of photographers for the OGPU, . is a circle of the Moscow city house of the pioneers,
. His reproach in the Impressionist approach to photography, I remember fascination with symbolism. However, the reward for long-lasting activity becomes the Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Council.

... Recently, an old picture attracts attention of collectors. About 70 years ago were made by these pictures.

Alex Garlick

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FISTULAS Paulo Nicholas, photo, biography
FISTULAS Paulo Nicholas, photo, biography FISTULAS Paulo Nicholas  Photographer, photo, biography
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