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Ian McKellen (Ian McKellen)

( Actor)

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Biography Ian McKellen (Ian McKellen)
photo Ian McKellen (Ian McKellen)
Ian Murray McKellen was born on 25 May 1939 in Burnley, Lancashire, England, the son of an engineer, which already has a five-year daughter, Jean. Just before the start of the war the family moved to Vigen, mining town in the south of Lancashire, so that at the beginning of the life of Ian had to sleep under the iron "bombozaschitnym" table in the dining room.

. When Ian was three years old, the parents took him to the play "Peter Pan" at Manchester Opera House (joke of fate: Now Sir Ian played Captain Hook and Mr. Darling in the production of the Royal National Theater).
. When he knocked seven, my sister took him in "Twelfth Night" Shakespeare in amateur theater, and then on "Macbeth" and "Midsummer Night's Dream", delivered her own self in the school theater
. By the way, Jean McKellen is still working actor, director and producer in amateur theater.

. At school, Bolton, where he studied, Ian, also staged plays, mostly excerpts from classical plays, translations of Greek tragedies, the French one-act plays, or specially written by the students and teachers.

. Debut Ian McKellen was the role of the girls, who by deception breaks in the final of the Beauty Contest (!)
. The first Shakespearean role was Malvolio (thirteen years). Every summer, Ian went to school camp, a program which included a visit to the performances of the Royal Shakespeare Theater, so that Ian saw Pourensa Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Charles Laughton, John Gielgud, Peggy Ashcroft.

. In Cambridge, Ian McKellen, of course, he immediately enlisted in the student theater
. They staged two scenes from "Henry the Fourth" with Derek Jacobi in the role of Prince Harry was even noticed by the press.

After college, Ian McKellen already knew that the actor will. He did not even make a break for training in the actor's studio, and soon got a role in the theater Belgreyd. Three years later, he along with his close friend and two Scottish Terriers moved to London.

In 1988, Ian McKellen, the openly declared their sexual orientation during a speech at the Air Force. Since then, he is a member of many movements for the rights of sexual minorities, that did not prevent the British queen to dedicate it to the Knights.

But ten years later talent McKellen was appreciated. Actor for his film "Gods and Monsters" was nominated for an Oscar, . took independent British kinonagrad, . TV Film Critics Association Award, . Awards Chicago, . Florida, . Los Angeles, . San Diego and Toronto Society of Film Critics, . prize "Independent Spirit", . award of society "network" of Film Critics and National Board of Review, . USA.,

. Also in 1998 the actor starred in the brilliant film adaptation of Stephen King novella "Apt Pupil"
. Finally - Prize of the American Academy of science fiction, fenetezi and horror films, television critics association awards and the Florida Society of Film Critics.

. For "X-men" McKellen was nominated for the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, and for the "Lord of the Rings" - the "Oscar"
. Actor served as a consolation prize of the American Writers Guild

. EUROPE kinonagrad
. Winner in the categories:
. Best Actor
. 1996 - Richard III / Richard III

. Winner in the categories:
. Best Actress in the series,
. miniseries and television
. feature films
. 1997 - Rasputin / Rasputin

. Lord of the Rings
. / Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The, 2001
. People-X
. / X-Men, 2000
. Apt Pupil
. / Apt Pupil, 1998
. Gods and Monsters
. / Gods And Monsters, 1998
. Rasputin (TV)
. / Rasputin, 1996
. Richard III
. / Richardv III, 1995
. Six degrees of alienation
. / Six Degrees Of Separation, 1993
. Mills of the gods
. / Windmills Of The Gods, 1988

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Ian McKellen (Ian McKellen), photo, biography
Ian McKellen (Ian McKellen), photo, biography Ian McKellen (Ian McKellen)  Actor, photo, biography
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