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Biography KUDRYASHOV Hippolyte A.
Hippolyte A. Kudryashov was born November 27, 1885, Mr.. Moscow family lawyer. Father - Alexander Gerasimov Kudryashov - was commoner. Mother - Natalia Ippolitovna - came from a sort of hereditary nobles Vitsinskih inscribed in the noble genealogical books Voronezh and Tula provinces. Early lost his father, Hippolyte Kudryashov nevertheless successfully graduated from high school and enrolled at Moscow University's Faculty of Law. After graduation, the young lawyer went to Lomza (Kingdom of Poland), where he began his service as Assistant Attorney.

The Great War abruptly changed his life: the fall of 1914. he voluntarily enlisted volunteer 1-th digit. In December, after training in a reserve artillery park in the Kiev military district, Hippolyte Kudryashov arrived at the forefront, in the 3rd Siberian mountain artillery battalion, standing in the Carpathians. Soon gunner Kudryashov awarded its first military award - the soldier's cross of St. George 4 th century. for the battle with the Austrians. In March 1915, right at the forefront, a former lawyer was promoted to the first chief officer rank - lieutenant of artillery.

Later he participated in the operations of the South-West and Rumanian Fronts. In 1917, Mr.. the rank of lieutenant Kudryashov was a junior officer in the 2nd Battery 3rd Siberian mountain artdiviziona, Knight of the six military orders to the Order of St. Vladimir 4 th century. inclusive.

As during the summer months, 1917. Chairman of the Divisional Court, the Lieutenant Kudryashov tried to fight the growing collapse of its parts, but the fall of the hopelessness of his efforts has become apparent. The soldiers, his fellow soldiers every day instead of combat patrolling fraternizing with the Germans and Austrians in the neutral zone. During these fraternization Russian gunners had sold his "brothers" cannon, machine guns and horses, which earned them the rum, schnapps and tobacco.

Therefore, in November, 1917. together with their comrades - captain D.B. Bologovskij and lieutenants and. Talanov - Lieutenant Kudryashov left his battery, and together they went to the Roman city where the headquarters stationed 4-th Russian army Rumanian front, wanting to join any anti-Soviet officers' organization. However, the trip to the Roman was fruitless, and then an artillery officer went to Iasi, where at that time the headquarters of the Romanian Russian Front. There, the captain Bologovskij created an underground organization, consisting of officers who killed the Bolsheviks and released the Russian officers captured the Bolshevik-minded soldiers with a view to further eliminate. In December, a group of officers, which included a lieutenant, and Kudryashov, headed by an artillery captain S.R. Nil had the Colonel MG. Drozdovsky.

The organization Drozdovskoye Colonel Group Captain Bologovsky served as intelligence and counterintelligence. Lieutenant Kudryashov done in the 1-th separate brigade of Russian volunteers legendary march from Iasi to Novocherkassk, being enrolled in an officer's rifle company ordinary shooter. During the campaign Kudryashov with Bologovskij Drozdovskii was sent to a distant exploration to establish communication with the general L.G. Kornilov.

After switching the order of Colonel Drozdovskoye of the Volunteer Army lieutenant Kudryashov filed a report of his transfer to avtobronedivizion. However, a transfer did not, since 6 June, before the 2 nd Kuban expedition, was wounded in the chest by a shell splinter at the village Ekaterinovskaya. The wound was very serious, and he came into operation only in winter.

In January 1919. Kudryashov was appointed commander of the armored car "volunteer", and soon promoted to Lieutenant-Captain. Winter - spring of avtobronediviziona 3rd Infantry Division, received the patronage of Major General MG. Drozdovsky, he participated in the defense of the Donetsk coal basin. In the spring he was awarded the medal "Drozdovites" for the campaign Iasi - Don. In June, commanding the armored car "Kubanets, he participated in the battles for Kharkov. Later was shot in the arm by shrapnel when the Red Army during the battle threw "Kubans, hand grenades. The wound was not dangerous, and he remained in service. As part Drozdovsky avtobronediviziona he has done throughout the company in 1919: attack on Moscow and the retreat to Novorossiysk.

Evacuated to the Crimea, he was in April 1920,. with their brother-soldiers took part in amphibious operations Drozdovskaya division in Khorlo. Then a group of officers and volunteers who had served previously in avtobronedivizione were included in the officer's company the 1 st Infantry Regiment Drozdovskoye. A subsequent reorganization Drozdovskaya division Kudryashov was transferred to the 7-S howitzer battery Drozdovskoye artdiviziona. In the composition of the batteries produced a captain, he made his last military company - a breakthrough from the Crimea to Northern Tavria, the defeat of the cavalry goon, fighting against the Reds cadets in the area Orekhova.

In August 1920,. Kudryashov was wounded in the arm. At this time the injury was serious, and he was evacuated to a rear hospital in the Crimea. Returned to the system he had in October, produced a lieutenant, on the eve of the decisive battles for the Crimea.

Stepped back to Sevastopol, Kudryashov shared with his brother-Way of the Cross of the Russian Army in Exile: The Gallipoli camp, moving to Bulgaria in Orhan, the transition army for self-sustainment, and finally, "spraying".

In early 1924, Mr.. a group gallipoliytsev Colonel Kudryashov arrived in France. Group based in Lyon. Living in this city, he was the local branch of the Union gallipoliytsev and the Russian General Military Union. Like his comrades, he worked as a factory worker. Being married to a Russian refugee Jenny Strassner, he moved from Lyon to Saint-Bodel near Clermont-Ferrand, where he became a farmer.

In the late 20-ies. within a short period of time Hippolyte A. lost his wife and only son. Shutting himself in his grief, he lived in the depths of the French and Russian emigrants with almost no contact. Until the end of their days of French nationality, he never took, and filling the column "nationality", he wrote: "Russian refugee".

Died Lieutenant Colonel IA. Kudryashov August 23, 1965, Mr.. Saint-Bodele. He was buried at the local French cemetery.

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KUDRYASHOV Hippolyte A., photo, biography
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