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Ulagan Sergei G.

( General)

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Biography Ulagan Sergei G.
Sergei G. Ulagan was born in 1875. He came from the Circassian sort, szhivshegosya with Kuban Cossacks, and were related to them through the wives. He graduated from Voronezh Cadet Corps and Nikolayev Cavalry School in

Participated in the Russian-Japanese and First World War in the ranks of the Kuban Cossack Division and 1 st Regiment of the Line of the Kuban Cossack Army. In January, 1917. was awarded the Order of St.. George 4th degree ', because in battle June 26, 1916, in command of three hundred and machine-gun platoon: under heavy artillery, rifle and machine gun fire crossed with hundreds of machine-gun platoon and three sleeve swim p. Stokhod u d. Rudnya-Chervische and quickly entrenched himself on an enemy shore, . barbed wire in front of the enemy, . immediate opening for him the most intense fire, this dashing ferry hundreds, . led by their gallant chief, . helped many of our infantry crossing, . relatively low loss, . and enabled her to gain a foothold on the enemy coast ',
. Spring 1917. S.G. Ulagan was promoted to colonel and appointed commander of the 2 nd regiment of Zaporizhzhya.

In September, 1917. was arrested on charges of 'sedition' General L.G. Kornilov. After the Bolshevik seizure of power left in the Kuban, where he became one of the initiators and participants of the voluntary movement: in December, 1917. organized a detachment of the Kuban Cossacks. Participated in the 1-m Kuban hike in their bellies as the commander of the battalion, was seriously wounded.

In July 1918, returning to the system, adopted by A.G. Shkuro command of the 2nd Kuban Cossack Brigade, and then reformed it in 2-S Kuban Cossack Division, in November, was promoted to Major-General.

Since March 1919. - Commander of the 2 nd Kuban Corps in June - August, commanded a cavalry group of the Caucasian Army Tsaritsyn, was promoted to lieutenant general. In October, refused the command of the corps. In December 1919, appointed the new commander of the Volunteer Army, General P.N. Wrangel, commander of the combined group of horse-Don and Kuban cavalry units that were part of the Volunteer Army, making sure the low fighting efficiency of subordinate units, refused to command. In December Ekaterinodar ill with typhoid.

In January 1920,. took command of the half-decayed Kuban army and retreated with her along the Black Sea coast in Tuapse. In March, was transferred to the Crimea, where in April, relinquished command of the army.

In August 1920,. conducted an amphibious operation of the Russian army from the Crimean to the Kuban, after the failure of which, in September, retired.

According to Colonel IM. Kalinina S.G. Ulagan was 'quite a decent man, an excellent swordsman cavalryman, but the commander of dubious quality: in the whole submissive Wrangel:' In the view of General YA.A. Slaschova, he was "certainly an honest man, but without extensive military training ', and to command the landing party P.N. Wrangel elected him 'as a popular Kuban general, it seems, only from the' known ', not stained with the robbery'.

After leaving to emigrate S.G. Ulagan lived first in the Kingdom of C x C, then moved to France where he settled in Marseilles. In life earning that created the Cossack circus troupe, which toured Europe and America.

Died general S.G. Ulagan in April 1944. in Marseilles, where he was buried. January 22, 1949, Mr.. He was reburied in the cemetery of Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois.

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Ulagan Sergei G., photo, biography
Ulagan Sergei G., photo, biography Ulagan Sergei G.  General, photo, biography
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