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Umrikhin Pavel Fedorovich

( Engineer Lieutenant)

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Biography Umrikhin Pavel Fedorovich
Pavel Fedorovich Umrikhin was born February 12, 1891, Mr.. in Ust-Katava Ufa province in the family of a railway official, came from the peasants. Finished Serdobsk real school, he enrolled at the Technological Institute in Kharkov.

In 1916, Mr.. student Umrikhin was called up for military service. After serving some time in one of the rear units, he was sent to the 4-th Kyiv School of warrant officers, after which, in early 1917, he was seconded to the staff of the Odessa District. From there he was sent to the 12 th Artillery Brigade on the Western Front.

However, under the influence of "order?" 1 "and defeatist propaganda Bolshevik army quickly decomposed. Therefore Ensign Umrikhin arrived in Kharkov hoping to continue their studies. By a happy coincidence, he managed to avoid reprisals, which "became famous" Kharkiv Cheka, headed by Saenko. After the occupation of Kharkov Volunteer Army, he joined her and was enrolled in Drozdovskii Artillery Battalion. In his series he participated in the march on Moscow and the retreat to Novorossiysk, a Russian army general operations P.N. Wrangel.

In November 1920,. of Drozdovskaya Division Lieutenant Umrikhin evacuated from Sevastopol to Turkey with his wife Natalia Gennadievna and newborn son, Nicholas. Year Pavel Fedorovich served in the Gallipoli camp, being transferred from Drozdovskoye artdiviziona in Engineering Battalion 1 st Army Corps General A.P. Kutepova (presumably - in the railway battalion).

From Gallipoli engineer Lieutenant Umrikhin went to Prague, where the "Russian action" of the Czechoslovak government, he was able to complete their higher education. Trained as an engineer, he had remained in Czechoslovakia.

Like many Russian emigres, the family lived very modestly Umrikhin. Despite this, Pavel Fedorovich actively participated in public life of the Russian emigre community: for a long time he was a board member of the department of the Union gallipoliytsev in Prague. His wife worked in a kindergarten in Prague Gallipolijskogo zemljachestva. The occupation of Czechoslovakia by Nazi Germany's troops in 1939. on family life Umrikhin, as the majority of Russian immigrants in this country, almost no effect.

But already during the Second World War Umrikhin was sent to work in Germany as an engineer. In the spring of 1945, fearing for the fate of his and his family, Umrikhin finally left Prague, thereby avoiding the tragic fate of many white officers who remained in Prague and wait for the arrival of the Red Army.

After the Second World War the family Umrikhin some time living in camps in the American zone of occupation, and approximately 1947. moved to Belgium. There Pavel Fyodorovich, who was then 46 years old, went to work in a mine worker.

However, as shown by Russian emigres and their descendants in the war-ravaged, half-starved Europe, where besides the positions of local communists, they have not seen for myself the prospects. Therefore, many of them tried to leave Europe. Among them were Umrikhin. At the end of 1951, waiting for a visa, Pavel Fedorovich with his wife, son, daughter and five-year grandson Alexei emigrated to the U.S..

There they settled near the town of Nyack, where at that time also settled many Russian emigres settled in the late 40's - early 50-ies. European. He settled down working in a factory in the city Nanuet near Nayak, producing blankets. Although his health was undermined by the wars, . difficult life in exile and hard labor, . Umrikhin, . as in Czechoslovakia, . participated actively in the life of the Russian colony: he was treasurer of the Union gallipoliytsev and treasurer of the Church Council of the Russian Orthodox Church in Nyack, for their work in church organizations, he was awarded the diploma of the Blessed,

Engineer Lieutenant P.F. Umrikhin died Oct. 30, 1953

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Umrikhin Pavel Fedorovich, photo, biography
Umrikhin Pavel Fedorovich, photo, biography Umrikhin Pavel Fedorovich  Engineer Lieutenant, photo, biography
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