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Ustrialov Nikolai Gerasimov

( Professor of St. Petersburg University, academician of the Imperial Academy of Sciences)

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Biography Ustrialov Nikolai Gerasimov
photo Ustrialov Nikolai Gerasimov
(04 (16) .05.1805 - 08. (20) 06.1870 +)

Professor of St. Petersburg University, academician of the Imperial Academy of Sciences. He graduated from the course at St. Petersburg University. In 1824, Mr.. He entered the civil service. In 1827, the contest, took the place of a history teacher at St. Petersburg High School. In 1829, Mr.. Ustrialov was invited as a lecturer of Russian language at St. Petersburg University, but worked mainly history. In 1830, Mr.. He published a translation of works Marzhereta the Russian language, providing it with footnotes, in 1832. published in five parts of "Legends of contemporaries about Dmitry the Pretender," and in 1833, in 2 volumes - The Legend of Prince Kurbsky ". These publications that went into the light of each three times, made the name Ustryalov known in science. He received for them two Demidov Prize and faculty at the Teachers College, Military Academy and Marine Corps. In 1831, Mr.. Ustrialov began reading at St. Petersburg University lectures on general and Russian history, and since 1834. - One only of the Russian.

Lectures, he devoted his parsing of primary sources and criticized the views of historians on various issues. Ustrialov first Russian historians had given in his lectures prominent stories of the Lithuanian State. In 1836, Mr.. Ustrialov received his doctorate in history for pragmatic reasoning about the system of Russian history and was then elected to the Academy of Sciences. In 1837 - 1841 gg., In the form of benefits to his lectures, he published in 5 volumes of Russian history ", in addition to that in 1847, Mr.. was the "Historical review of the reign of Emperor Nicholas I", revised the manuscript Ustryalov the emperor himself. Loyalty essays have been approved as official textbooks - Ustrialov wrote two short textbook for high schools and colleges of real. Textbooks Ustryalov were the only ones for which uchilos Russian youth to 60 years 19.

The most important difficulty, which devote their energy Ustryalov in the last 23 years of his life was "The History of the reign of Peter I". Received in 1842, Mr.. access to state archives, Ustrialov drew from him a lot of important documents. His work was left unfinished (left only min. 1-4, 6, 1858-59, 1863), but contains a number of valuable sources. In the "History of the reign of Peter I". Ustrialov draws attention exclusively on the external facts and biographical facts; inner life of the state he did not regard. Classes history of Peter I Ustryalov distracted from his university duties. His lectures were not updated and the end of his professorial career, he had almost no audience. After the death of Ustryalov remained "Notes" which are printed in "Ancient and Modern Russia" (1877 - 1880).

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Ustrialov Nikolai Gerasimov, photo, biography
Ustrialov Nikolai Gerasimov, photo, biography Ustrialov Nikolai Gerasimov  Professor of St. Petersburg University, academician of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, photo, biography
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