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BABEL, Isaac Emmanuilovich

( Writer)

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Biography BABEL, Isaac Emmanuilovich
(1894 - 1940)

Born on July 1 (13 NS) in Odessa in the family of merchant. "Home life was difficult - wrote later Babel - because from morning till night, forced to engage in many of Sciences". He studied at the Odessa Commercial School, where thanks to the teacher Mr. Vadonu made an excellent knowledge of French language and love for France. After graduating from college, went to St. Petersburg, where in 1915 "began to distribute their works on the editorial board. In 1916, having got to M. Gorky, found in him a teacher and mentor ( "I owe everything to this meeting ..."). Gorky published the first two stories of Babel, but then sent him "a people".

Interrupting his studies in literature for seven years, Babel changed many trades: official People's Commissariat of millet, the printing clerk, reporter, soldier 1 st Cavalry, served in the Cheka. "It was only in 1923, learned to express their thoughts clearly and not too long. Then again began to compose ".

In early 1924 came the first stories of the writer - "Salt," Letter, "" The King ". However, written later, they accounted for two-cycle - "Red Cavalry" (a separate edition 1926) and "Odessa Stories" (a separate edition 1931). "Red Cavalry" was perceived by contemporaries ambiguous: literary criticism - enthusiastically, Commander Budyonny called "libel" and "womanish gossip". In defense of the writer arose M. Bitter.

In 1928, Babel wrote a play called "Sunset" is thematically related to the "Odessa Stories".

Interest of Babel to the culture of France and his repeated visits to Paris, set tongues wagging in Moscow literary circles. Suspicion of Babel particularly intensified when, in June 1935 Babel went to Paris to attend the International Congress of Writers in the protection of culture and, ignoring the caution, talked with representatives of the Russian emigration.

In the late 1930's a wave of repression. While Babel published extremely rare, because it is not illuminated success of the Party and did not express love for the leader (as is required of writers). At the Writers' Congress, he was strongly criticized for being "detached from reality, heavy, an observer ...". For Babel this was not a surprise. After the death of M. Gorky, he said: "Well, that's all kaput. Live I do not give ". May 15, he was arrested on charges of belonging to the Trotskyist terrorist organization and of spying for the French and Austrian intelligence.

January 27, 1940 AND. Babel was shot. In 1954, rehabilitated.

Used materials kn.: Russian writers and poets. Brief Biographical Dictionary. Moscow, 2000.

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* * *

Isaac Babel Emmanuilovich (1894, Odessa 1940) - writer. The son of a wealthy merchant. He studied at the Odessa Commercial uch-School, where he actually high-school education, but instead of the ancient languages he studied chemistry, political economy, modern foreign languages. In 15 years, began writing the first stories in French, but then dropped. In 1915 he graduated from the Commercial Institute of Kiev. Not having the right of residence outside the Pale of Settlement, tried to publish his works in Petrograd. With the assistance of a. M. Gorky was made in the journal. "Chronicle" with stories, for to-rye was prosecuted under Article. 1001 (pornography), and for attempting to overthrow the existing regime. February roar. 1917 relieved B. from the court. In 1917-1924 he worked in the KGB, has worked in the gas. "New Life", was a soldier at the front in the First Cavalry, served in the Provincial Committee. From 1924 he lived in Moscow, wrote plays, screenplays, short stories, translated the. After the publication of "Red Cavalry, Babel was subjected to fierce attack for de-heroisation history, but was protected by Gorky. Posted cycle "Odessa Stories". "The tragic united in its history with a funny, sincere work alongside craftiness. The magic of his imagination was so strong that ... listened to him with bated breath "(T. Tess). In 1939, Babel was arrested. When arrested, confiscated all his manuscripts, to the rye-and subsequently failed to find. Was shot. He was rehabilitated posthumously.

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BABEL, Isaac Emmanuilovich, photo, biography
BABEL, Isaac Emmanuilovich, photo, biography BABEL, Isaac Emmanuilovich  Writer, photo, biography
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