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Biography VASILIEV Boris L.
Born May 21, 1924. in Smolensk in the family of a soldier. It belongs to a generation of young men who are destined to be at school to step into the inferno of war. He fought in the paratrooper.

After the war he graduated from the Military Academy of Armored Forces (1948), served in the Army, was a test engineer transport machinery in the Urals. The literary debut of Boris Vasiliev took place in 1955, when it was published play "officer", then the following - "Knock and open" (1939), "My country, Russia" (1962).

In 1969, the press appears the story "The Dawns Here Are Quiet", which brought the author fame. The story was staged, and in 1972 to screen out self-titled film, which had enormous popularity and became a classic of Soviet cinema. Many theaters have included in their repertoire eponymous show.

The following product AB Vasil'eva always aroused the interest of the public, confirming the writer's talent: the story "very last day" (1970); novel "Do not shoot the white swans" (1973); novel "in the list does not mean" (1974). All three works were filmed, Peru AB Vasil'eva owned historical novel, "There were nebyli" (1977 - 80), an autobiographical novel "Flying my horses ..." (1982), the book "Burning Bush" (1986) and "And there was evening and the morning" (1987).

In 1991, come two stories "Drop by drop" and "Carnival", in the next year - a new product - "House built by his grandfather, in 1990 - an essay" There is such a profession ". The recently completed a new historical novel, "Yaroslav and his sons, on the time of Alexander Nevsky. Currently working on a piece of "Soothe My Sorrows". Lives in Moscow.

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  • Marina2440 for VASILIEV Boris L.
  • Hello, dear Boris L., My name is Marina, I'm 21 years and I am a big admirer of your talent. I met with your works I am still in school, I am so pleased that I am in a very short period, read all available in the library of your works. In particular, I, of course, can not but mention the novels of your glorious ancestors, I mean a series of novels "The Russian officers". In fact, it is not surprising, . because you write so beautifully, . and the protagonists of these books have all the qualities, . that I really like, . but in modern life were not left, . But I'll be glad to inform you, . that soon everything will change! "The fact, . that I participate in the apostolic work being done around the world, . and the purpose of this work is, . to help people understand the true will of God and his plans for our land. I think, . You will be interested to know one of the designs of God for the resurrection of the dead,
    . It follows from this that will be resurrected, all your ancestors. I can not express how it pleases me, especially I would like to see your grandfather Gabriel Ivanovich (I call a hero by the name given to him in the novel "There were nebyli"). To be honest, in it I just love ... Of course, this may seem silly (he died, and a very long time), but after learning about the resurrection that will happen very soon, I began to make plans ... Maybe even I could marry him, because he has no wife?.. Please, do not take this letter to stupidity or wanton play, I mean seriously, I truly believe that will happen, so for me it is very important to obtain additional information about his "fiance" about your great-grandfather Gabriel. For me very important that knowledge, . so I hope to enter into correspondence with you, . To learn more about you and your family. Understand, . I'm not like other girls, . I am very romantic and I want to be happy, . but no one worthy in this world, . but I confidently, . that in the near future without evil, . selfishness and vulgarity, . who will be our, . I and my Lt. Col. (this is also the novel) will be with me. As I say goodbye to you, . but, . not for long and soon I will write more, . tell about myself more in detail. I hope, . You will not ignore my messages and be able to answer them, . despite their employment,
    . And please, please, enough for me, even a pair of lines ... Good-bye, until the next letter. Marina.
  • repyt for VASILIEV Boris L.
  • attracts all the roots, I went to his great-grandfather of Paul Alexandrovich during the revolution in Smolensk was acting under the alias Boer. He had a brother whom the family called Uncle Leva.Imya my great-grandmother Christine Pantelemonovna. My grandmother's name was Tamara Pavlovna.Hochu to know about my grandmother's brother Yuoryu.89152171347
  • Anonymous for VASILIEV Boris L.
  • Daria for VASILIEV Boris L.
  • Hello, please help me! "I urgently need to find the address and the index of Boris Davidov. We are playing a theater in St. Petersburg performance. 17-year-olds. and we would very much like to talk to the author. but some where you can find the address?
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    VASILIEV Boris L., photo, biography
    VASILIEV Boris L., photo, biography VASILIEV Boris L.  Writer, playwright, photo, biography
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