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Gazdanov Gaito

( Writer, literary critic)

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Biography Gazdanov Gaito
Gazdanov Gaito (George) Ivanovich (1903 - 1971), novelist, literary critic.

Born on November 23 (December 6, NS) in St. Petersburg in a wealthy family of Ossetian origin, of Russian culture, education and language. Father's occupation - the gamekeeper - forced many families to travel across the country, so that only the future writer's childhood spent in St. Petersburg, and then lived in various cities of Russia (in Siberia, the province of Tver, and others). Most visited relatives in the Caucasus, Kislovodsk. School years occurred in Poltava, where he studied for a year in the Cadet Corps, and Kharkiv, where since 1912 he studied at the Gymnasium. I managed to finish my studies before the seventh grade. In 1919 at sixteen years shall enter into Wrangell Volunteer Army, fighting in the Crimea. Serves on the armored train. When the army retreated, Gazdanov went along with it, first in Gallipoli, then - in Constantinople. Here accidentally meets his cousin, a ballerina, who had left before the revolution, and together with her husband lived and worked in Constantinople. They are helped Gazdanov. Here he continued his studies at the gymnasium in 1922. It was written the first story - "Hotel coming". The school was moved to the town of Shumen in Bulgaria, where Gazdanov graduated from high school in 1923. In 1923 he moved to Paris, which does not leave for thirteen years. To earn a living, has to perform any work: loader, washer engines, working on the car factory Citroen etc.. Then 12 years experience as a taxi driver. During those twelve years were written by four of the nine novels and twenty-eight of thirty-seven stories, all the rest took the next thirty years.

In the late 1920's - early 1930's four years he studied at the Sorbonne on the history and philology faculty, engaging history of literature, sociology, economics.

The spring of 1932 under the influence of M. Osorgin joined the Russian Masonic Lodge North Star. In 1961 it became a Master.

In 1930 went on sale first novel Gazdanov - "An Evening with Claire, and the writer was immediately proclaimed talent. All emigration praised novel. Regularly begins to publish stories, novels, along with Bunin, Merezhkovsky, Aldanov, Nabokov in Contemporary Annals "(the most authoritative and reputable journals emigration). Actively involved in the literary association "nomadic".

In 1936 sent to the Riviera, where he meets his future wife Gavrisheva, nee Lamzaki (from a wealthy family of Greek origin Odessa ". In 1937 - 39 every summer arrives here, the Mediterranean Sea, spending the happiest years of life.

In 1939, when the war began, remains in Paris. Going through the Nazi occupation, helps those who are in danger. Participates in the Resistance. Many wrote: novels, short stories. The only thing that was written at this time and has been recognized - is the novel "The Ghost of Alexander Wolff" (1945 - 48). After the war, was published the book "The Return of the Buddha", which had great success, which brought fame and money. Since 1946 he lives only a literary work, sometimes laboring nighthawk.

In 1952 Gazdanov offer to become an employee of the new radio station - "Freedom". He accepts this proposal and in January 1953 and before his death works here. After three years becoming editor in chief of news (in Munich), in 1959 returned to the Paris correspondent of the Paris bureau of Radio Liberty. In 1967 he was again transferred to Munich as a senior and then chief editor of the Russian service. After visiting Italy, forever in love with this country, particularly in Venice. Come here every year.

In 1952 the novel "Night of the road", then "Pilgrims" (1952 - 54). Recent novels, to see the light, - "Awakening" and "Evelyn and her friends", begun in 1950, but finished in the late 60's.

Gazdanov died of lung cancer on December 5, 1971 in Munich. He was buried at the Russian cemetery of Saint-Genevieve-des-Bois near Paris.

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Gazdanov Gaito, photo, biography
Gazdanov Gaito, photo, biography Gazdanov Gaito  Writer, literary critic, photo, biography
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