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Kedrin Dmitry Borisovich

( Poet)

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Biography Kedrin Dmitry Borisovich
photo Kedrin Dmitry Borisovich
Kedrin Dmitry Borisovich (1907 - 1945), poet. Born on February 4 (17 NS) in the Donets Basin in the family of miner. Studied in Dnipropetrovsk, where he began to publish his poems. In 1931 he moved to Moscow. Here publish such a poem, as noticed Gorky "Doll" (1932), "Moscow autumn" (1937), "Winter" (1939), the ballad "Architects" (1938), the poem "Horse" (1940).

One of the most significant works Kedrina - poetic drama "Rembrandt" (1940).

In 1940 came a collection of poems Kedrina "Witnesses"

. Some poems Kedrin, for example, such as Duel, written in 1933, suddenly surfaced in the 70 years in an unusual frame - they sounded a akkomponement modern rock music


. To see us come boy
. With knitted brows,
. Deep crimson blush
. At his swarthy cheeks

. When you sit down beside
. I feel that amongst you
. I'm boring, a little extra,
. Pedant in horn-rimmed glasses.

. Your eyes can not lie,
. How much fire in them now!
. And they were dull
. Where did he resurrected?
. Ah, the rosy-cheeked boy!
. So this is my rival
. So, this is my Martynov,
. So, this is my Dantes!

. Well, well! We judge pair
. Trunks fatal Lepage
. In the distant hollow glade,
. Under Mamontovka, in the woods

. Two polite second,
. Under the hill - two crew
. Long-haired doctor in black
. With spectacles on nose evil.

. Listen, dear!
. Above us was the noise of an era
. And did not our hearts --
. Arena fight it?
. Guilty whether this boy
. In Damned tubercle bacillus,
. What placed ill
. At the wheel of my fate?

. Probably he athlete,
. Of those whose dashing gaggle
. Scored in the stadium
. Spain, two goals
As gently and as freely
His blue shirt
Taut flexible shoulders
Pulled and enfolded!

And you know, we are not raising
Trunks fatal Lepage
In the distant hollow glade,
Under Mamontovka, in the woods.
I'd rather come to visit you
And, if permitted, even
Toys Mostorgina
The cheap will bring.

Your son, your baby no eyebrows
Rests in the cradle.
It is important to drooling,
Quite pleased with himself.
Do you hate me
And jealous of you right?
When I was so saddened
Thy every wrinkle?

I'll show him horns,
I'll ask: "How are you Yegorych?"
And, peacefully after breakfast
Walking pobredu home
. Only smoke expensive
. Feeling at the heart of bitterness,
. With our love go out
. What this kid - not mine.

. 1933

. At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War as a volunteer goes to the front, becoming aviation correspondent of the newspaper "Sokol Motherland" (1942 - 44)
. Lyrics wartime imbued with pain and sorrow of the first months of war, which are replaced by a powerful will to win ( "1941", "Lament," "Deafness," "The Bell", "Victory").

Kedrin owns a lot of poetic translations from the Ukrainian, Belarusian, Lithuanian, Georgian and other languages.

September 18, 1945 at the age of 38 years died Kedrin. He was buried in Moscow Vvedenskoye Cemetery.


Come here at sunset
And go to the north
And mosses.
By dissolving the spiny tail fan
On pine grouse strut.

Thin spirit of spring's grace,
Light star --
As the first tear ...
And the grouse,
The Wizard bearded,
Closes yellow eyes.

Of drowsy cloud plucked
High gloss cold dawn,
And ringing,
Plague of delight
Zorev song Capercaillie
. Happy to
. What feels and breathes,
. Beauty sunrise intoxicated --
. Nothing
. Not seen and not heard,
. Nothing
. Do not notice it!

. He sings the foliage clump of swamp,
. Shawl,
. Belka
. And the dawn,
. And emphasis podkravshis hunter
. From berdanka hits the grouse.

. Maybe just
. In the day I wish happiness,
. At the hour when I sing, sorrow,
. And me
. Death strikes unexpectedly,
. As his buckshot --
. In grouse

Used materials kn.: Russian writers and poets. Brief Biographical Dictionary. Moscow, 2000.


These proud foreheads vinchianskih Madonnas
I have met more than once a Russian peasant,
We Ryazan molodok, stooped labor
At the current molotyaschih sheaves spozaranok.

In tousled malchischek that catch rooks
And bear in his father's coat sleeve,
I saw those blue eyes vzezdy,
What to look inspired paintings Vasnetsov.

From the highway crossed the segment of the canvas
Boatmen of Repin bare feet ...
I now realize that all the beauty --
Only ray of the sun, whose name - Russia!

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Kedrin Dmitry Borisovich, photo, biography
Kedrin Dmitry Borisovich, photo, biography Kedrin Dmitry Borisovich  Poet, photo, biography
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