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Sologub Fedor

( Contemporary Poet and novelist)

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Biography Sologub Fedor
Sologub, Fyodor (pseudonym of Fyodor Kuzmich Teternikova, genus. in 1863) - a modern poet and novelist, one of the most prominent representatives of Russian Symbolism, the author of numerous books of poetry and novels. All features of creativity Sologub as a novelist, especially manifested fully in the novel "Navi enchantment, filled with pale, abstract symbols and the incredible artistic and unconvincing events. However, "Navi spell" constitute an artistic manifesto, and Sologub, very popular at the time the formula of artistic creativity: "I picked up a piece of life, a rough and poor, and create from it a sweet legend, because I am a poet". Stands somewhat apart Sologub's novel "petty demon" - one of the greatest works of Russian Symbolism. Almost delirious images of this novel richly symbolic, and yet truly real. The novel gives a chilling picture of the pettiness, dull and oppressive boredom and vulgar philistinism of pre-revolutionary provinces. In the works of Sologub very strong erotic element.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Sologub (real name - Teternikov) Fyodor Kuzmich (1863 - 1927), novelist, poet.

Born February 17 (March 1, NS) in St. Petersburg in a poor family (his father - a tailor, a former serf, a mother - a farmer).

In four years, lost his father, his mother started working as a maid in the house of one of St. Petersburg official's.

He studied at the parish school, then in the district school, complete their education at St. Petersburg Teachers' Institute (1882).

In 1882 - 92 was a mathematics teacher in the provincial towns, prior to his retirement in 1907 has continued teaching career in St. Petersburg.

The first poem, in which there is the influence of the Symbolists, published in 1884. Ten years of work in the province have not been for him in vain: he brought to St. Petersburg in 1882 started another novel, "Heavy Dreams", which in 1895 was published in the Journal of the North ".

In "Northern Journal in 1893 - 97 were placed 17 of his poems (2 of them - translations from Verlaine), three-story (" Shadows, "" worm, "" To the Stars "), five articles on social issues, many reviews.

While in St. Petersburg, he entered the circle of Russian symbolists, grouped around the journal "Journal of the North" (Minsk, Merezhkovsky, Gippius, Balmont, etc.). In 1895 - 96 face his first book: "Poems. Book One, "" Shadows. Stories and Poems ". Sologub occupies in literature "is a place that does not recognize it can not be done" (Z. Gippius).

His book of poems ( "Serpent. Lyrics. Sixth book, "1907;" Fiery Circle ", 1908) and stories (" The Book of Parting ", 1908;" The Book of charm ", 1909). During these years, and serves as a playwright ( "The Gift of the wise bees," 1907; "victory of death" and "Night Dances", 1908, etc.).

The peak of his prose has become famous novel "petty demon", written in 1902 and published in 1907. The appearance of this novel has determined the fate of Sologub: it could resign and take up only a literary work. He begins to write the novel "Navi charms".

In 1910 - 12 leaves collected works in twelve volumes Sologub. Welcomed the February revolution, the October did not take, but continued socio-literary activities. In March 1918 he was elected chairman of the Council of the Union leaders fiction. He issued his democratic poems in different years (Collection "Cathedral bells", 1921).

Many involved in translation. In 1924 was elected honorary chairman of the translators' section in the Leningrad Union of Writers, 1925 - Chairman of the section of children's literature in 1926 - Chairman of the Board of the Union, part of the editorial board of "World Literature". During these years, produces a number of poetry collections. December 5, 1927 F. Sologub died in Leningrad.

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    Sologub Fedor, photo, biography
    Sologub Fedor, photo, biography Sologub Fedor  Contemporary Poet and novelist, photo, biography
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