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Biography TVARDOVSKY Tvardovsky
photo TVARDOVSKY Tvardovsky
Twardowski Tvardovsky (1910 - 1971), poet.

Born June 8 (21 NS) in the village of Zagorje province of Smolensk in the family of a blacksmith, literate and even well-read, in whose house the book was not uncommon. First introduction to Pushkin, Gogol, Lermontov, Nekrasov took home when the winter evenings were read aloud, these books. Poetry began writing very early. He studied at the rural school. In the next fourteen years, the poet began to send small notes in Smolensk newspapers, some of them were printed. Then he ventured to send poems. M. ISAKOVSKI, who worked in the newspaper "Work Path", took the young poet who helped him not only print, but also emerge as a poet, his poetry was influenced.

After graduating from rural schools came to Smolensk, but could not get a job not only to study, but also on the job because he did not have any specialty. Had to exist "at threepenny literary earnings and knocked at doors Editor". When the Moscow magazine "October" M. Svetlov published poems Tvardovsky, he arrived in Moscow, but "got about the same as that from Smolensk".

Winter 1930 again returned to Smolensk, where he spent six years. "It is those years I owe my poetic birth," - say later Twardowski. At this time he entered the Pedagogical Institute, but the third course and complete their education has left the Moscow Institute of History, Philosophy and Literature (MIFLI), which he entered the autumn of 1936.

Artworks Tvardovskogo published in 1931 - 33, but he believed that only a poem about collectivization "Country of Ant" (1936), he started as a writer. The poem was a success with readers and critics. Out of this book changed the life of a poet: he moved to Moscow in 1939 he graduated from MIFLI, published a book of poems "Rural Chronicle.

In 1939 he joined the Red Army and participated in the liberation of Western Belarus. Since the beginning of the war with Finland already in the officer's rank was in the position of military special correspondent of the newspaper. During World War II created the poem "Vasily Terkin (1941 - 45) - a vivid incarnation of the popular Russian character and patriotic feelings. In recognition Tvardovsky 'Terkin was ... my lyrics, my publicist, songs and sermons, anecdotes, and a saying, talking heart to heart, and a replica to the occasion ".

Almost simultaneously with the "Terkin and verse" Front Chronicle "has begun a complete after the war poem," Road House "(1946).

In 1950 - 60 was written the poem "In the distant - DAL.

Along with poems Twardowski always written prose. In 1947 published a book about the war under the title "Homeland and Foreign Land.

He proved himself as a deep, penetrating critic: books, articles and notes on literature "(1961)," Poetry of Michael Isakovskogo "(1969), articles about creativity S. Marshak, Bunin (1965).

For many years, Twardowski was the chief editor of the New World ", courageously defending the right to publish every talented work, falling to the Editor. His help and support affected in creative biographies of such writers as F. Abramov, V. Bykov, C. Aitmatov, S. Zalygin, G. Troepol'skaya, B. Mozhayev, Solzhenitsyn, and dp.

December 18, 1971 A. Twardowski, died after a serious illness.

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    TVARDOVSKY Tvardovsky, photo, biography
    TVARDOVSKY Tvardovsky, photo, biography TVARDOVSKY Tvardovsky  Poet, photo, biography
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