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Tikhonov Nikolai Semenovich

( Poet)

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Biography Tikhonov Nikolai Semenovich
Tikhonov, Nikolai Semenovich (1896 - 1976), poet.

Born on October 22 (November 4, NS) in St. Petersburg in the family barber. Ros among the children of artisans, he studied in an urban school, then - in the trade school where he taught commercial science, Commodity, shorthand. Continue their education could not - had to help the family, who lived very poorly. Joined clerk in the Naval economic management. Poetry began to write early.

Since the beginning of the First World War as a volunteer goes to the front, serves as a hussar regiment (later write about it in verse "Life under the stars" in his book "War Horses"). In the year of the October Revolution he was 20 years old, and under the influence of events in October wrote a whole book of poems.

In 1918, a volunteer for the Red Army. In the same year published his first poems. After demobilization takes a firm decision to engage in literary activities. In 1920 became a member of the literary group "Serapion Brothers", published poem, "Sami". The first collections of poems - "The Horde" and "Braga" - came out in 1922.

Many traveled the country, especially fond of the Caucasus, where he studied the Caucasian peoples, their life, life, history, became engaged in translations of Georgian, Armenian, Dagestani Poetry. In 1935 I first saw Europe, visiting the Soviet delegation at the Congress in defense of peace in Paris.

During the war he worked in the Political Administration of the Leningrad front, where I can apply his military experience. He wrote essays and short stories, articles and pamphlets, poems, and Treatment. Lyrics of the period included in the book "Year of Fire" (1942).

Since 1949 was chairman of the Soviet Peace Committee, since 1950 - member of the World Peace Council. Visited many countries in Europe, in China.

Writing poetry most fully represented in the collections: "Twelve ballads" (1925), "The shadow of another" (1935), "Two streams" (1951) and other. Served as a writer - with essays, short stories, novellas: "Nomads" (1931), "White Miracle" (1956), "Six pillars" (1968) and others. Articles and reminiscences collected in the books: "Double Rainbow. Stories, Memories "(1964) and" The Writer and the era "(1972).

In 1973 - 76 came Collected Works Tikhonov in seven volumes. Tikhonov died in 1976 in Moscow.

Used materials kn.: Russian writers and poets. Brief Biographical Dictionary. Moscow, 2000.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Tikhonov, Nikolai Semenovich (22.11.1896. Petersburg - 8/2/1979), poet, administrator. Hero of Socialist Labor (1966), three times winner of the Stalin Prize (1942, 1949, 1952). The son of an artisan. In 1915, drafted into the army. In 1918, joined the Red Army in 1922 discharged. In his youth, was a follower of Gumilev, but then moved to the position of conformism. made a brilliant career at I.V. Stalin. Attracted attention in 1920. firing nizkopoklonskuyu poem "Sami" on VI. Lenin. He specialized in poems about heroic spirit of the revolution and civil war - collections "Horde" and "Braga" (1922). He became widely known after "Ballad of the blue package" (1922) and "Ballad of nails" (1919-22). He was the author became a winged phrases: "Nails would make of these people: there were no stronger nails in the world". During the Soviet-Finnish War, a war correspondent. After the start of the Great Patriotic War in 1941 wrote a poem called "Kirov Us" (1941) about the defenders of Leningrad. In June 1941 was in the army, spent the entire siege of Leningrad and the Leningrad front in early. operational group of writers in the Political Department of the Leningrad Front. Posted by a large number of patriotic poems and articles in the Nov.. 1942 - January. 1944 his essays were published in the weekly "Red Star". In January. 1944 withdrawn from the front and at the head of the Writers' Union (in 1946 replaced AA. Fadeev). Since 1946 member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Since 1949 before. Soviet Committee for protection of the worlds. In 1957 received the International Lenin Prize "for strengthening peace among peoples", and in 1970 - the Lenin Prize.

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Tikhonov Nikolai Semenovich, photo, biography
Tikhonov Nikolai Semenovich, photo, biography Tikhonov Nikolai Semenovich  Poet, photo, biography
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