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FET Afanasy

( Poet)

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Biography FET Afanasy
Fet (Shenshin) Afanasy (1820 - 1892), poet.

He was born in October or November in the village Novoselki Orel province. His father was a wealthy landowner. Shenshin, mother - Carolina Charlotte Fet, who came from Germany. Parents not married. Was recorded Shenshin son, but when he was 14 years old, revealed legal illegality of this record, deprived of his privileges, which had given the hereditary nobles. Henceforth he was to bear the name of Fet, a wealthy heir of a sudden become a "man without a name" - an obscure foreigner of dubious origin. Fet took it as a disgrace. To regain their lost position has become an obsession, which defined his life's path.

He studied at the hostel Pogodina professor, historian, writer, journalist, who went for training at Moscow University. He graduated in 1844 verbal branch philosophical faculty, where friends with A. Grigoriev, their peers, a companion for his poetry. "Blessing" at serious literary work Fet gave Gogol, who said: "It is an undoubted talent". The first collection of poems Feta Lyrical Pantheon "was released in 1840 and received approval of Belinsky, what inspired him to further work. His poems have appeared in many publications

. At pasture dumb like a frost crackling
. In light of the sun I am the sun shine, Spiny
. Forests under their caps il in frost haired
. Yes, the river calls under a dark-blue ice.
. How to find love, dreamy eyes
. Zaveyannye ditches, inspired by the mountains,
. Sleepy naked blade of grass among the fields
. How quaint hill, as a kind of mausoleum,
. Sculptured midnight, - il cloud vortices far
. On the white shores and polynyas mirror.

. To achieve its goal - to return a knighthood - in 1845 he left Moscow and entered into military service in one of the provincial regiments in the south
. Continues to write poetry.

. Sad birch
. My window
. And whim frost
. Razubrana it.

. Like grapes,
. Branches hanging ends --
. And a joy to look
. All funeral attire.

. I love to play Lucifer
. I ignore her,
. And pity me, if birds
. Shake beauty branches

Only eight years later, while serving in the Life Guards, Lancers, an opportunity to live near St. Petersburg.

In 1850 in the journal "Contemporary", the owner of which was N. Nekrasov, Fet published poems, which are admired critics all directions. It was adopted on Wednesday the most famous writers (Nekrasov and Turgenev, Botkin, and Druzhinin and others), thanks to literary earnings to improve their financial situation, which gave him the opportunity to travel to Europe. In 1857 in Paris, he married the daughter of a wealthy tea merchant and the sister of his admirer Botkin - M. Botkin

. * * *

. Night bright, frost shines
. Come - snow crunches;
. Trace-horse ozyabaet
. And does not stand still.

. Let's sit down, fasten the cavity I, --
. Night light and even-tempered way.
. Are you a word, - I hold my tongue,
. And - go wherever you be!

. (1847)

. In 1858 Fet retirement, settled in Moscow and energetically engaged in literary work, requiring publishers unprecedented price "for their work
. Difficult way of life developed in him a gloomy outlook on life and society. His heart hardened blows of fate, and his desire to compensate for their social impacts made him a difficult man. Fet almost ceases to write, becomes a real landowner, working on his farm, was elected magistrate in Vorobiev. This continues for nearly 20 years.

In late 1870 Fet with new force began to write poetry. Collection of Poems shestidesyatitrehletny poet gives the name "Evening Lights". (More than three hundred poems included in five editions, four of which went to light in 1883, 1885, 1888, 1891. Fifth issue poet prepared, but did not publish).

In 1888, in connection with the fiftieth anniversary of his muse, "Fet achieved the rank of chamberlain of the court, the day that it happened, he felt the day when he returned to the name" Shenshin "," one of the happiest days of my life ".

Died Fet November 21 (December 3, NS) 1892 in Moscow.

Used materials kn.: Russian writers and poets. Brief Biographical Dictionary. Moscow, 2000.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

A brief chronicle of the life
October 29 or November 23 or November 29, 1820, Mr.. (exact date unknown) - A. A. Fet was born in Manor Novoselki Mtsensk. Illegitimate son of a landowner Shenshin and Charlotte Fet.

1834 - moving to Lifliandskii town Beppu, studying in a German private boarding. Change the name (s Shenshin on Fet).

1838 - studies at Moscow University, familiarity with Apollon Grigoryev

. 1840 - the first collection of poems.

. 1843 - poem "Poseidon", due to an error compositor name changed to Fet Fet.

. 1843 - publication in the journal "Notes of the Fatherland" of the poem "I came to you with greetings ...", which was a kind of lyrical self-portrait and a poetic declaration of the young poet.

. 1844 - end of the Moscow University of verbal ^ division.

. 1848 - enlistment in the cavalry
. 1850 - The collection of poems old. 1853 - beginning of cooperation in the journal "Contemporary", acquaintance with Turgenev, and Nekrasov.

1857 - marriage to M. P. Botkin.

1858 - resignation.

Early 60-ies. - A. A. Fet, disappointed in the professional literary career, bought the estate and took up farming.

60 th - 70-ies. L-correspondence with. N. Tolstoy.

1877 - A purchase. A. Fet ancient manor Vorobiev, which Fet did "the abode of poetry, four collections of poems under the title" Evening Lights "(1883, 1885, 1888, 1891).

1886 - A. A. Fet elected a member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.

1892 - A. A. Fet died at his estate.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. * * *

. How sad! The end of the alley
. Again in the morning disappeared into the dust
. Again the silver snake
. Crawled through the snowdrift.

. In any piece of blue sky,
. In the steppe everything goes smoothly, all white,
. One only crows against the storm
. Wings waving heavily.

. And the soul is not dawning,
. In it the same cold that circle
. Duma lazily sleeps
. Above the dying hard.

. And all the hope in the heart of the smoldering,
. What, perhaps, even casually,
. Again soul pomolodeet,
. Again, see the native region,

. Where the storms pass by,
. Where council passionate pure --
. And devoted only visible
. Spring Blossoms and beauty.


. * * *

. I know that you, little girl,
. Moonlit night is not timid,
. I see snow on the morning
. Lightweight shoe print.

. True, the night by the light of the moon
. Cold, quiet, clear;
. True, you are not in vain, my friend,
. Leaving the bed of sleep:

. Diamonds in the light of the moon,
. Diamonds in the sky,
. Diamonds on the trees,
. Diamonds in the snow.

. But I'm afraid, my friend, my dear,
. As if in a whirlwind of spirit night
. Not zaveyal to the path,
. Sandwiched with you.

. <1842>

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FET Afanasy, photo, biography
FET Afanasy, photo, biography FET Afanasy  Poet, photo, biography
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