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BUMBLEBEES Ivan Sergeevich

( Writer)

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Biography BUMBLEBEES Ivan Sergeevich
Shmelev Ivan Sergeyevich (1873 - 1950), writer.

Born on 21 September (October 3, NS) in Moscow, in Zamoskvorechye, a prosperous merchant family, distinguished by patriarchal habits, pious. On the other hand, was influenced by "court", where construction workers flocked here reigned the other hand, the rebellious spirit. "Here, in the yard, I saw people. Here I am used to it ...", - will write later I. Shmelev. He heard this song, nursery rhymes, proverbs, tales and diversely-rich language. All this arises later in the pages of his books, in his tales.

After graduating from high school, in 1894 entered the law faculty of Moscow University. Autumn of 1895 travels to Finland in the Valaam Monastery. The result of this trip was his first book - essays "On the rocks of Balaam," published in Moscow in 1897.

After graduation in 1898 during the year to perform military service, then eight years is a clerk in the remote areas of Moscow and Vladimir provinces. "I knew the capital, the small folk craft, merchant way of life. Now I know the village, the provincial bureaucracy, landed gentry "- will write later Shmelev. Here he meets the prototypes of many of his stories, characters and stories. It came "Molasses," "Citizen Ukleykin", "In a hole," "Under the sky".

Particularly known are the works written under the influence of the first Russian revolution (the novel "In a hurry to", "Disintegration", 1906; stories "sergeant", 1906, Ivan Kuzmin, 1907). 1911 Shmelev wrote one of his major works - "Man of the restaurant, which took a resounding success.

In 1912, organized by the Publishing House Publishing Writers in Moscow, members-investors who are I. Bunin, BA Zaitsev, V. Veresaev, I. Shmelev and others. All further work Shmeleva 1900's associated with this publisher, who published his collected works in eight volumes. Are published novels and short stories ( "The Wall", "timid silence," "Wolf rift", "Rosstani", etc.), published during 1912 - 1914

. During the First World War collections of his short stories and essays "Carousel" (1916), . "Harsh days", . "Face hidden" (1917), . which appeared in the story "Fun adventure", . noticeably stand out from the official, patriotic fiction with his sincerity,
. February revolution was greeted with enthusiasm, . October showed a complete intransigence, . aggravated by the fact, . that his only son, Sergei, . officer of the Volunteer Army, . did not want to go into exile with Wrangel, . was taken from the hospital in Feodosia without court shot,
. In late 1922, after a brief stay in Moscow, Shmelev went to Berlin, then in Paris, where he called the head of his emigrant life. I created the stories, pamphlets, full of hatred for the Bolsheviks - "Sun of the Dead (1923)," Stone Age "(1924)," on a stump "(1925).

Over the years, in the creation of a central place occupied Shmeleva memories of the past ( "Pilgrimage," 1931 "year of the Lord", 1933 - 48). Abroad, I. Shmelev has released more than twenty books.

Umer I. Shmelev June 24, 1950 near Paris of a heart attack.

Used materials kn.: Russian writers and poets. Brief Biographical Dictionary. Moscow, 2000.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Shmelev, Ivan Sergeyevich (1873-1950) - an outstanding Russian writer and publicist. Bright representative of the conservative-Christian direction of Russian literature, was one of the most famous and popular writers of the early twentieth century Russia. Once in 1920,. Bolsheviks in the Crimea was shot by his son - a Russian officer - whose grave Shmelev desperate to find a writer in 1922. emigrated. In exile, was one of the spiritual leaders of the Russian emigration. For a long time worked in the newspaper "Russian Thought". In 2000 at the initiative of Russian society and with the assistance of the Government of Russia and the dust. S. Shmelev and his wife was taken to Moscow and reburied.

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    BUMBLEBEES Ivan Sergeevich, photo, biography
    BUMBLEBEES Ivan Sergeevich, photo, biography BUMBLEBEES Ivan Sergeevich  Writer, photo, biography
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