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( The Metropolitan, Kamchatka missionary)

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Metropolitan Nestor (in the world Nikolai Anisimov) was born on 8 November (st. st.) 1885. G. Vyatka, and from early childhood was deeply religious. After graduating from secondary school becomes a novice Kazan Savior Transfiguration Monastery, and then goes to the missionary department of the Kazan Theological Academy.

In 1907, Mr.. bound in the soul and the will of God, having received the blessing SW. human. John of Kronstadt, he decides to exploit missionary.

April 17, 1907, Mr.. take monastic vows with the name of Nestor in honor of St.. prpd. Nestor the Chronicler. May 6, 1907, Mr.. elevated to the rank of deacon, and three days later dedicated to the monks.

June 2, 1907, Mr.. about. Nestor leaves the place of missionary service in Kamchatka.

In 1907 - 1909 he. monk Nestor in good faith, often risking their lives, doing his pastoral duties, preaching the word of God and turning to faith in Christ a thousand pagans - Kamchatkans. Deep respect for the people, their language and traditions, a constant willingness to help the sick, the infirm and offended Hieromonk Nestor won the deep affection and trust of the congregation in the most remote corners of the vast Kamchatka Krai. However, the young shepherd did not feel the full satisfaction of its activities. He realized that his small force he was never able to solve problems all forgotten Kamchatka. It was necessary to attract the attention of the powerful clergy, all honest people who want to help other people suffering from poverty, disease, drunkenness, ignorance and willfulness autocrats - Chiefs. Thus arose the idea of creating a charitable Kamchatka Brotherhood.

In early 1910, having received the blessing of the ruling bishop of. Nestor sent to St. Petersburg, where he is faced with callousness and even hostility of the bureaucrats of the Synod and its chief - Attorney. This does not stop the young priesthood. Despite the enormous effort he managed to bring the idea of creating a broad Orthodox Brotherhood of the public and the State Duma. However, the decisive role was played by the personal involvement of the Emperor Nicholas Alexandrovich, the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and the widow, the Empress Maria Feodorovna.

As a result of these efforts, 14 September 1910 in Vladivostok was opened Charitable Kamchatka Brotherhood, but soon his office in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev and other cities of Russia. Assisted by the brotherhood of St.. Equal to the Apostles. Nicholas Archbishop Japanese, SW. prpmch. Conducted. Kn. Elizabeth, SW. Hieromartyr. Vladimir Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia. Effective assistance provided royal family. Brotherhood were donated to the church, utensils, cash incentives are given freight. The official Patron of the Brotherhood began Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich.

In 1910 - 1917 he. of the means of the Brotherhood of Kamchatka were built dozens of churches, chapels, schools, orphanages, hospitals, dispensaries and leper colony.

. Having, Tungus (evenkysky) and Koryak monk Nestor translated into local languages, the Divine Liturgy, part gospel, and selected prayers
. For this work on. Nestor in 1913. was elevated to the rank of abbot.

After the war 1914. about. Nestor organized and headed the medical detachment "First aid under fire" and personally endured the battlefield wounded, bandaging them, comforting and organized the shipment of military hospitals. For goodness and heroism Abbot Nestor was awarded the highest spiritual military award - the right to wear a pectoral cross of St. George's ribbon, as well as a number of military orders.

At the end of 1915. about. Nestor was withdrawn from the front, was elevated to the rank of Archimandrite and continued his pastoral mission in Kamchatka.

October 16, 1916, Mr.. about. Nestor, was consecrated bishop and appointed as the first ruling bishop of the newly formed Diocese of Kamchatka.

In 1917 - 1918 he. Bishop Nestor participates in All-Russia and the Local Council elections SW. Patriarch Tikhon. After the October events in Moscow, 1917. participates in the work of the commission to photograph and description of the damage of the Kremlin under the chairmanship of Hieromartyr. Benjamin, Metropolitan of Petrograd, and the blessing of the Council published the book "The execution of the Moscow Kremlin, for what will soon arrested by the Bolsheviks, and more than a month in detention. After completion of the Cathedral, Bishop Nestor with great difficulty in Kiev, Odessa, Crimea, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, India and China gets to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, where he continued his episcopal ministry. Soon, however, the Lord is driven by the Bolsheviks from Kamchatka.

As a trusted person Sv. Patriarch Tikhon in 1919 - 1922 he. Bishop has a number of his assignments in Siberia and the Far East. In 1921, Mr.. Bishop Nestor bases Kamchatka Compound in g. Harbin (Manchuria), and later the House of Mercy, and diligence that helped preserve the lives of thousands of adults and children caught in the cycle of civil war. Under the authority of the Synod Abroad, the Lord grieved disorganization 20-30-ies, consistently defending the ideas of the unity of the suffering Mother Church. During this period, the Lord visited several countries in Europe and Asia, meeting with the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, some local Orthodox primates and non-Orthodox Churches. Several times a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. In 1938 - 1939 he. engaged in missionary work in India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

In 1946, Mr.. His Holiness Patriarch Alexis I Bishop Nestor elevated to the rank of metropolitan and appointed by the ruling bishop of Harbin and Manchuria, Patriarchal Exarch for South-East Asia.

In 1948, Mr.. Bishop arrested and imprisonment in the camps. As he put the blame part in transferring the relics of Sts. prpmch. Elizabeth, the organization of the Land Council in Vladivostok in 1922, edition of the book "The shooting of the Moscow Kremlin, the construction of the chapel Crowned Martyrs, etc.

After his release in 1956. Bishop appointed Metropolitan of Novosibirsk and Barnaul, and since December 1958. - Metropolitan Kirovograd and Nikolaev.

Especially revered Bishop St. - Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. The first visit in 1905. made an indelible impression on him and determined the adoption of the monastic name of Nestor. In subsequent years (1909 -1918 gg. and after 1956) Lord repeatedly visited the Lavra, prayed for its holy. In difficult times that preceded the closure, the Lord several times specially visited the Lavra, to comfort her governor and brotherhood, strengthen their confidence in the inevitable victory of the Christian faith.

In recent years, the Lord of life a lot riding on the diocese commits worship, preaching the word of God, are protesting against the closure of churches godless power.

Died Metropolitan Nestor 22 October / 4 November 1962, Mr.. Buried in the yard of the temple of the Patriarch Podvorya Trinity-Sergius Lavra in Peredelkino.

Archpastorship thine, but to remember the Lord God in His Kingdom!

Biographical article was

Alexander Kirillovich Karaulov, member. corr. UTA

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Major published works of Metropolitan Nestor
Orthodoxy in Siberia. SPb., 1910.

From the life of Kamchatka missionary and notes from the diary of ieromonaha Nestor. SPb., 1912.

Shooting of the Moscow Kremlin (27 October - 3 November 1917). M., 1917 (2 nd ed. Tokyo, 1920).

Life of St. Innocent. Harbin, 1931.

The appearance of women in the light of Christianity. Shanghai, 1932 (2 nd ed. Belgrade, 1933).

Harbin - Manchuria. Belgrade, 1933.

Life of St. Arseny. Harbin, 1934.

Old Russ. Harbin, 1934.

Egypt, Rome. Shanghai, 1934.

Studies of the Far East. Belgrade, 1934.

Holy Land. Harbin, 1935.

Essays Yugoslavia. Harbin, 1935.

. My Kamchatka

. Unpublished memoirs, travel notes and sketches of Metropolitan Nestor
. Annals of the Brotherhood of Kamchatka "Vladivoj-stokskih Diocesan Gazette.

. Kamchatka-Merciful Savior Orthodox Brotherhood.

. Kamchatka region.

. Personal memories of the royal family.

. Eusebius, Metropolitan of Vladivostok and Primorye.

. Nicholas, Archbishop of Japan.

. Patriarch Tikhon.

. Vladimir, Metropolitan of Kiev.

. House of Mercy.

. On visiting leper colonies in Kamchatka, in Yamburgskom County Petersburg Province, in India and in Jerusalem.

. Jerusalem - Palestine.

. Egypt, Rome, Bari.

. Yugoslavia.

. Travel to India and Ceylon.

. China and Japan.

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