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George Gapon Apollonovich

( Priest)

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Biography George Gapon Apollonovich
photo George Gapon Apollonovich
Gapon George Apollonovich (1870-1906) - priest, initiator of the pro-government organization "Assembly of Russian Factory Workers of St. Petersburg in 1903-1904 he. (modeled Zubatov organizations). On his initiative was drawn up the petition, which the workers intended to convey the king of January 9, 1905, Mr.. After Bloody Sunday escaped and fled abroad. Autumn 1905. returned to Russia, trying to establish contact with the SRs. He was suspected of having links with the secret police, so one of the revolutionary groups judged to March 28, 1906, Mr.. and hung in Ozerki (near St. Petersburg).
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George Gapon Apollonovich (1870-1906). He studied at the Poltava Theological Seminary, after which he served some time Zemsky statistician. At the insistence of his wife received the priesthood, a dignity, and then soon joined the St. Petersburg Theological Academy, and at the end of last place in St. Petersburg received a transit prison. While still a student of the academy, was associated with the workers and made friends with the head of the Moscow Police Department Zubatovs etc.. the highest ranks of the police, in the service which was always its activities in the workers' organizations. In the same year founded the St. Petersburg Society of factory and factory workers by type Zubatov organizations and was its chairman. In early 1904,. Gapon was organized by a circle of working printing business, which by the end of the year stood at 70 - 80 people. The circle opened on Vasilevsky Island tea, which arranged talks. Referring to his contacts with the police, Gapon explained to them that they needed to perform the tasks of his organization. Dreaming about the device clubs throughout Russia to unite all workers, intended for the general economic flare to produce political demands. During his conversations developed and some of its future petitions. By December 1904. Gapon society of factory workers had already regional organizations around St. Petersburg. Despite distrust of class-conscious workers and the warnings of the Social-Democratic organizations, Gaponov managed to combine their organizations in a large number of workers. Striking early January 1905. and the onslaught of the working masses led Gapon society to assume the leadership of the movement. Instead of the revolutionary struggle of the spontaneous mass movement was directed to the path Gapon petition to the king. He personally performed in the last days before the Jan. 9 at all meetings of areas, saying everywhere hot fiery speeches. During the march to the Winter Palace was wounded but rescued by his friends. With the help of SRs, engineer Rutenberg, fled abroad. In Paris it was trying to get together with the revolutionary organizations, met several times with Plekhanov, but I found a complete ignorance of political issues, ambition and lust for power. Later, he became estranged from the revolutionary organizations, not without reason to suspect him in connection with the secret police. After the October (1905), amnesty for political leaders returned to Russia, . re-started the relationship with the secret police, . received from her task - to rebuild a society of factory and factory workers, . received money, . intended to even publish their own newspaper, . but March 28, 1906, Mr.,
. dacha outside St. Petersburg, in Ozerki, was killed by the same Rutenberg.

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Gapon George Apollonovich (1870, borough Belik Poltava Province. - 1906, lakes, near St. Petersburg) - priest. Genus. a prosperous farming family clerk. From 7 years attend primary school, where he showed great ability. The view of life expressed by saying "Pop - the golden sheaf, and the hope of parents to the priest-son, to-ing them and myself will provide eternal salvation, have decided his fate. In 1893 he graduated from Gapon Poltava Seminary. Shaken by the early death of his beloved sister, and being under the influence of the teachings LN. Tolstoy Gapon, became a priest, wanted to rebuild life in a reasonable, moral grounds. In 1898 - 1903 he studied at the Theological Academy. Preaching in a working-class neighborhoods, engaged in charity, Gapon became popular. Filed his report to the authorities to plan the device workhouses and workers of the colonies, who were to relieve the suffering of the needy, has led to the study Gapon SV. Zubatov who has decided to use the priest in his own interests. At the suggestion Zubatov, Gapon in 1903 formed around a group of workers, with the f-eq developed a charter of the new organization - "Assembly of Russian. factory workers in St. Petersburg, engaged in raising awareness and mutual. Subsequently Gapon wrote: "It was clear that the better life will come for the working class only when it is organized. It seemed to me, and my assumption is later confirmed that, no matter who started this organization, in the end it will become an independent, because the most advanced members of the working class, of course, to prevail ". And at a time when Zubatov used Gapon Gapon used Zubatov. By November 1904 there were 11 Division "Assembly", numbering 9 thousand. man. Attempts Gapon organize similar activities in other towns were not successful. Growing roar. sentiment in the country by the autumn of 1904 led to the working asset "Assembly", contrary to the wishes Gapon, offered a petition to the Government, hoping to improve his situation, and Gapon under pressure from the workers was forced to accept. In December. 1904 "Collection" came into conflict with the administration Putilov, who have freed four of its active members. Gapon agreed to lead a procession of workers to Nicholas II - "at this time I believed in the good intentions of the king". This is shown by a letter sent to Nicholas II, where Gapon asked the emperor to take "with an open mind ... peace petition ". The shooting of the procession on January 9. 1905 marked the beginning of the First Ross. roar. Knocked down, but escaped from the bullets, Gapon in some gateway flicked off his coat with ryasoy and gasped: "No more of God!" There is no longer king! " Fled abroad with the SR, Gapon after a short and loud glory (it took GV. Plekhanov, VI. Lenin and many others) proved to be unnecessary revolutionary. all parties who are disappointed with Gapon, tk. he was neither an intellectual nor the roar. London Gapon wrote a memoir "The Story of My Life", subsequently published in the homeland (Leningrad, 1926). Returning to Russia in 1906 on the condition of cooperation with police and trying to continue his double game, Gapon at the request of the Police Department attempted to obtain from the SRs P. Rutenberg issuance member military organization of the Socialist-Revolutionaries. Their meeting took place at his dacha in Ozerki, where in the next room were the workers and the Socialist-to-rye, making sure provocateur Gapon, here he was tried and hanged.

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George Gapon Apollonovich, photo, biography
George Gapon Apollonovich, photo, biography George Gapon Apollonovich  Priest, photo, biography
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