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Anatoliy Bakushinskii

( Artist)

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Biography Anatoliy Bakushinskii
Bakushinskii Anatoly Vasilyevich (1883-1939) entered the history of Soviet art history as a versatile scientist and public figure. His work in the theory and practice of aesthetic education, psychology, art and psychology of perception of art, monograph on Soviet sculptor, studies of folk art entered the golden fund of domestic science of art.

. Anatoliy Bakushinskii was born in the village of Upper Lendeh Vladimir province
. Near the ancient centers located iconography Holuy and Palekh, where the future scientist could observe the work of local artists iconographers. There, he really got carried away drawing and sculpture, and wishing to devote himself to the profession of the artist. Although conceived not realized, received in his youth the knowledge and skills has always helped in the future work Bakushinskii-art critic.

. In 1911 Bakushinskii graduated from the History Department of History and Philology of Tartu University (now - d
. Tartu). For six years, except for history, he studied art history, was seriously engaged in philosophy. In 1912 Bakushinskii entered the Pedagogical Institute named P. G. Shelaputina. Established in Moscow Institute for persons who already had higher education, distinguished by a special program. Within two years students along with general education disciplines involved music, singing, physical exercises necessary for the harmonious development. The main attention is paid to developing methods of teaching itself, which attracted Bakushinskii in the number of listeners.

. Obtained at the Institute of knowledge to successfully implement it in their own teaching activities in the Moscow College of Saints Peter and Paul, where the young scholar was reading at the time course of art history.

. The problems of art education and the psychology of perception of fine art Bakushinskii to become one of the leading order
. The main focus of it had developed in 1918-1921 the system of artistic perception Bakushinskii was placed on "direct experience of the creative works of art."

. Since the early days of the revolution Bakushinskii gives his rich experience and knowledge to the aesthetic education of the masses, for the first time attached to the world's artistic heritage
. It publishes a series of articles on "How to watch the picture", . appeal to the labor audience; conducting systematic work to improve the quality of the art tour, . who met Vakushinskomu one of the most effective forms of propaganda art,
. Anatoliy felt excursion to the same creative act, as the art itself. Established a school of creative excursions saw his main task was to "teach to watch" works of art. She tried to solve them, students organized a seminar in 1918, in which, except the head, taught by such prominent Soviet art, as an architect and. V. Zholtovsky, sculptor In. N. Domogatskii, graphics. D. And Falileev and. N. Pavlov. Seminars were held in these Tsvetkovskoy gallery, which offered rich possibilities of comparison and analysis of works, which are essential for scientific method. Since 1917, Anatoly Vasilyevich was the custodian of the gallery - collection of Russian art, brought a gift to Moscow in 1909, bankers and. ]? Tsvetkov. In 1926 it was incorporated into the State Tretyakov Gallery, and in 1927 became the head of the department Bakushinskii graphics GTG. Long-term work on a unique collection of drawings tsvetkovskim outstanding Russian masters makes a scientist expert in the field of Russian graphic. In 1925 he published the first catalog tsvetkovskogo collections of paintings and drawings - the fruit of painstaking labor Vakushinskogo guardian.

Twenties - the time before the saturation of social and educational activities of the scientist. Since 1920 he has lectured at the Moscow State University, Literature and Art Institute. V. YA. Bryusov, the institute. Among his students future prominent Soviet art historians M. V. Alpatov, H. I. Brun, B. M. Vasilenko. With the foundation in 1921, the State Academy of Artistic Sciences (GAHN) Vakushinsky - its full member, the head of the Psychological Department of the Academy. Simultaneously, he works at the Institute of Archeology and Art History. Scientific Experimental Institute of the art industry.

Undeniable merit scholar is his active participation in the restoration of native handicrafts. Under the direct supervision Bakushinskii, . lies in their scientific works, the foundations of Soviet science of folk art ( "Art of Palekh", . 1934; Art Mstiora ", . 1934), . attempts were made to revive the folk art The smoke, . Gorodets and Khokhloma, . development of modern art in the former iconic centers of Palekh, . Mstiora and Kholui.,

. Bakushinskii made a substantial contribution to the theory and history of art history
. His most significant theoretical work - the book "Artistic creation and education" (1925). Name Bakushinskii associated with the first studies on the Soviet sculpture. According to articles 20's - early 30-ies now easier to understand the process of becoming Soviet sculpture. He was the first to respond to a new phenomenon for Russian art - the organization of independent sculptures exhibitions arranged by the Company since 1926 Russian sculptor (OCR). The result of such close attention to the plastic arts have become a monograph on the first chairman tonnes in. N. Domogatskii (1936), sculptor, painter of animals and timetables. A. Vatagin (1933).

After the death of the author, in 1939, his book on the H. A. Andreev - sculptor, graphic artist, theater artist, author of Moscow monuments H. V. Gogol and A. N. Ostrovsky, founder of the Leninist theme in Soviet art. This monograph is, and today major study on the great master of Soviet art, and the head of St. Andrew "Leniniana" along with articles of previous years on the same topic is the first study of generalizing about the artistic embodiment of the image in,
. I. Lenin. Vakushinsky organically combine innate pedagogical talent, outstanding literary talent, thoroughness museum employee and initiative public figure. His name for us forever inextricably linked with the Soviet art 20-30-ies.

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Anatoliy Bakushinskii, photo, biography
Anatoliy Bakushinskii, photo, biography Anatoliy Bakushinskii  Artist, photo, biography
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