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DE Brian Salomon

( Artist)

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Biography DE Brian Salomon
Salomon de Bryan (1597-1664). Holland XVII century had a large variety of art schools in almost every town had its good painters. But the main center of attraction of the creative forces was the city of Haarlem, the second largest and significance in the then Netherlands after Amsterdam. Local artistic tradition existed here since time immemorial. Since the end of XVI century in Haarlem acted Academy. Its organizers - famous painters Karel van Mander, Hendrick Goltzius, Cornelis van Haarlem - to create paintings on religious and mythological scenes, drawing on the achievements of Italian artists and art theorists of XVI century. In Haarlem seething cultural life. Her pockets were so-called camera rhetoricians - literary and artistic associations, carried out the drama, were organizing poetry meetings. Here, in Harlem, moved from Amsterdam to the future painter, architect and poet Salomon de Brian.
At first, Brian De interests were divided between poetry and architecture. In 1616 he became a member of the chamber rhetoricians "Love is above all", and in 1627 published a collection of love songs. That same year, became the de Brian notable for another reason. He then completed his first major architectural order - the restructuring of rainwater gateway in Haarlem. Soon de Brayu instruct another important order - the design of the building harlemskoy Hall. Structures de Brian - relevant tastes business, practical Dutch - liked, and he was invited to build and in other cities. It is known that in 1640-ies, he worked as an architect in Nijmegen.

At the time of Brian de Harlem acute need for architects. The town grew very rapidly, the city became too small. The idea expansion Haarlem. Among the submitted projects was the expansion of the city and the future artist.

. In 1630, under the name "Modern Architecture" de Brian has published a complete collection of architectural works of the largest Dutch architect Hendrik de Keyser.

. In buildings that survived drawings de Vraya, including preparations for the works of arts and crafts
. Remained and pictures, though, their little. This artist took up painting, apparently, later than the architecture and poetry. At least in harlemskuyu guild of painters, he joined only in 1631.

Speaking of Dutch painting, we first recall the little pictures with scenes, landscapes, still lifes. However, there were the Dutch painters, who sought to preserve the tradition of "serious" historical and mythological paintings. It is to this art was taught in harlemskoy Academy. To this direction in the XVII century Dutch paintings are paintings and de Vraya. Paintings such as "Joseph in Egypt," de Brian, were in great demand among the educated, enlightened people of Haarlem. Attributed to the portraits painted by the artist, as well as polufigurnye compositions, depicting Old Testament heroes. Such images were often allegorical nature. For example, the "David" in the interpretation of the de-Vraya allegory of the triumph of humility over pride.

Art de Brian, as well as his architectural creativity has been recognized outside Haarlem. It is known that the master visited the famous French traveler de Monkoni and bought his painting of the Hermaphrodite - a descendant of ancient gods Hermes and Aphrodite.

. In the years 1648-1653 on the order of the viceroy of Holland's widow Frederick Henrik group of painters painting performed so-called "Little House in the woods" - a summer villa built near The Hague
. Painting program, developed by the most customer, scientists in. Geygensom and architect I. Painting of this kind should have the pomp and splendor, so as the main Flemish masters were invited - I. Jordaens, T. van Tyuldena. Among the Dutch masters also gave preference to those whose art could be in harmony with the splendor and elegance of Flemish paintings. So among the guests was Salomon de Brian, who is particularly good at lush draperies, striking poses, magnificent architectural backgrounds.

. Course, de Brian is not particularly significant place in the brilliant constellation of masters of the Golden Age of Dutch painting
. Direction, which he represented his art, was not at all in the days leading. Sometimes the artist is not entirely self-sufficient and imitating other painters. In the paintings on biblical subjects obviously

the influence of Rembrandt's works. Polufigurnym compositions of allegorical content, receive a combination of picturesque deaf shadows and bright light, he likely learned from the masters of Utrecht. But be that as it may, the art of Brian de eloquently reflects one of the faces of the Dutch artistic culture. A soft, lively and fulfilling his beautiful manners sooobschayut her considerable appeal.

Salomon de Brian - the founder of the dynasty of artists: his two sons, Dirk and Ian, were well-known artists.

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DE Brian Salomon, photo, biography
DE Brian Salomon, photo, biography DE Brian Salomon  Artist, photo, biography
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