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Gritsay Alexei Mikhailovich

( Artist)

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Biography Gritsay Alexei Mikhailovich
Aleksey Gritsay (born 1914)
There are times when changes in the choice of landscape motifs and look at him and represent a very important change in art, culture, sometimes in life in general. Such a change in the Soviet art of the mid 1950's and is reflected in the works of Alexei Mikhailovich Grits, People's Artist of the USSR, member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR, one of the most famous landscape painters of our country. During these years the artist has found himself, his line in landscape work. Modest, simple, truly spring "Snowdrops" Grits, despite their unpretentious, was a new word in the art of those years. If the landscape Georgiy Nyssa reflect the heroics when new, . movement, . Striving for the future, . then Grits same update reflected in some of the new chamber music, . intimacy landscape, . in the simplicity of motive, . the attention to the small, . invisible part of nature - the rejection of large monumental compositions, . carefully and solemnly lined,
. But it is such, perhaps, the artist's work should be prepared all the years of his teaching.

He entered the Academy of Fine Arts in 1932, received before the first instruction of the sculptor P. Bach. Young Gritsay not versed in the intricacies of art and not thought about any complex artistic problems in the exam drew carefully and naive in an effort to more accurately convey what he sees. He himself was surprised when he was accepted.

Gritsay studied at the Academy in a. N. Yakovlev, who was brought up by his disciples on copies of old masters, and those who have strong academic drawing Excel. This gave Gritsay good school, but his lyrical talent had nowhere to express themselves. Perhaps the artist did not then realize that is his vocation. He continued teaching in the workshop and. I. Brodsky, a prominent Soviet artist, also masters of sculpture and three-dimensional shape and solemnly built tracks. As the thesis was the theme of "Service of the State act on land use". The picture did not quite successful, no sensibilities to the end. However, Gritsay managed to show himself as a landscape - landscape sketches earned higher marks examiner than the painting itself.

. The culmination of a period of study were, in fact, paintings, executed after the war years, during which the artist is almost no professional painting and much forgotten
. Now Gritsay became a landscape painter, though he wrote back in those years paintings on production topics. But his main works of the early postwar years were the two major landscape - "In Zhigulis. Rapid Day "(1948-1950) and" Above the Volga "(1950-1952). This landscape-paintings were not created based on sketches, and more on presentation on how to be elevated above the commonplace landscape. In the painting "In Zhiguli. Stormy day "slow, stately movement barracks makes sense and an extended format canvases. The very state of "elements", the scope of space - that's it pathetic, but it may be somewhat suppresses human. Landscape "Above the Volga with a lonely pine more solemn, epichen. Open space in the picture was even increased compared with the actual width of the river. This well-built ceremonial landscape looks like a kind of monument to nature, which, by chance, and began painting. Very soon after the painting was completed, the dam of the Kuibyshev hydroelectric station cut the Volga just in the wrong place, which is described by Grits.

. These paintings are done Gritsa renowned master of the landscape a certain type, associated primarily with the names of Ap
. Vasnetsov, in. Meshkov. But since 1954 appear quite different work. The artist begins with sketches in the depths of the forest, more direct, less rigorous. He wrote nature for its own sake, its most secluded, and quiet corners of everyday. The artist confronts a new challenge - to create not solemn ode, but something like lyrical poems. These are the famous "Snowdrops. Aspen (1957), received a bronze medal at the World Exhibition in Brussels (1958). Academic skills of the visible in this work and will always characterized the best works of the artist.

Usually, what was the results of field work transition in more art, more generalized, but still intimate images of nature. This is a series of paintings "Spring" (1955-1957). Gritsay takes, as always, simple motifs - spring streams, blossoming trees. The nature of the artist deeply connected with the inner man, so much in its natural landscapes, genre motifs ( "Night", 1954). Gritsay also likes to paint animals ( "The first green. Herd, "1957;" Fog. Calves, 1962).

Artist attract and winter, and autumn motives, but he prefers to all transition moments, also the time of the day (a favorite time - Twilight). Motifs are often repeated, are formed in a series of pictures, telling us about the nature of light and tissue in different conditions.

Gritsay pays great attention to color pictures, which he always harmonious. His written works easily and freely, but stands behind them, as a rule, a long job, they are given difficult, sometimes written over the years. So paint "It's time to spring" (1959-1965), became a Gritsa one of the best. This is not a specific landscape, a generalized image of spring in the world.

The artist for many years, remains faithful to the images and themes chosen. And though his painting style became a little bit different, yet favorite subject - spring - and is dedicated to the new painting "Ice drift" (1984-1985). This debacle - an echo of "Spring" Thirty years ago, a singer who became a Soviet painting Gritsay.

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Gritsay Alexei Mikhailovich, photo, biography
Gritsay Alexei Mikhailovich, photo, biography Gritsay Alexei Mikhailovich  Artist, photo, biography
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