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Dudnikov Stepan Ilyich

( Artist)

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Biography Dudnikov Stepan Ilyich
Stepan Ilyich Dudnik (genus. 1914). The fate of many people born in the early decades of the XX century, amaze us with its unexpectedness, surprisingly. Often, their lives seem to us like a fairy tale where the hero has to go through great difficulties to achieve happiness. Such is the fate and Stepan Ilyich Dudnik - now a professor, a distinguished artist of the RSFSR.

. Stepan Dudnik was born in 1914 in Feodosia, his parents did not remember besprizornichal, in 1920, after the liberation of Crimea from Wrangel Island, was raised in an orphanage, ran away from there
. At sixteen, Stepan got to the construction of the White Sea-Baltic Canal, worked in a remote Karelian taiga. There he began drawing for the wall newspaper. In 1934 Dudnik entered the Moscow State Art Institute. VISurikova. Started to work without any training, it was difficult. But Stepan Dudnik worked hard. In 1943 he graduated with honors and was left in graduate. His thesis - a historical painting "The headquarters of the revolution in Smolny" would have done honor and an experienced, mature master. Integrity, composition found, unbanal approach, his sense of time, age, inherent in this picture, at once noticed the young artist. Subject revolution is a great place to work Dudnik, and he always finds its not like its other decision, without fear or complexity of the problem, either the scale canvases ( "volley" Aurora "," October days "," Lenin and Maxim Gorky, and others).

. In the work of Stepan Dudnik reflect many trends in the development of Soviet art
. For example, in the postwar years created large custom-made group portraits, which were written collectives of artists. As part of this "team" worked and Dudnik. Together with artists V. Efanova, Yu Kugachem, K. Maximov, V. Tsyplakova they were written paintings "Progressives in Moscow in the Kremlin", "Awarding the Order of Lenin in Moscow's 800 th anniversary," "The meeting of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR". In general, called the product can hardly be attributed to the best work of their authors. These external showiness, splendor and grandeur blocked the remaining dignity. But each of the artists had their own luck. Thus, preparatory sketches, portraits of Stepan Dudnik talk about his beautiful craftsmanship and undeniable gift for portraiture.

In the 50's and 60's, like many artists at this time. Dudnik traveled extensively in various areas of the country - Altai, Central Asia, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo. From these travels, he brought a lot of work - rural and urban landscapes, portraits of workers and farmers. During these years, practiced the work portrait series - portraits of scientists, agricultural workers, workers. In 1954-1955, Stepan Ilyich creates a large series of portraits of the Altai farmers. The best of them - "Portrait of Brigadier-shepherd Kary Ulankinoy" (1955). Followed after this series of portraits of steelworkers, features a large generalization. Good picture, monumental form, interesting color palette - the artistic quality of these works. Dudnik many works directly from nature in the shops at the bench and smelters. To create a portrait, he makes the preparatory sketches, and exits are always in the studio. In the field of portraiture in the 60 years worked for many artists. The style, the style of their different, but in their work and have in common - they all wanted to show to reflect the scenic images by means of strong-willed, energetic builders of a new life, to reflect their participation in this process. The portrait steelmaker Kovaleva (1964), we see a man with a beautiful, courageous, strong face, a gleam lit the fire melting furnace. In this paper the high spiritual quality of the image.

Stepan Dudnik - the artist is constantly evolving, the seeker, his paintings over the years, changing. In 60-ies in his work increasingly onset decorative top is clearly inherent in the nature of his talent, becoming freer and more interesting flavor of his work. Thus, the portrait spiderman V. Zavorykina differs from image steelmaker in the previous series. Bright decorative, throws temperamental paintings most accurately conveys the image of a technician, his courage, youth, daring. The artist changed his painting style, depending on the imagery tasks, which are setting ourselves.

Particularly apparent beginning of decorative painting Dudnik in his still lifes, which the artist has written in the 60's and 70-80-ies. In them he described the poetic world of ordinary things, their homely beauty. Color in art Dudnik - emotional media start. His vision of the color is peculiar, originality, and therefore his work will never be confused with the works of other artists.

Overall romantic and emotional mood is characteristic of all genres and works of the artist. Dudnik - romantic artist, is also evident in his earlier works, and works 70-80-ies. The painting "The Young Communists 20-ies" (1972) is devoted to a severe time of devastation, hunger, fighting in the Civil War. The image of a Red Army soldier in Budyonovka - compositional and semantic center of the canvas. If the rest of the characters is an element of interpretation of the genre, the young warrior-Komsomolets - a complete collective image are rendered, despite the severity of the topic, through the romantic perception of those days.

. Songs, a poetic symbol related to the Great Patriotic War, sounds triptych "Eternal Flame" (1975)
. For 80 years artist created a series of paintings, in which there is a tendency to monumentalizatsii image. These triptychs "People Magnitogorsk", "October" (both 1980), "The emissaries of peace", "Victory Parade" (both 1986).

Dudnik at different times to pay more then one, then another genre painting. In the 70 years, in general very fruitful for the artist, they created a lot of genre paintings ( "Weaver", "Apples", "carpet"), in which the decorative and poetic beginning - the creative principle of the artist. In these works, constructed of soft, rhythmic movements, the harmony of color, a closed arrangement, there is the small, concrete details of everyday life. It's not sketches from life, not its direct reproduction, and the topic, which develops an artist, start from a particular story, since. In these genre paintings combine lyricism and monumentality.

Another area of painting, where Dudnik created a lot of interesting work - a landscape. Looking at his picture of the Genoese fortress in Sudak, I remember all the great legends of the Crimea, on the spot. A landscape "Ancient Land" (1973) - is a story about the beauty of the Vladimir Region. It depicts one of the most remarkable monuments of ancient architecture of the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl and, as a sign of today, respectfully evades her by a transmission line. Small, standing on the hill temple retains its grandeur despite the giant neighbor.

Stepan Ilyich Dudnik always takes part in the artistic life of the country, exhibits his work at all major exhibitions. His unique creativity opens all the new faces of talent, the artist does not stop at the spot, continues search for new expressive means. In all genres of painting - a portrait, still life, landscapes, paintings on historical themes in the genre paintings - he created interesting, memorable work.

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Dudnikov Stepan Ilyich, photo, biography
Dudnikov Stepan Ilyich, photo, biography Dudnikov Stepan Ilyich  Artist, photo, biography
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