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Constantine Kitaika Dem'yanovich

( Artist)

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Biography Constantine Kitaika Dem'yanovich
Honored Artist of the Moldavian SSR Konstantin Dem'yanovich Kitaika (1914-1962) belongs to the artists, the creative path that defined the Great Patriotic War. He was born in 1914 in a peasant family, spent his childhood in the Moldavian village Podoymitsa. Educated at the Moscow Art Institute, where he studied painting in the studio of Professor PD Pokarzhevsky. In 1942 the young artist received a diploma and immediately went to the front, went through the war until victory, and returned a knight of military decorations.

. Interest in the military theme, with which connected Kitaika their creativity, not by chance that he has already manifested itself in recent years of study at the institute - because they coincided with the most severe trials, whereas experienced by our country
. The young artist drew images of warriors, strong and courageous defenders of the Motherland. That is, he presented Lieutenant General Belov in the portrait, which became his thesis.

. In the army, sharing with friends all the hardships of life at the front, Kitaika not leave the arts, looking for themes for future works, new heroes, convinced of the correctness of his chosen career
. Even as a veteran, in 1943 he, together with such renowned artists as E. Vucetic, Zhukov, L. Golovanov, V. Vogatkin comes to the Studio martial artist named MV Grekova and worked there until the end of life.

. Since the war Kitaika returned with numerous sketches and studies, which captures a picture of the front of everyday life, moments of combat operations, such as the Battle for Berlin
. They were invaluable documentary material. Equally important for further creativity Gudulu was his own human experience of military life, experiences and observations of the artist-soldier, who then formed the basis of his works.

. One of the front episodes, memorable artist - in the deep part of the Soviet cavalry raid on the enemy's rear
. Just as the artist was born concept painting "The raid on the enemy's rear, and the idea of pairing portraits of prominent horsemen, Major-General IV Tutarinov and Colonel MV Turchaninova. Here, on the front, was made by a preparatory sketch for a portrait, which in 1945 completed a large canvas Kitaika. He portrayed his characters on the strong, powerful horses. Plastic and composite structure of the picture clearly reveals the courageous and strong-willed character kavaleristskih commanders, . introducing into their characters emotional depth and monumental sound, . which would be typical of many later works of the master,
. Doubles portrait cavalrymen aroused great interest the audience, earning renown author.

Much attention in his post-war art Kitaika gave historical-revolutionary theme, interest in which is typical for many artists grekovtsev. Appeal to her during that period, naturally, because it helped the master to better understand the origins of the heroism of the Soviet Army in the Great Patriotic War.

. Historical revolutionary theme was developed in the works Gudulu on the outstanding general of the Civil War GI Kotovsky
. Unique image of the legendary brigade commander recreated by the artist in the film "Kotovskij in battle, as well as a number of portrait compositions.

. At one of the paintings (Portrait of the Civil War hero GI Kotovskogo ", 1948) presented to the commander on horseback, with drawn swords, ready to rush into battle
. The artist managed to convey in his character when the internal dynamics of plastically expressed in a burst of barely restrained movement and determines the imagery of this work.

. In the second, more than a static portrait of GI Kotovskij depicted as a warrior, a decisive complicated tactical problems and ready in a moment to lead hundreds of soldiers.

. The third work Gudulu dedicated GI Kotovskogo - equestrian monument, established in Chisinau in 1953
. In his creation he participated, together with sculptor L. Dubinovskiy, I. Pershudchevym and A. Posyado.

By the historico-revolutionary theme of the artist more than once appealed, and in subsequent years in such films as "On the eve of October", "Chapaev". Large format canvas "Chapaev", written in 1955 - one of the most memorable works of the artist. Full pictorial and plastic dynamics, it bears the imprint of the best traditions of Soviet battle-painting, which stood at the origins of Greek MB. These traditions originally broke it, and in another paper master, beyond the historical genre - the picture "jumps".

During the years of creative activity and KD Kitaika created a gallery of portraits of his contemporaries. Among them we find the advanced workers, writers, artists. The images of these people engaged in peaceful work, living and working with us. Kitaika tries to touch their spiritual world, to convey their mood, emotions. In these paintings, he emerges as a serious psychological portrait of the artist.

. In the portrait of the Hero of the Soviet Union, PA Vershigory, where the writer portrayed the guerrillas for a moment take off from reading the book, before the viewer is presented a man of great inner strength, mighty thought, endowed at the same time the wealth of cordiality.

. One of the best portrait works Gudulu - cloth, imprinted features Kotovskaya O., wife of the glorious commander - the image of soulful and full of spiritual charm
. Other artistic success of the artist in this genre should include portraits of the collective farm chairman W. Daniluk, milkmaids V. Muntean, folk artists of the Moldavian SSR, and E. K. Stirbu Ureche.

Kitaika lived a short but rich life creatively. He was a regular participant exhibits of military art studios behalf MBGrekov, as well as Moscow, republican and All-Union Exhibition. Artworks Gudulu repeatedly shown abroad, in Hungary, China, East Germany. The art of this artist is always a good response from the audience.

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Constantine Kitaika Dem'yanovich, photo, biography
Constantine Kitaika Dem'yanovich, photo, biography Constantine Kitaika Dem'yanovich  Artist, photo, biography
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