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Sergei KOBULADZE Solomonovich

( Artist)

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Biography Sergei KOBULADZE Solomonovich
Sergei Solomonovich Kobuladze (1909-1978). Every nation has its favorite epic, which forcefully expressed particular national spirit, the creative power of the people, the beauty and richness of his poetic thought. There is a Russian-'Slovo of Igor ', Armenians,'David Sassoon'., The Kyrgyz-'Jangar', y-'Narty Ossetians', Georgians-immortal creature Shota Rustaveli 'Knight in the Panther's Skin'. And each such product from one generation to attract talent and minds of all the new artists of his readers, . Musicians, . that each in their own way create their own visual or musical version of the great monuments of national culture, . Paying tribute to him their admiration.,

. History's famous illustration of Shota Rustaveli's poem does not know the name of one artist, who sought to shift the language of lines and color immortal images Rustaveli
. You can recall masters of the XVII century M. Tavakalashvili, Russian-Hungarian chart last century M. A. Zichy, our contemporaries-L. Gudiashvili AND. Toidze, T. Abakelia. Among them, occupy an important place illustrations of the Distinguished Artist of the USSR, USSR State Prize winner, Corresponding Member of USSR Academy of Arts Sergei Solomonovich Kobuladze. Even as a young artist who recently graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of Arts, he took up such a challenging work.

. In 1935, for the 750 th anniversary of the poem-Kobuladze were ordered by these illustrations, and by 1937 th he was eleven sheets that are included in a commemorative edition of the works of Rustaveli, was released in the wake of the Georgian branch of the Academy of Sciences.

. Kobuladze not sought in his illustrations to trace the basic plot sites and events of the poem, or submit them to the detailed psychological and emotional characteristics of the protagonists
. He translates the imagery of a literary first-hand, his passionate live tissue, rich in passions, thoughts, dramatic encounters, in a number of distinctive monumental 'image of bas-reliefs'. Filled with gouache, . almost monochrome, . with the rare addition of blue and orange colors, . they produce and in fact the impression of sculpture, . imprinted beautiful images, . noble figures of heroes, . elevated structure their lives, . stopped, . built up before our eyes of steel and elastic line of the picture.,

. Kobuladze proceeded from the immutable fact of eternity and incorruptibility imaginative world of Rustaveli, lofty ideas and sentiments, reflect the
. And, of course, in the style of his work he sought to create a plastic metaphor in their perceptions of the poem, to create a monument to her. This artist was guided by the two favorite areas of the world of art, monuments and ancient Georgian art of the Italian Renaissance. Hence, heavy drapes and powerful codes that designate the place of action, broad arches, massive columns, large quadra masonry. It emphasized the expressiveness of the optical image, careful tactile-convex Modeling shapes, sound beauty poses and gestures.

. Created by the artist images Tinatin, Tariel, Nestan-Darejan, despite ienebvzhnuyu with this method of illustrating the static, admire the sublime nobility, haughty grandeur
. Monumental figurative interpretation of the poem does not contradict the heroic pathos of the great creation of Rustaveli.

. In the same stylistic vein Kobuladze were implemented in 1939-1940, two leaf-'Bitva with Polovtsy 'and' The eclipse of the sun 'to' Lay '
. However, the perfect plastic elaboration of the image virtuoso perfection now multifigure scenes evoke ambivalent impression. Astonishing mastery of the artist, . his art to capture for all jewelry thoroughness of execution epic scale of the ancient poem, . but leave a feeling of dissatisfaction rigidity image, . some 'monotonous prettiness' characteristics.,

. Great animation marked by Kobuladze to illustrate the tragedy in
. Shakespeare's 'King Lear' (1946). This picture of the artist freely, emotional. Images of positive characters of Lear, Cordelia, Edgar's most impressive compound majestic beauty and heartfelt humanity. Been incorporated into an image or a landscape architectural background. Creating spatial scenery of the palace rooms, castles, Kobuladze productive uses its deep knowledge of ancient and medieval architecture. He thinks well, big, theatrical, and this underlines the theatricality color image created by the era.

In the theater artist has worked more than forty years, and here his talent, passion, style found an organic application. Kobuladze worked in the Theater. Kote Mardzhanishvili, the State Drama Theater. SH. Rustaveli, Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theater,. 3. Paliashvili and designed productions for the Bolshoi Theater of the Union of Soviet. In his repertoire were pieces of modern content ( 'Plato Gyrfalcon' A. Korneychuck), classical works ( 'King Lear'), plays on the themes of ancient poetry (opera 'The Tale of Tariel' W. Mshvelidze). And everywhere the artist fascinated spectator sweep of his imagination, grandeur design, high-image-emotional stress.

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Sergei KOBULADZE Solomonovich, photo, biography
Sergei KOBULADZE Solomonovich, photo, biography Sergei KOBULADZE Solomonovich  Artist, photo, biography
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