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Aleksei Nikolaevich Olenin

( statesman, historian, archaeologist. artist, author of several works on art and literature)

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Biography Aleksei Nikolaevich Olenin
Aleksei Nikolaevich Olenin (1763-1843), statesman, historian, archaeologist. artist, author of several works on art and literature. Since 1817 president of the Academy of Arts. Since 1827 - Member of the Council of State. Upon arrival in St. Petersburg in 1819, George Dow established a permanent relationship with the Academy of Fine Arts. The autumn of 1820 the Dow presented the cloth, brought from abroad, to the Academic exhibition, but the end of which was adopted as an honorary associate of the Academy voluntary. Official contacts with the Academy of Arts inevitably lead to intercourse with the English painter its president-AN. Olenin. Relations were friendly in nature, which largely contributed to the lively interest AN. Venison and his family to the English culture, manifested, in particular, in correspondence with many of London correspondent. in children's education includes study of English and a trip to England. House AN. Venison was one of the cultural centers of St. Petersburg. "In the living room Olenin ... almost every day met a few writers and artists ... These usually were brought all the literary news ... news of the theater, books, the pictures "(Ivan Andreevich Krylov in portraits, illustrations, documents. M.-L., 1966. S. 108). We Venison visited A.S. Pushkin, NM. Karamzin, KN. Batiushkov, OA. Kiprensky, F.P. Tolstoy Kn. Bryullov, etc.. In this house was, and J. Dow, received after the opening of the War Gallery of the Winter Palace in December of 1826 fame. A manifestation of the steady relationship was a joint trip Olenin. Dow and A.S. Pushkin in May 1828 at piroskafe the Gulf of Finland (Andreeva G.B. A.S. Pushkin and George Dawe. New Pages. / / Artist. 1989? 6. S. 58, 61).
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Aleksei Nikolaevich Olenin (29.12.1763 - 29.4.1843), archaeologist, historian and artist.
At 9 years he was taken to the house of a relative, the famous Princess E. R. Dashkova, and at the command of Catherine II, adopted by the Corps of Pages, and in 1780 was sent to Dresden artillery school, where for five years worked with the special love of history, antiquities and art. Upon his return to Russia, served in the artillery and in 1786 he was elected to membership in the Academy of Russia for the preparation of "interpretation of many Russian military antique locutions". In subsequent years, Olenin participated in military campaigns, held important bureaucratic posts. But the main achievement of his life was serving the arena of arts. Oktyabrek In 1811 he became director of the Imperial Public Library, where as librarians attracted the best writers - Krylov, Gnedich, Batiushkov, Delvig etc.. Even more fruitful was the work of Venison as president of the Imperial Academy of Arts, for which he was appointed in April 1817. Well-educated, he cared about the figures of the arts, helping them in word and deed. And even kowtowing to the powerful, which put him in reproach, some contemporaries, served no personal gain, but for the common cause. In the history of Russian prosescheniya significant role played by the famous salon Olenin, a gathering known figures of science and art. "No biography of the national writer of Derzhavina to Pushkin, in which there would be no page dedicated to the memory of Venison, was an artist and actor, whose Olenin went round to my attention or did not take kindly to his living room". In 1827 he was appointed a member of the State Council. He had three sons and two daughters, one of whom, Anna Alekseevnu, glorified in verse Kozlov, Gnedich, Venevitinov, Pushkin, who even was in love with her and sought her hand, but without success. The other hand were a few poems, including the famous:

. I love you, love even, perhaps,
. In my heart is not quite extinct;
. But let it not bother you again;
. I do not want to sadden you nothing.
. I loved you silently, hopelessly,
. That timidity, then jealousy tomim;
. I loved you so sincerely, so tenderly,
. As God give you beloved to be different.

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Aleksei Nikolaevich Olenin, photo, biography
Aleksei Nikolaevich Olenin, photo, biography Aleksei Nikolaevich Olenin  statesman, historian, archaeologist. artist, author of several works on art and literature, photo, biography
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