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Gunter Reindorf Germanovich

( Artist)

Comments for Gunter Reindorf Germanovich
Biography Gunter Reindorf Germanovich
Guenther Germanovich Reindorf (1889-1974). World charts Gunter Reindorf attracts the integrity and originality. Artist poetic warehouse Reindorf thinks artistic generalizations. Staying true to nature, surprising virtuoso finish the smallest details, he seeks in his work on the symbolic imagery. The Poetics of its schedules - the organic alloy, . seemingly, . opposites - the analytical study of nature contributes to the identification of decorative beauty image, . illusory "naturalness" of the objective world reinforces the attraction to the grotesque and fantasy, . thoroughness "of the narrative is combined with the brevity of hint,
. Chamber tone can be felt in the epic-scale landscapes of southern Estonia mid 50-ies, . while the chamber motives may be literally permeated with drama and anxiety - an example is one of the best works of war "A gust of wind" (1943).,

. Continuing development of these principles can be observed throughout, . almost seventy years of creative activity masters, . although now judge the early period (until 1944) is difficult, . since the fire in the war destroyed the shop Reindorf, . that killed almost all the work, . archive and library of the artist.,

. Gunter Reindorf born in St. Petersburg
. He received artistic training at the School of Stieglitz, pedagogical practices which distinguished applied orientation. It formed creative installation artist, is determined by the interest in the landscape, which in his work later became central. As a fellow College in 1913-1914 Reindorf improved in Paris and Spain, working in "Expedition harvested government securities" in Petrograd and Moscow in Goznak hones technical skills chart.

. Since 1920 Reindorf - in Estonia
. He teaches at the Tallinn School of Industrial Art, . works as a consultant of the State Printing, . keen technical experimentation, . participates in the design of the festivities, . but the landscape in his work schedule remains the dominant,
. In these years Reindorf performed large series on the island Pakri (1921), southern Estonia (1922), Old Town of Tallinn (1923-1924), the north coast and southern Estonia (1925), the islands and Suursari Tyutarsaar (1926). Associated with the genre of landscape painting and the artist's interest in the 30 years - he works a lot on the coast of Estonia and around Tallinn.

The emotional range of works of this time is quite wide, but the wizard more attracted to stories of the tragic plan. The sense of drama being shown in the artist's favorite motifs - knotted pines, stood or fallen, fish-like boat hulls, ready to resist the onslaught of the sea, strange stumps. The plastic form was called to the audience the meaning of the material world, it is alleged triumph eternally renewed vitality of nature.

The years of Nazi occupation Reindorf holds a fishing village Haapse, devoting himself to easel chart. Graphic expression of Prints "Evening on the island Vormsi" (1943), "Evening Landscape" (1944) creates a sense of anxiety and depression, reports state of mind of the master.

. In the postwar period in the work Reindorf landmark step in becoming a series of Armenia, made in 1946
. By creating a generalized image of Armenian nature, a master of seeking the right balance part and the whole. Vista opens the face of an ancient land. The folds of the earth's crust recognizably in contrasts of light and dark, . in carefully designed or planned the details barely show through the crystal volume temples, . designated the valley - this appears in the works of Armenia "Mountains near the village of Bjni", . "The ruins of the chapel", . "Valley Gang".,

. The experience of travel in the Caucasus comprehended in a graphic series in 1947
. In the pages of this cycle, "concocted" for full-scale sketches, palpable attraction to the synthesis and symbolism. Individual motifs are composed of "mythological" landscapes of the coast, presenting symbolic images of the nature of the North. Paphos natural power and strength permeated his drawing on the coast ". Decorative beauty and richness of composition - a low horizon, the approximate point of view - reinforce the emotional richness of the series.

. At the turn of 40-50-ies the artist a lot of energy gives book illustrations ( "Dead Souls" by N. Gogol, "Footprints in the sand," J. Sempere, Tales of the Daugava "J. Vanags), which started in 1941
. The most significant illustrations of the "Fairy Tale" by A. Pushkin (1949) and "old Estonian folk tales" Fr.Kreytsvalda (1945-1951). Mischief and deceit "Tales" is not quite meet the master of visual style, much the originality of his pictures to the "legends" Kreutzwald. Spaces inhabited by fantastic creatures, grotesque proportions and combinations of different scales and at the same time, the maximum reliability form amaze fabulous atmosphere.

. In 1950-1958 years Reindorf teaches at the State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR
. A mature style of the artist with particular force is revealed in the second half of the 50-60-ies. For explanation of Rц¦uge (Southern Estonia, 1955-1956) and the island of Saaremaa (1958-1959) he performed a series that make up the scenic poem Estonia. Stored in the memory impressions are synthesized by the artist in the generalized picture of his native land - "night floats", "The hot days of August", "Evening on the Lake" - the concrete and symbolic at the same time. Reindorf for complete doskazannosti, but the narrative image and completeness of each element does not destroy the integrity of the composition. Palpably achieved sophisticated forms of ownership pencil technique. Bright, serene feeling, dye panorama "Evening on the Lake" and "The hot days of August, followed by the romantic pathos, Finland, Sibelius" (1962) - a name that could not accurately describe the author's intention. Epic panorama of figurative music embodies emotion system. Dynamics of illumination - the accents of dark and light planes, outlining spatial plans - is the mood of a tuning fork, arrange the composition.

. In 1956, 1969, 1970, 1974, successfully held exhibitions Reindorf in Tallinn, Tartu and Moscow
. In 1969 he was awarded the title of People's Artist of the USSR.

Wisdom of life imbued with one of the last works of the master "seascape. Memoirs of Muhu Island "(1974). From the high bank, downstream crystalline terraces, overlooking the border land and sea. A narrow strip of sky merges with the mirror of water, which clearly reflected the white billowing clouds, a small hamlet clung to sickle scythe, the boat ashore, stretch. Time stopped for her, remembering all the hand of the artist's image of being. A. SAMOILOV

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Gunter Reindorf Germanovich, photo, biography
Gunter Reindorf Germanovich, photo, biography Gunter Reindorf Germanovich  Artist, photo, biography
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