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SIDAMON-Eristavi Valerian Vladimirovich

( Artist)

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Biography SIDAMON-Eristavi Valerian Vladimirovich
Valerian Vladimirovich Sidamon-Eristavi (1889-1943) is one of those artists who provided the vital connection of the Georgian Soviet painting with the best traditions of art of the late XIX-XX centuries. Creative activity of the artist was very diverse. He worked on the creation of thematic paintings and portraits of theatrical decorative art and book illustration, for many years taught at the Tbilisi Academy of Arts. Especially great merit Sidamona-Eristavi in historical painting. He was one of the founders of this genre in the Georgian art.

The artist was born in the village of Kakheti Kvareli. It soon proved its ability to draw. In 1907 he was admitted to the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where he was responsible for almost eight years. Among the teachers of young artists were the leading Russian painters A. Arkhipov, A. Vasnetsov, H. Kasatkin. In 1915 Sidamon-Eristavi, finishing his artistic education, returns to Georgia. It is noteworthy that at this time in Georgia, has developed an entire galaxy of young artists who sought to use the most interesting discoveries of art beginning of XX century, a national in content and form of art. Initially Sidamon-Eristavi settled in his native Kakheti, earning his living by teaching drawing, then moved to Tbilisi, where an active part in the activities of the Georgian Society of Artists. The artist works in the newspaper "Sakartvelo", on pages which regularly publishes his drawings (caricatures, genre scenes, allegorical and historical songs) in 1922, draws up the play "Sheep source" in the Theater. Rustaveli. This show, originally staged an outstanding director K. Mardzhanishvili has become a landmark event in the history of Georgian theater.

At the turn of 10-20-ies Sidamon-Eristavi creates a number of interesting portraits. Too many to understand the creative aspirations of the artist gives the "Self-Portrait", currently held by the State Art Museum of Georgia. In "Self-Portrait" master dispensed with the image of professional attributes. He stresses in the person of the most characteristic: an unusual form of big eyes, big nose with sharply defined nostrils, whimsical drawing of the lips, a sharp bend cheekbones, intense eyes, facing the audience. The pose of the figure a few deliberately and unstable. The artist sees a kind of romantic, aristocratic, refined and exclusive. In the fine solution of the master tends to a significant consolidation forms. He uses striking techniques, comparing the stressed volume, as if chased form in the image plane of the head and interpreted by clothing. Important role in the film is the statue in the foreground, representing the two Georgians playing music in national costumes. This detail is intended to indicate the artist's relationship with the national culture. In addition, the bright spot of decorative figurines, in contrast with the strict letter of the figure, creates a purely pictorial "intrigue", imparting the image sharpness. Visual techniques Sidamona-Eristavi often directly borrowed from the leading Russian artists of the early twentieth century. However, pointing to the origin of the techniques, it should be noted that the Georgian painter uses them with remarkable skill, showing undoubted pictorial talent.

. Highlighting the successes Sidamona-Eristavi in the portrait genre, we can not say that the most important thing for him was a historical painting, the interest that has emerged in his student years
. As we know from the evidence of contemporaries, the artist returned to Georgia, wrote the icons with images of Georgian historical figures, sainted. Since 1917, the artist creates a series of large paintings on events of national history. Among the most significant work "Queen Tamara", "First Battle of Irakli II, Lezghins", "Krtsanisi battle". Artist not interested in the psychology of historical figures, nor the inner drama of historical events. He approaches history as a patriot, seeking to inspire fellow heroic feats of the ancestors. Therefore, a historical event in the picture Sidamona-Eristavi appears in the form of romanticized legends. Characteristic that some of his works the artist is supplied with detailed explanatory text. In creating the impression of theatrical conventions that arises when considering the historical tracks, plays an important role beautifully created by color, which is dominated by blue-violet background combined with bright patches of red and yellow.

. In the mid-twenties in the works Sidamona-Eristavi undergoes substantial changes
. One of the first Georgian artists, he is drawn to the historico-revolutionary theme. He wrote such works as "The revolt of the peasants Gurian," "Murder Ketskhoveli". Expressive style of the artist becomes more naturalistic, historical event is shown with a larger share of realistic reliability. These changes are characteristic of the Soviet art in general, allowed Sidamonu-Eristavi the thirties to try their strength in today's theme in his work the stories appear on the Red Army and the industrialization. In an appeal to modernity has played an important role and the fact that for years was the chief master painter Georgian pavilion at the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition in Moscow. In the biggest art exhibitions on display pictures of "Baku oil fields", "Ordzhonikidze among the oil-Stakhanovtsy, causing the full approval of critics and the public. However, the audience of our time, probably would have appreciated this work more strictly.

Creative fate Sidamona-Eristavi largely typical. It began in an atmosphere of search and experiment, . characteristic of the art of the late centuries, . was a kind of artistic development in a complex situation of the twenties and has found its culmination in the thirties, . when an artist fully subjugated his talent embodiment of social ideals of the era.,

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SIDAMON-Eristavi Valerian Vladimirovich, photo, biography
SIDAMON-Eristavi Valerian Vladimirovich, photo, biography SIDAMON-Eristavi Valerian Vladimirovich  Artist, photo, biography
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