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Alfred Sisley

( Artist)

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Biography Alfred Sisley
Alfred Sisley (1839-1899). It is well known beginning of the French Impressionist movement - with the "Salon outcasts" in 1863, . from exhibitions at Nadar's in 1872 and with the sensational exposure of "independent" in April 1874 at the Paris Boulevard des Capucines, . has granted the name of all directions,
. Where less is known beginning painter Alfred Sisley, whose understated elegance is not immediately noticeable. With the advent of paintings Sisley not associated singular sensation, but it did not reduce the undeniable value and uniqueness of his creativity.
. By place of birth and inclination inseparable from France, he nonetheless until his death was listed as an Englishman by birth
. Born in Paris, and the age of eighteen was sent to England to study commerce, Alfred instead of carried away by the picturesque revelations Constable and Bonningtona and one of the first "discovered" for the French landscape innovation Turner.

. Upon his return to Paris in the Sisley entered Gleyre artist's studio, where he befriended Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir and Frederic Vazilem
. Soon disillusioned with academic training, all four classes have thrown Gleyre. Intending to find beauty in the ordinary, young innovators have settled in the near Fontainebleau Chailly. Since then, all defined motives Sisley - the image of the capital, he preferred her modest neighborhood and maloprimetnye corners of provincial cities. In 1866 Sisley works in Marlotte with Renoir in 1867-meters - in Honfleur with Basile. Then followed the Impressionists loved by all Argenteuil, and, finally, Port Marly, especially beloved by Sisley. Only one issue in the flood Port Marly was his whole series.

. During the Franco-Prussian War Sisley as a British subject, was in London, . which tied a very useful introduction to Durand-Ruelle, . which soon became the patron of the Impressionists, . organizer of exhibitions in its galleries in France and abroad,
. For the first time in art criticism Sisley name mentioned next to his comrades in the memorable year for all 1874, . and it is not by chance: after the defeat of the Commune in French art to the fore is not an open revolutionary democratic pathos of Daumier and Millet, . and less pointed form of social protest - a revolution in painting produces truthful transmission of daily changing life of nature.,

. Unlike his predecessors - barbizontsev, paint landscapes from nature, but prefers to complete the picture in the studio moans, Sisley and his companions the whole process of creating the painting is transferred to nature
. In the immediacy of a real Etude pleneristy found inexhaustible pictorial possibilities, which led to unprecedented hitherto vysvetleniyu palette, to the domination of pure unmixed colors.

. Like all the Impressionists, Sisley in the picture is not the plot, and subtle features of the natural conditions of light and color
. Insatiable in comprehension skill, the artist is not ashamed to learn from peers. Thus, together with C. Pissarro, he wrote, winter landscapes in order to study public Luvesenne Impressionists reflexes and colored shadows, in another time Sisley painting was under the influence of Renoir and Claude Monet. Nevertheless, his own subtle personality broke through all the effects due to the special uniqueness of his contact with nature, more balanced, unassuming and natural than friends. This Sisley declared himself the heir of Coro, which eventually led to more than colleagues, simplicity.

Water and sky - its main "heroes", and only then - the land, vegetation, buildings, people. He captured the sea coast, lakes and rivers with fishing boats in various states at different times of the year, creating a painting in a quiet but genuine poem waters Ile-de-France. Fluidity of water embodied for Sisley mobility eternal life itself, but the sky he devoted even more space. It is not just a background, but creating a landscape of deep, rolling her light-changeable unites all things in nature. It gives concise synthesis of the wholeness of the paintings, like "bank of the Seine at Saint-Mamma," where only sand, waves and sunshine provide full harmony.

. Not in vain the artist felt a persistent desire for music, love of a mother instilled in him, and then had developed a joint music-making with Frц╘dц╘ric Bazille
. Sisley wrote that the musical phrase is like part of him - musically painted all his paintings. Because of this, he often deliberately reduces the whole system of a color picture to one single tonal key - blue. as in the Flood at Port Marly, or gray, as in "a windy day in Vienna."

Prevailing in the early 80's, Sisley manner, not like Pissarro and Manet, who later little has changed. Discreet and shy, focused exclusively on the work, the artist felt little interest in the declarations and even less receptive to the impressionism of the bourgeois public opinion and professionals, every night talking in a Paris cafe. Nevertheless, it is his silence, but always reliable, usually chosen by the commission on the device, press, and for making critical decisions for the entire group.

. After the Boulevard des Capucines Sisley participated in the Impressionist exhibits 1876 and 1877 years, but then walked away from the show
. Fully surrendering one painting, communicating only with his family, he has impoverished existence, receiving a paltry sum for his paintings and sinking deeper into debt. But most importantly, increases his loneliness and alienation from peers. In 1882 Sisley generally leaves the traditional meeting of the Impressionists. Joyful light is only in his landscapes.

And in the 90 years the artist has achieved that success, which by that time acquired Pissarro, Renoir and Monet. In 1897 Sisley makes last-ditch attempt to escape from oblivion with a personal exhibition. That criticism, and it responded with unanimous silence, was a painter for the last stroke. Then he remembered his comrades youth and called one of them for farewell. Six days after arrival of Claude Monet - January 26, 1899 Alfred Sisley died down in the town of Moreh.

. When at the turn of XX century works without waiting for recognition of the significant master rose in price, it became clear that people with Pissarro and Monet created a flourishing national landscape of France, was by no means incidental to the satellite
. Place Alfred Sisley in Impressionism very much, although he invented a little in it. Stronger colleagues striving for clarity and accessibility of art, he was standing closest to the musical impressionists Corot and democracy barbizontsev. On the other hand, the most artless art Sisley more companions followed the way of artistic simplification, which became the cornerstone of the discovery of the next generation - the post-impressionist. Place "quietest" of the rebels - among those who bravely fought for the liveliness of painting, for the emancipation of perception and the art itself.

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Alfred Sisley, photo, biography
Alfred Sisley, photo, biography Alfred Sisley  Artist, photo, biography
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