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Basil FTAP Gavrilivich

( Sculptor)

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Biography Basil FTAP Gavrilivich
Basil Gavrilivich Stamov (Rhode. 1914). Leningrad sculptor Basil Gavrilivich Stamov belongs to those figures of Soviet culture, which at the turn of the 50-60-ies sought to rethink the art of our great artistic and meaningful tasks. How izzvestno, this has resulted in deepening and enriching the imaginative structure and, accordingly, pushed aside the scope of stylistic research.

. Artworks Stamova these years, . such as "After Hours" (ceramics, . 1957), . "Youth" (marble, . 1958), . "Girl" (plaster, . 1960), . reveal the inherent gift of poetic vision of the artist, . precede, . true, . even if the story-quence, . seeking to form a more generalized and succinct,
. New aspects in the creative thinking

not simply accumulated. They are inseparably meshed, more precisely, were themselves the result of the growth of the artist, are coming to realize his special way of art. Landmark in the development Stamova was a sculpture in 1960 "Morning". Fulfilled in marble, it is remarkable not only because here in full voice in the lyricism as the distinctive stamovskogo worldview. For the first time Stamova in so much as the content itself was plastic.

In "Morning" figuratively embodied time, its dynamics, rapid filling. And at the same time, raising his poetic nature to the harmonic ideal Stamov organically, with a striking artistic tact transferred the image of his contemporaries in the mainstream of classical imagery. In this sense, with all the credibility of the personal tone, "Morning" evidence of thoughtful comprehension Stamo-vym method A. T. Matveeva.

We Matveeva, classic Soviet sculptures, created a whole school of art, native sculpture, Stamov studied at the Academy of Fine Arts from 1937 to 1947. Until now, for Stamova, for that matter, and for other "matveevtsev, plastic concept of the teacher - as a beacon of creativity. Seems not without influence Matveeva, once the time to rethink the ancient laws of harmony, came to the art Stamova and nude model, is the classic motif of Sculpture. Although, thinking about the nature of stamovskogo vision, you should not, perhaps, lose sight of that covenant Matveeva as it fell on fertile soil. Long before his arrival in Leningrad, they preceded to some extent the impressions of childhood and adolescence.

Stamov - a native of the Crimea, the ancient Tauris, earth, traces of Hellenic culture. But the reality itself, the life of the native sculptor Koktebel fostered, that the future master, admiring article tanned and healthy people, living forever in love with the grace and beauty of the plastic man. In the future, the early years of experiences and lessons learned from Matveeva, resulted in a more creative program: sing the ethos of his contemporary. And since the late 50-ies poetic love Stamova a man always finds the implementation of themes of work and sports, youth and maternity.

. All three decades Stamova distinguishes creative dynamism, intense and thoughtful work in various genres of sculpture
. So, today he is known as a master, working simultaneously in the field of small plastic, and sculpture (a memorial to soldiers of the Leningrad front in Kolpino monument M. YU. Lermontov in Penza, . frieze "Music" for the music school in Leningrad), . as a creator of gardens tracks (Fountain Aykyzy "in Ufa, . "A girl with a dove" to park on the Petrograd side in Leningrad), . Finally, . as the author easel and portrait work ( "For Soviet Power!", . "Working Morning", . "Stalevar", . Peter 1, . "Sculptor Sherwood"),
. However, this diversity of artistic aspirations not lost personal "stamovsky" tune. Instead, over time, as it were defined and brightened those notes heartfelt lyricism and wise spiritual depth, which set off the identity of the creatures Stamova.

. High plastic culture, perfect knowledge of the capabilities of different materials, the richness of artistic palette works emit Stamova 80-ies
. Among them - a portrait of Fyodor Abramov's (1983), "Torso" (1983), "Peace," "Anxiety," "Bread", "Russian field" (all - 1984), "Dun" (memorial in Pavlovsk, 1986), "Worker" (1986) and other. Sculptures combines alloy easel and monumental began, in their manifest content of the features of the metaphor that, in line with the aspirations of a number of our masters of sculpture 70-80-ies. Finally, in these studies conclusively found the harmony of art and design, which allows to speak about high artistic maturity of the Leningrad masters.

. In groups, "Peace" and "Alarm", embodying the theme of motherhood, Stamov builds monumental form, integral unit, thereby maintaining the weight of wood as a material
. This artist discovers and subtle understanding of decorative - drawing texture is soft and harmonious echoes the rhythm of the content of the masses. So the atmosphere of silence and penetrating the mother and the child lives in a smooth harmony dense and elastic forms, rhythmically intense lines of the current patterns of tree. In another sculpture excited "voices" of wood, the texture of which flows in part, as if hurried pace, conveys concern and worry mother. Sometimes it seems that the natural "emotional" material - the starting point of conception.

. Ability through the sculptural image to directly address the fundamental issues of his time, . deeply, . avoiding straightness, . enter into a state of emotional and spiritual life of contemporary Stamov no less clearly shown in the sculpture "Torso",
. Clear and economical architectonics does not prevent the authors find subtle spatial rhythms. In the figure living a vibrant and exciting internal opportunity movement, a position in space, as well as other states.

. Along with such classic motifs inclusion stamovskih heroes in the life stream is reflected in more specific subjects, but in a typical recent years faces closure poetic and monumental interpretations
. Job "Bread" - the beauty and value of human labor. In fact, as majestic and thoughtfully, calmly is a former soldier with a caravan in the hands of their native land - approval by the sculptor and the glorification of the moral and creative work and began our life. As a result of surface treatment of wood is not smooth and the small figure of the mighty grooves, tempered farmer's work seems as if shrouded air. It seems that he is in the natural environment, in the field. in the middle of Russia, which he defended in the recent war.

So public pathos, civic motives organically flow into the refined and spiritualized plastic Stamova, in his poetically sublime meditations on the world and the beautiful in person.

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