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Chemodurov Evgeni

( Artist)

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Biography Chemodurov Evgeni
Evgeni Chemodurov (genus. 1914) never sought simple ways, often made decisions that seemed another completely unjustified and incomprehensible. So, being the best pupil E. Lancere at the Academy of Fine Arts and painted "Stepan Razin", . after which he prophesied the future of all of the outstanding painter of historical, . Chemodurov requests to transfer him to the theater and The Set School, and after successful completion of the Academy of Fine Arts, he was invited to the work of many theaters in Leningrad, . Lenfilm ", . but the artist chooses Drama Theater in Dushanbe, . and when already mature master Chemodurov worked in Moscow with the director Okhlopkova over the design of the play "Thunderstorm", . then completely abandoned already adopted and warmly endorsed by the artistic council of sketches and redid all the design of the performance re -, . radically changed the imagery of the scenery.,
. The ability to not walk on a leash, and be masters of their destiny, to refuse welfare, peace for the sake of new creative achievements, restlessness in progress - these high quality inherent in the artist to the fullest.

. Fate Chemodurova started just as the fate of many artists of his generation
. On the talented boy from Kostroma private art school drew the attention of his teacher NP Shlein and won for him public scholarships, . because parents were unable to pay for his education, he later advised him to continue his art education,
. In 1932 Chemodurov enters the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in the All-Russia Academy of Arts. His teachers, except E. E. Lancere, were M. P. Monakhov, A. P. Ostroumova-Lebedeva, K. I. Rudakov - the largest Soviet artists. The extraordinary diligence and curiosity, contributed to the success of Eugene - he paints everywhere, not parted with the album. Books and domestic history - serious hobby, which have a lot of time, but especially for the student of the Academy of Fine Arts became the theater. He does not miss a single new play, is particularly fond of opera. In the years of study Chemodurov works in the Pushkin Theater, . where he instructed an unusually interesting for the young artist's work - he restored the scenery Golovine to "masquerade". Lermontov and institutionalized on sketches Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin's performance of "Crazy Day, . or The Marriage of Figaro by Beaumarchais.,

. In 1938, after graduation Eugene Chemodurov left for Dushanbe, operates in the Drama Theater
. A. Lakhuti, where at that time was not yet skilled decorator and you could put yourself, and not just write sketches. Work was much. The play went for a show, staged as a play, Tajik, and play the classical repertoire, Soviet and Russian writers. In order to raise national drama, it was necessary to know the life, nature, architecture Republic. Chemodurov traveled a lot in Central Asia, studying literature, legends, crafts, architecture. His work in Dushanbe theater was assessed on the Decade of Tajik Art in Moscow. The artist was awarded the Order of Honor.

Chemodurovu always wanted to draw opera, and when he was invited to go to the Opera and Ballet. S. Aini, he gladly accepted this offer. The first work here was a design of the opera. Lenski "Tahir and Zohra (1944). The beautiful legend of the love and loyalty inspired by the artist, he is relying on the ancient Iranian miniature, created the original, national in character sets, compositional, expressive, coloristic polyphonic. In a short time from 1944 to 1951 Chemodurov designed the many operas and ballets. In 1951, Evgeni invited senior artist in the Moscow Drama Theater. V. Mayakovsky. Working with the director NP Okhlopkova, which Chemodurov liked, much given to the creative growth of the artist. Their co-training setting "Thunderstorm" A. Ostrovsky was a long. Okhlopkov wanted to destroy the planar static backdrop, to make sense of atmosphere, dynamic, expressive solutions.

. From 1959 to today Evgeni Chemodurov - the main artist of the Order of Lenin Byelorussian State Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet
. This well-known theater with its established tradition, in which many famous artists and directors. Many performances at this theater designed the Chemodurov. Some of them after some time recovering, re-introduced into the repertoire, the same play, which went to the scene, the artist made out in other theaters. But never Chemodurov not repeat the scenery, always re-inventing the entire show, found a completely new solution. Such restlessness, an inexhaustible - testifies to the high professional skill and talent.

Chemodurovu not once had to draw up plays in theaters around the. In 1953, he draws "Aida" J. Verdi at the Romanian State Opera and Ballet Theater - it was the first staging of the Soviet artists foreign classics abroad. In 1975, the famous Theater Colon in Buenos Aires in scenery Chemodurova was raised "Boris Godunov" M. Mussorgsky. The complexity of this production was that the hall of the theater ColцЁn capacity 4,5 thousand spectators. Chemodurov built monumental, colorful decorations. The main expressive element in them was the old Russian architecture - a white stone Cathedral of the Assumption with the gold domes of Moscow against the blue sky.

. The ability to use its design features of the new stage floor - one of the parties of skill of the artist
. Example, . the traditional festival of Szeged (Hungary), all performances are held outdoors against the backdrop of a Gothic cathedral, . This cathedral and became the expressive design element "Swan Lake", . Chemodurov just added a large disk of aluminum, . depicting the moon and the spotlight - a common romantic fairy-tale tone of the performance was found.,

. Evgeni always helps to work on the creation of scenery knowledge of world art - in "Aida", he uses the motif of ancient Egyptian reliefs, . in "Rustam and Suhrab - Persian miniature, . Russian icons in "Boris Godunov" and "Golden Cockerel", . "Giselle" is based on the engravings of French XVIII century, . and "The Queen of Spades" - prints Zubov.,

. "In his work Chemodurov develops the best traditions of Russian theater art
. Big inventor and inventor, he always brings something new, original, it is his inherent talent. He belongs to those artists who, like Dmitriev, Williams, Petritsky, Khodasevich and some others, can be called artists, playwrights. Making out performances, Chemodurov tends to graphically identify its contents, to reveal dramatic. For this purpose, he skillfully uses and composition, and drawing, and color and light, "- wrote about him a well-known choreographer H. Zakharov.

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