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VASILKOV Romanovich

( From the kind of Vladimir-Prince of Volyn)

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Biography VASILKOV Romanovich
From the kind of Volodymyr Volynskyy kn. Son Roman Mstislavich. Genus. In 1203, Mr.. Kn. Belzsky in 1207 - 1210 he. Kn. Vladimir-Volyn in 1211, 1231 - 1269 he. Kn. Peresopnytsia in 1227 - 1238 he. Kn. Lutsk in 1230, Mr..

Wife: Since 1226, Mr.. Grand daughter. kn. Vladimir Vsevolodovich, led. kn. Dobrava (+ 1265).

+ 1269 g.

* * *

According to the historian SM. Solovyov, lifelong Daniel Galitsky Vasilko Romanovich was his only true ally. Acts and their destiny is inseparable until the 60-ies XIII century. In 1257 Daniel decided to speak out against the Tatar baskak Kuremsy. In 1259 the army Kuremsy came to Vladimir,. But the people got out. However, in 1260 instead Kuremsy came another baskak, Burundai, which is not so easy to handle. Burunday handed to Daniel: "I'm going to Lithuania, if you are at peace with us, then go with me to hike". Saddened Daniel began to think with his son and brother: they knew that if Daniel would go to Burunday, then do not come back back and be punished for a warrior with a clear Kuremsoy. So we decided that instead of Vasilko go brother.

Vasilko went, won the Lithuanians, and the trophy handed Burunday. It's like the Tartars, and he let Vasilko. In 1261 Burunday again demanded to his Vasilko and met his strong abuse. Finally baskak Vasilyek said: "If you're with me peacefully, then destroy all their cities". It was necessary to execute the command. They destroyed Danilov, Istozhek, Lviv, Kremenets and Dutsk. When I went to Vladimir. Burunday ordered to destroy fortifications. Vasilko see that such extensive capacity can not be quickly destroyed, and therefore ordered to light them, and they burned the whole night. Having burnt their city, Vasilko was the next day to treat Burundi defenseless Vladimir. But the Tartars, and that was not enough: it demanded that the city ditches have been plowed, and it was carried. From Vladimir Burunday cornflowers and went to the hill, the beloved town of Daniel, shut the townspeople in the town, to take him there was no possibility. Burunday Vasilyek began to speak: "This is a city of your brother, go and tell the townspeople in order to surrender". Vasilko went, and with him three and a Tartar Tolmach, who knew the Russian language - they should have to listen to what Vasilko will speak with holmichami. But Vasilko guessed how to do: scored into the hands of stones, and drove to the walls, began to scream chief boyars, so gave up. He struck the stone three times on the ground, giving to understand that in order not to surrender, and fought with the Tatars. Boyars understand the sign and seeing the Tatars, to form roughly answered Vasilyek. Tartars told it Burunday and he, not daring to proceed to the hill, went to ravage Poland. In 1263, together with his nephew Shvarnom Danilovich Vasilko helped establish in power in Lithuania, Prince Vaiе¦vilkas. This began a brief depending on the Volyn Principality of Lithuania.

A few years before his death, after the death of his brother, Vasilko haircut in monks and accomplish in this field many feats. A time he lived as a hermit in the wild, overgrown with bushes cave. Buried in Vladimir Volynsk.

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VASILKOV Romanovich, photo, biography
VASILKOV Romanovich, photo, biography VASILKOV Romanovich  From the kind of Vladimir-Prince of Volyn, photo, biography
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