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Vladimir I.

( From the kind of Novgorod-Seversky princes)

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Biography Vladimir I.
From the kind of Novgorod-Seversky book. The son of Igor's. Genus. app. 1172 g. Kn. Putivl in 1185 - 1198, 1207 - 1208 he. Kn. Novgorod-Serersky in 1198 - 1206 he. Kn. Galicia in 1206 - 1207.1208 - 1211 he. J.: The daughter of the Polovtsian Khan Konchak Liberty.


Together with his father, Vladimir took part in the famous march on Polovtsy in 1185 and was captured. In Russia, he returned in 1187 had married the daughter of his former enemy Konchak and with a small child.

In 1206, together with his brothers and moved Vladimir Vsevolod the Red campaign against Galich. Galicians, fearing Olegoviches, began secretly to call Vladimir himself at the princes. Night, stealing from the rest of the princes of Vladimir and his brother jumped in the Roman Galich, Vladimir sat reign in Galicia, and Roman - in Zvenigorod. But there were still minor children by Roman Mstislavovitch, . lived in Vladimir Volynskoye, . This was a priest, . Ambassador of Vladimir, . and announced to citizens: "Do not stay in your city, a stone, . if not betray me Romanovich and do not take to his reign of my brother Svyatoslav ",
. In tighter night widow Roman Mstislavovitch fled with the children in Poland. Shortly thereafter, between Vladimir and his brother, Roman began a feud. In the 1207 novel, combined with the Hungarians, drove Vladimir of Galich. Vladimir, who lost by this time and Novgorod Seversky, uehal.vPutivl. Novel while sitting in Galicia, but was later taken away by his former allies in Hungary.

In 1208 Galicians, which managed to change the already many princes, sent back to Vladimir and Roman, saying: "we are guilty before you, spare us from the Hungarians". I. came to the call with a strong Ratiu: forced ruled Galicia, Benedict Hungarian Palatine run and sat down again in Galich Duchy: Vladimir - in Galicia, . Roman - in Zvenigorod, . Svetoslav - in Przemysl, . a Izyaslav Vladimirovich - vTerebovle,
. Another of his sons - Vsevolod - Vladimir sent to Hungary load with presents King, so he left them quietly to reign over the Carpathian Mountains. From the Hungarian king could get rid of the gifts, . besides, he had many affairs in his state, . but what was Igorevich get rid of the Galician boyars, . which did not give them rest their sedition? I. decided to act following the example of Roman Mstislavich, . and here, . using the earliest opportunity, . They were told to beat Galicia squad: 500 people died from it, . including two nobles the boyars - Yuri Vitanovich and Ilya е=д+epanoviд+, . but the others fled, among them Vladislav, . predominantly I. owed Galician municipality on,
. Two others - Sudislav and Philip - went to Hungary. King Andrew gave them a strong army and a minor Daniel Romanovich. Vladimir-Volhynia princes also sent their regiments. With these forces captured the Galician boyars Peremyshl and Zvenigorod. Vladimir, not waiting for their arrival, fled from Galich, and his brothers, who were captured were hanged.

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Vladimir I., photo, biography
Vladimir I., photo, biography Vladimir I.  From the kind of Novgorod-Seversky princes, photo, biography
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